9/11 IS a Christian Issue


As a believer in Jesus Christ I am commanded to be a person of truth. It is also my responsibility to expose the works of darkness. I know there are many in this movement who have a heart to get involved, but do not see Christ in the center of all this and are probably discouraged by leaders int he Christian community. To you who do not believe in our faith I still say press for the truth. For you who do understand the biblical call it is our duty to expose this evil.
The Bush administratin is filled with people who claim to be born again Christians and yet there is not fruit of life to back up the claim. Jesus said those who hate light live in darkness lest their deeds be exposed. Throughout the 9/11 saga members of this administration have refused to answer honest questions, testify under oath, etc. They run from the light surrounding themselves with thugs and yesmen. This should be alarming to the Christian community.
I pray that those of you who know the spiritual realities behind 9/11 to speakout boldly. Many are shattered by the un-reality of their worldview when the light of the evidence shines through and are hopeless and afraid. We as Christans need to be at the forefront of this fight and I encourage us to band together to build a faith based organization like 9/11 truth.org in order to bring these realities into the church.
This is not to split from what many here are doing, but to be a voice that puts things in spiritual realities that may offend others here. The church failed in nazi Germany, let us not make the same mistake twice.

Brother Raymond

Support our walk from Denver to DC

I totally agree!

People of all religions need to speak out now!

Thank you

for working for the truth as part of your Christian mission! We need you and many more like you! Thank you for marching, I really thank you from the bottom of my heart!

March For Truth

Please help us get the word out. This is a cry to the church to stop assisting injustice and be light for Jesus Christ!

Thank you

Real Christians Don't Choose War

Thanks Brother Raymond...

Here is a blog I started up a few weeks back documenting my efforts with my Pastor.


Any suggestions on how to change a "man of God's" mind on this issue?

---From a decon @ my church: "I want to tell you something very serious..very serious, but I don't want you to say 'I told you so'. I want you to forgive me..You were right. I know the truth about 9/11.

Expose the darkness!

Tbone my advice to you would be to saturate yourself in God's word and fast for your Pastor. It is by gaining the hearts of the leaders in our churches that we can begin to impact the rest of our brothers and sisters. Be humble, loving, and stay away from anything you cannot substantiate by the word of God or by reliable sources. There are many nut's surrounding this movement that do it more harm than good.
I would encourage you to share what we are doing concerning the walk to DC. We desire to speak in Churches about these issues and what the Christian response should be. Share with him some video's but respect his right to process the info and remember it is a hard transition to have your whole worldview shattered. Truly Satan is the God of this world but greater is he who is in us than he who is in the world. In the end evil will be defeated. But the church must watch, pray and be aware of the times.
Help us get the word out.
God be with you in your struggle for the truth!

Also you can burn a copy of of our Podcast with Michael Wolsey so that you pastor can see there are strong bible believing Christians who are involved in this movement.

Brother Raymond
Real Christians Don't Choose War