Gore Vidal Assured Military Would Prevent Staged Terror


Literary giant says 9/11 allowed to happen, slams Bush administration coup de 'tat of American freedom

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | October 24 2006

Controversial and prolific author, political commentator and essayist Gore Vidal is assured that the military's growing revulsion at the Bush junta's policies would ensure they would try and prevent any false flag staged terror attack, while slamming the end of Habeas Corpus and the administration's coup de 'tat of America on a nationally syndicated radio broadcast.

Speaking with the Alex Jones Show, Vidal decried the end of the foundational bedrock of "due process of law," and expressed his astonishment at the recent loss of Habeas Corpus with the passage of the Military Commissions Act, the most egregious assault on the Constitution since the USA Patriot Act of 2001.

"Wow - I didn't think I'd live as long to see that one go, that's Magna Carta - the spirit of Runnymede runs no longer in our republic," said Vidal.

Vidal stressed that the framework for the USA Patriot Act was erected with Bill Clinton's Omnibus Crime Bill, a massive expansion of offenses that would mandate the death penalty, passed in the immediate aftermath of the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Vidal predicted within the next two years, "the bankruptcy of the United States of America," citing vast unchecked payments to corporations like Halliburton and spiraling inflation.

Labeling the Bush administration's legacy as a "coup de 'tat in which we lost the republic," the literary giant slammed Bush's claim that he is a "wartime President" and thus has a blank check to run roughshod over the constitution.

"You have to have a country to have a war and you cannot have a war unless declared by Congress - which they will not do."

"They've got a mantra now which is totally incredible - 'if we don't fight them over there, we'll have to fight them over here' - well how the hell are they going to get here and to what end? These are questions which you could shut these people up if there was any media to attack or if there was a Congress capable of oversight," said Vidal, comparing the mantra to the same scare tactics used by Herman Goering to frighten the Germans into submission under the pretext of an impending Soviet invasion.

Vidal blamed the media for abandoning its duty as the fifth estate and watchdog of power monopolies.

"Our greatest difficulty at the moment is that our media is totally corrupted - starting with the New York Times - the media belongs to our rulers."

"In the old days when something ghastly went wrong you could count on journalists writing something about it....there are no voices expressing disagreement, " said Vidal.

He related how he appeared on a CBS television morning discussion show shortly after the Oklahoma City Bombing to discuss the motivations of Timothy McVeigh when mention of the Waco massacre caused the channel to abruptly cut his audio as a result of a military intelligence order to cease the feed.

the controversial figure also predicted the demise of the Internet in stating, "they'll find a way of wrecking it - they cannot have free speech in the United States because free speech will ultimately define them, name them and describe their crime."

While stopping short of claiming the Bush administration directly carried out 9/11, Vidal was certain that they "let it happen on purpose," citing the head of the Pakistani ISI bankrolling the hijackers while also meeting with U.S. government officials in the week before and on the morning of 9/11.

"What made no sense is that CNN wouldn't follow up on why the fighter planes had not been scrambled and gone up to stop the hijacking - that's the law of the land you don't need the President to order you, you don't need a general - those are your instructions - I know, my father wrote them," said Vidal.

When asked if there should be a new investigation of 9/11 Vidal insisted, "of course there should and a wonderful time to do it would be at the impeachment of Bush - I think you might find everything that we ought to know but do not know."

Asked if the Bush administration would go to the lengths of staging a terror attack to smokescreen their scandals, Vidal stated, "they certainly know how to cry wolf....let's say it was on their minds to stage an event - I don't know how they can do it - luckily for us we the people....they've antagonized the entire military I don't think the military would let them."

Despite his dark outlook on the future of freedom, Vidal hinted at a possible reprieve for America.

"I'm beginning to feel that the tide is turning which is the first twinge of optimism I've felt in a long time."

I don't know anything about

I don't know anything about Gore Vidal.  Anyone know what kind of influence he has???


Guess I should listen to his interview with Alex Jones.... 


is a well-known liberal novelist and critique of U.S. foreign policy. Because he is openly gay and unabashedly liberal, the establishment pretty much ignores him.



as Aaron Russo and Alex Jones
say we must come together.....

otherwise we will become slaves!!!

my gay friends bought Barry Zwicker
book here in Toronto and are together
with us...I am not gay but see Human Beings
as searching toward the God Light...

lets be open minded....



