9/11 Truth Candidates

911Truth.org has the following on their website:

"2 WEEKS [to go until the election]. . . The following campaigns have fully endorsed the need for a new criminal probe into 9/11 supervised by victim families. Please help them in any way you can... In particular, they are in desperate need of your contributions of time and dollars.

Carol Brouillet, Grn, CA, House Dst 14: www.carolforcongress.org (Watch Carol's ad Here!)

FBI 9/11 Whistleblower Coleen Rowley, Dem, MN House Dst 2: www.coleenrowley.com

[As of Oct 16th, Rowley trailed her opponent by 50% to 42%]

Howie Hawkins, Grn, NY, Senate: www.hawkinsforsenate.org

Dr. Bob Bowman, Dem, FL, House Dst 15: www.bowman2006.com

David Nolan, Lib, AZ, House Dt 8: www.nolan2006.org

Samm Simpson, Dem, FL, House Dst 10: www.sammsimpsonforcongress.org

Bob Fitrakis, Ind, OH, Governor: www.bobforohio.com

Dennis Morrisseau, Ind, VT, House: www.2ltmorrisseau.com

Craig Hill, Green, VT, Senate: www.hillsenatenow.org

Donna Mancini, Lib, KY, House Dst 3: www.myspace.com/donna4freedom

Michael Metti, Lib, CA, Senate: www.members.cox.net/metti2

Matt Woodson, OK, House Dst 5: www.sendmeabuck.com/

Brian Moore, Indep, FL, Senate: www.votebrianmoore.com

Peter White, Indep, MA, House Dst 10: www.peterwhiteforcongress.com

Bruce Marshall, Green, VT House: brmas@earthlink.net"

BCS adds: Rachel Treichler is running for Attorney General in NY as the Green Party candidate and has stated publicly that she will investigate 9/11 if elected.

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Good Luck to All...and,oh yeah, there's this....

Best wishes to all 9/11 Truth Candidates...

Has anyone seen this?


Do any of these guys have a chance to win

Just curious, in all honesty do any of these people have a chance to win? If anyone has any idea that'd be great because I don't.

No Chance

In all honesty none of them have a chance. The elections are rigged.

I live in Florida, so I

I live in Florida, so I looked at my options from the list and found the senatorial candidate Brian Moore.



Independent Florida candidate for U.S. Senate visits Cuba:

Independent candidate Brian Moore traveled to Cuba on Monday to underscore his opposition to U.S. trade sanctions against the communist-run island after he was shut out of a debate between top Democratic and Republican candidates for one of the two Florida Senate seats.

Not trying be negative here, but must I hold my nose to vote for "truthers" as well?

They can't explain the Mineta Testimony:

Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics takes beating from Charles Goyette:

Starting to suspect that the

Starting to suspect that the whole Cold War was a sham too..... Making the whole Cuban Missile Crisis a staged event.... the first pangs of fear whiich led to this whole prep for war mentality which pushed the profit button of all these warmongering capitalistic corporations.

Wasn't that about the time of Operation Nothwoods?

Would trading with Cuba be that bad?.... I think they have just been portrayed as the evil communist neighbors.

Hell Kidaffi was the leader of the UN Council of Foreign Relations???? Wasn't he a terrorist leader?

One day we may discover that we have been victim to a huge global theater.

then Km Jung Ill may actually have to develop NUKES before we throw billions of dollars at him to stop doing that for 6 months.

Russia would actually have to develop weapond that are far more advanced than ours and we must have actual proof of it before we start another cold war followed by years of military build-up and push worldwide attitudes of hate and disdain.

Bring on the Cigars and the RUM....which I think our politicians have cornered the market on the same as their little drug rings

Cold war

dude of course the cold war was a scam. Keep digging before 9/11 it gets scarier and scarier.

Cold War Scam

Truman started the Cold War when he A-bombed Japan in 1945. That's why he did it. We had already defeated Japan. They wanted to surrender but Truman wanted to take care of business which he did to the tune of over 100,000 dead Japanese people. I keep saying the criminality of this so-called government is unparallel in all of human history.

The Mineta Tes . ..

Are you talking about Bowman, here?

No, it's Moore alright.....

I went to www.votebrianmoore.com and found out about his trip to Cuba, etc.

I know the whole Cold War was a scam, but why go worship Castro?

Although the Cold War was a scam, it actually set up evil governments that have killed millions of people.

I haven't researched his page further, but if he wants to take up my guns, I don't trust him no matter WHAT he claims about 9/11.

Tyranny doesn't stop at just the 9/11 issue.
They can't explain the Mineta Testimony:

Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics takes beating from Charles Goyette:

Listen, darlin'

If I could hold my nose long enough to vote for John Kerry in 2004, you can do the same! The stakes are even higher now than they were then.

I just sent a donation

to the Bob Bowman campaign. I have no idea what his chances are, but he certainly deserves to win!

Support your independant or

Support your independant or democratic candidate as follows....Make Phone Calls inside or outside your voting district saying....

"Hello. I'm calling on behalf of the 85% of patriotic American's that believe the current republican administration is covering up and explicitly lying about not only the war in Iraq, but the events surrounding 9/11. Did you know that your republican congressman won't support a full investigation of the events on 9/11? Did you know that members of the original 9/11 commission called it a whitewash and quit? Did you know your republican congressman doesn't want you to know that the government's own scientific report still can't explain the total collapse of the three, yes three, world trade center skyscrapers on 9/11, or why Pakistan wasn't attacked for its direct involvement in 9/11, or the military keeps changing its story as to why they didn't intercept the planes? I urge you to support your democratic or independent candidate so we can find out the truth, because a republican vote this year is a vote the continued lies, distortions, and revisionist histories."


Who, the 8 out of 10 people in your neighborhood minus the one that is still riding the fence on this one? Oh conspiracy!

Rachel Treichler

She's running for Attorney General in NY as the Green Party candidate and has stated publicly that she will investigate 9/11 if elected.

Not sure how Sam Simpson

Not sure how Sam Simpson endorses 9-11 Truth. Her page talks about heeding the recommendations of the 9-11 Commission and doesn't mention anything else about 9-11.

Re: 9-11 and Sam Simpson

I'm not able to answer your question, but I just wanted you to know that Sam is a wonderful candidate (know her personally) and I think her policies are more of a foward looking strategy than a rehash of the awful thoughts of 9-11. She does a lot of independent radio, so I'm sure she's touched on the subject.

You people are nuts.

You people are nuts.

I agree, you people are

I agree, you people are nuts.

Do you think the Government would have stoped there?

Do you think that the Government would just stop at killing 3,000 people and they weren't all Democrats? Come on people give me a break Polotics is not a football team my side and your side Red Vs. Blue!!!
Get a life and get over your loss Blue!! You are wasting the taxpayers money and time. Stick with the real issues, not some fabricated dragon's tale (You are the ones that think we did not land on the moon). This is why we need Gene Pool Selection (Weed out the bad Genes!)