Vidal is a child of Washington DC elite, his father a prominent politician, yet he doesn't seem to be as intoxicated with his privelaged status as most in that world. He is an extremely talented writer/historian and also maintains a high level of sway amongst many on the top tier of our society. He always seems to be frank about his admiration and appreciation of the US Constitution, his best quality. Plus, his couragous investigation into the Timothy McViegh story and the Oklahama City bombing is a must read for anyone wantying to dig a little bit deeper that the official story.

As for unabashedly liberal and gay...

... thinking people always say, "so what!"

He's also an honest-to-god war vet and speaks with laser focused surety of how George is a punk piece of shit, and the worst blight on our nation.... ever.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

"I'm beginning to feel that

"I'm beginning to feel that the tide is turning which is the first twinge of optimism I've felt in a long time."

Let's Hope he's right !

We have to fight THEM over THERE, or else THEY will get US here

How will they get here?

Enroll in express Visa programs, of course! ;-)

ahhh, the end times.... smells great.

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4th Reich has begun

Vidal is right, the 4th Reich has begun. Already the gestapo suspends habeas corpus, detains demonstrators, bans books like "America Deceived" from Amazon, conducts warrant-less wiretaps, uses false-flag operations (9/11) and starts illegal wars based on lies. We are the new Hitler. Much of Germany did not know what was going on until it was too late. We can probably agree that the WWII German populace was far more intelligent that today's average American. How long until they realize?
Final link (before Google Books caves to pressure and drops the title):
America Deceived (book)

Did Amazon.com really ban AMERICA DECEIVED book?

Did Amazon.com really ban AMERICA DECEIVED book?

No, He's just a hack trying to sell his crappy book

Regarding "America Deceived" It was NEVER available via Amazon or B&N. It was published via "Fast Track" at iUniverse.com (a subsidiary of B&N, btw) IT WAS NEVER BANNED FROM ANYWHERE

The author choose not to have it released via B&N or Amazon per iUniverse. Political
motivation or just a cheapskate? You decide. Regardless, it is a lie.

If you would like, you can call them yourself and ask. The phone number for iUniverse is 1-800-AUTHORS. No, really, call them and ask if it was ever distributed by Amazon or B&N and
they will tell you it wasn't, as it was a "fast Track" publication.

It is the speculation of this commenter that the author of the previous comment is actually the author of the book looking for some easy publicity via blogs. A google search on "America Decieved" will bring up hundreds of very similary comments, but all have the link to iUniverse in them and usually the tag line "Final link (before Google Books bends to gov't will and drops the title)".


Disinformation and lies..all in the name of selling a book and spreading fear.

Whatever happened to intergrity?


Am I the only person in the world who doesn't know where to get Alex Jones' archives?

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."


Thank you...

If I was smart, I would save it in my favorites... however I'm sure I'll be asking for it again in a few days.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."


They're here as well, jon:


You can also...

download itunes (even if you don't have an Ipod) and set up the free podcast of the show to download every day. Then you'll have it waiting for you.

hes a MSM shill, blah blah blah

i get it. sure, he works for G.E. and hasnt spoken a word of 9/11 truth. but even Watson sees the benefits.(make sure to check out his "nexus of politics and terror" segment)

Olbermann: The New Edward Murrow?

Steve Watson / Infowars.net | October 24 2006

"Every act that denies or limits the freedom of the individual in this country costs us the. . . confidence of men and women who aspire to that freedom and independence of which we speak and for which our ancestors fought."
Edward Murrow - 1954

It is no coincidence that Edward Murrow is the number one idol of Keith Olbermann. In these times of great upheaval there is really only one voice in the mainstream media that is speaking the truth and telling it the way it is.

The modern US media is owned and has always been owned by the corporations and big businesses that run America. So it is extremely rare when a figure of honesty and integrity in delivering the news rises to the top over corporate interests and censorship. One such figure was Edward Murrow, who always told it as it was and is most famed for his reports that helped lead to the censure of Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Whilst the Neocon lapdog apologists take pride in the fact that they take their orders directly from the White House, Olbermann, who tips his hat to Murrow by using his trademark "Good Night and Good Luck" tag line, continues to hit the ball out of the park with every special comment he makes.

While Olbermann is busy decrying the destruction of the Bill Of Rights and The Constitution, Bill O'Reilly is busy equating with terrorists those who question the President, then himself saying he would like to blow up bloggers with hand grenades. Hannity is busy telling Democrat voters to stay at home on election day then whining about how the media is conspiring to suppress Republican votes. And Limbaugh is spinning his own spin and calling us "Democrat kooks".

Compartmentalization and Secrecy Is how the Game Is Played

From the above article:

Asked if the Bush administration would go to the lengths of staging a terror attack to smokescreen their scandals, Vidal stated, "they certainly know how to cry wolf....let's say it was on their minds to stage an event - I don't know how they can do it - luckily for us we the people....they've antagonized the entire military I don't think the military would let them."

Contrary to what Mr. Vidal says on this matter, if the ruling elite choose to stage another large-scale terrorist attack in the U.S. then the average rank-and-file military members wouldn't have any say in the matter.

All governments throughout history are founded upon the secret society model, whereby there are various levels of initiations in order to obtain the esoteric (i.e., "classified") "truth." Government militaries are particularly compartmentalized with various levels of classification, so that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing unless the left hand lets it know.

Obviously any members of BlackOp/PsyOps specialists that the U.S. ruling elite use to stage pretext terrorist attacks would be comprised of individuals selected for their high degree of sociopathy and compromised personal histories. By compromised I mean that the government would have serious dirt documented on such people, such as involving sexual activites with children, etc.

If one goes back the the MKULTRA documents released during the 1977 U.S. Senate hearings on the program, one of the illegal activities conducted as a part of MKULTRA was Operation Midnight Climax, a joint CIA/FBI project in which unwitting "johns" were given drinks spiked with LSD by CIA-managed prostitutes, and whose exploits were filmed from behind two-way mirrors at posh hotels in both New York and San Francisco.

Now why on God's green Earth would the CIA and FBI be interested in such a program that involved filming prostitutes and their unwitting paramours? The answer is blackmail. Imagine the power that would accrue to the intelligence agencies (and hence, the ruling elite that control them) by being able seriously compromise key politicians, government officials, media gateway keepers, etc.

As it stands now, the only people allowed to rise into positions of substantial power are thoroughly compromised.

The U.S. intelligence agencies' favorite drug for blackmail operations currently is apparently scopolamine. When the correct dose is administered, it basically turns one into a mental automaton--a puppet. It's also being used quite often in South American countries by crooks to, e.g., wipe out people's entire bank accounts and to steal pregnant women's babies: the victims go along with their own shakedown.

That sounds incredible, but in the below thread by me you can read about how scopolamine is being used for illicit gain (in some of the most sad and horrible of ways) in articles from the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and the Telegraph (U.K.), among other sources. Particularly interesting (and truly horrifying) in the below, read the testimony of CIA agent Dois Gene Tatum regarding the use of scopolamine by the U.S. intelligence agencies (oh, and George Bush, Sr. is involved in this bit of sickness).

Beware of This
« on: May 31, 2005, 06:04:56 PM »

"Terrorism is the health of the State."--James Redford, author of "Jesus Is an Anarchist," June 1, 2006 http://praxeology.net/anarchist-jesus.pdf

I'm inclined to agree with

I'm inclined to agree with Mr. Redford.

There is no doubt that there are many noble individuals in the US military, but it is sheer absurdity to speak of state institutions as singular, monolithic entities and not -- as Philip Agee explained in the first (and arguably best) expose of the CIA -- a series of rooms in a giant (and I would add -- for sale) motel (on route 666.)

Moreover, history has shown that the most noble individuals tend to get filtered out of the state hierarchy; in the classic (and most accurate) anology, the scum rises to the top.

Gladio persisted for decades before it was revealed -- by accident. We're talking about hundreds of bombings in Western Europe and even a scenario whereby masked fascists strolled into supermarkets in Belgium and mowed down women and children.

MKULTRA, already cited by Redford, demonstrates the same. The individuals at the top of the state hierarchy are utterly ruthless and regard us as so many rats in a cage.

Vidal is an extremely talented writer and, no doubt, honoroble fellow -- I'm glad to see Alex Jones transcending his homophobia-- but Vidal appears to retain romantic delusions about the power elite and the military.

To me, the last gasp of the US military occurred on 911 itself: I believe that "angel is next" was not a threat by the coup plotters agains the neocons, but by noble individuals in the US military who realized what was going on and threatened Bush directly. The pre-911 assassination games can also be seen as an extension of this tendency.

Since that time, the neocons have done everything in their power to root out dissident elements in the DIA, CIA and other intelligence agencies.

It is within the realm of possibility that there are a few patriots ensconced in the intelligence apparatus, but I wouldn't bet on it.

History shows that significant progress is made by the people and the people alone.

OT: What's the Buzz?

Tell me what's happening...

Check out the story with the most "BUZZ" thus far on the new www.buzzflash.net.

The tide is turning

I've never liked Bush and for four-and-a-half years I bought the official story - I know longer do.

Since my "awakening" I have passionately spread the word.
I have developed my own large and growing 911 email list. Those that I have touched will "infect" others with the truth, as I myself was infected.

Is the tide turning - yes!

My own personal experience validates that, as I'm sure you, the reader, can atest with your own personal 911 testimony. I mean you are reading this because you are no longer on of the sheeple.

We with gather weight and mass over the next while and like the immutable sea we will wage war on the "official" story, until we have worn it down to it's very nub and then we will crush it - for all the world to see.

The next step: take back our money.

The money is our medium so let's use it. This day I vowed to never let another dollar pass through my fingers without ascribing 911 Truth slogans to it.


I felt like I had actually resisted, today. Felt like I'd actually stuck a blow for the cause.


Amateur video of twin towers taken on 9/11.

You can’t have your cake and eat it, too!

What happened to the segment when the second FO hit the other tower on this video?

You can’t have your cake and eat it, too!

Within the known universe the following propositions [events, logical statements) cannot coexist - unless acted on by a third operator.

Proposition #1. Heavy steel construction buildings [built with about 100,000 tons of steel] do not explode, disintegrate into a fine powder midair, and crumble symmetrically to their footprint, when hit by known flying objects. [True]

Proposition #2. The Twin Treasure Towers exploded, pulverized midair, and crumbled symmetrically [and conveniently] to their footprint. [True]

The two events are said to be pairwise mutually exclusive: they cannot both be true - occurrence of any one event automatically implies the non-occurrence of the remaining event.

To the tide is turning: I

To the tide is turning:

I love your idea of taking back our money because this is exactly what I've been doing since I ordered a stamp which reads 9-11 Truth Movement. I bought it from VistaPrints for 15.00 and have been stamping money for nearly two months now. I stamp it where people who count money will see it, to the left of the portrait near the border. I implore all to do the same, it will save arm strength. Also, I would love to see another 9-11 bill, if not mine re-circulated back to me. People do see this, and sometimes they talk to me about it. This stamp is an immortal meme of 9-11 Truth. It will never stop spreading, never.


but if it is on a $20, $10, $5, or $1 the bile maximum life is about two years. Regardless it is a great way to spread the word. Using these bills at an airport is the best way to get the bill out of local circulation which is were most bills spend their entire existence. Still, my favorite means of spreading the truth would be freeway blogging. Rush hour in the morning and evening can literaly reach millions.

please tell me how i can get one of these

stamps please?

vistaprints.com http://www.vi

I ordered some


The Tide Is Turning

Wow - that's a great idea, in terms of the stamp.
We really should adopt this as a movement. I mean how much longer will we even have money?

Cheers to you, for being on the ball for two years.

911 is a lie

9/11 E-Book Collection


9/11 - Descent into Tyranny by Alex Jones -

The New Pearl Harbor by David Ray Griffin -

9/11 Synthetic Terror - Made in the USA by Webster Tarpley -

America's Secret Establishment - An Intro. to Skull and Bones by Antony Sutton -

NATO's Secret Armies - Operation Gladio & Terrorism in W. Europe Daniel Ganser -

It's spelled coup d'etat.

It's spelled coup d'etat.

I am surprised

Surprised to hear that Somebigguy doesn't know just how influential Mr. Vidal is. This is probably because he has long since defected to Majiorca, and prefers to maintain a world-view, as opposed to the very limited 'me-first' view that we tend to share as Americans. Given the chance, I would join him in a heartbeat, presuming I would not be residing that far from the real seat of 'culture,' -meaning, the 'agricultural produce' of southern France.

Clearly, he is among the top 100 novelists of all time, having been so judged by his peers for the sheer depth of historical research he packs into each separate volume. Also, we should heed his critique of the mauraders at the New York Times, since he's had more experience with these literary pundits than most anyone. But, his involvement with 9/11 is even more profound, as he bridges all borders, and remains independent of the usual editorial oversight that we must attribute to more visible journalists, like Greg Palast, et. all. But I do not share his optimism, in fact, I find it detrimental.

As to the source of this optimism, perhaps we will see a near-term military stand-down, after all, 'coma-posseitus' has already run it's course, while the 'Fear-this' -neocon marketing strategy is sure to backfire by November.

Still, we must not underestimate that which appears to be central to the Grand Plan, which is One World Government, at any cost. Ie.: there will be a 'North American Union', -etc. The real question is why? Why 9/11 for that matter?

Could it have been any more obvious that the BushCo goal, (regardless of the CFR/Bilderbergers front-end portion of the scheme) was to empty the Treasury, for the subsequent control by a selected group of ultra-rich? In essence, [playing devil's advocate,] this does protect the American's interests, given the worldwide 'calamity' that they seem to be preemptively skirting. When the crash comes, (as the lords of finance pontificate,) why not have a few $T. floating about the world in the hands of these Royal British-American-Saudi, 'aol Barrons?

Additionally, everything about the world's disregard for sustainable infrastructure suggests this trend has accelerated since the Carter administration. So much so, that today we are living in a toxic-soup, one that can be easily ignored by the Media, as their controllers pursue the larger issue of agenda 21. -Here's to your health, -sucker!!

The google vid above has

The google vid above has been edited so badly.

Why the edit just before the explosion?

Where are the planes?



Anyone get to this story? I can't...


"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Great Link


Everything people should know about Depleted Uranium.... please pass it on


Taibbi is throwing everything he can into debunking 9/11 Truth. The conclusion really pisses me off:

"The obvious answer to this entire essay, of course, is that both conspiracies are absolutely true. The government committed both crimes, in both cases leaving no evidence except that which can be deduced by engineers, amateur seismological readings, mysterious forewarnings, pictures of men in suits concealing evidence, rumors about patsies seen on military bases, and, of course, the always-reliable Cui bono? If that's the case, one really has to give it to the government -- those guys are good. They can't keep sex scandals or fundraising corruption or classified Pentagon war assessments or clandestine wiretap programs a secret, but they can commit two humongous mass murders and get away with them, being arrogant and devious enough to leave exactly the same maddeningly incomplete circumstantial evidence behind for us to stew over in both cases. Almost like they did it on purpose that way, to fuck with us.

Which is kind of funny, when you think about it. In fact, if they did pull that off, they fucking deserve to get away with it. Anyone that clever must know what they're doing.

p.s. Truthers are going to complain that I still haven't addressed the science claims. That's coming next."

In regards...

To Gore Vidal's trust in our military...

First, I'd like to say that I respect, and fight for our military every day. I think they are fighting, killing, and dying for lies, and they should be brought home immediately.

That being said, on 2/28/2006, a poll was released that focused on the soldiers serving over in Iraq.

The poll said, "eighy-five percent said the U.S. mission is "to retaliate for Saddam’s role in the 9-11 attacks," 77 percent said they also believe the main or a major reason for the war was "to stop Saddam from protecting al Qaeda in Iraq."

Imagine what else our soldiers would be capable of with the right propaganda.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."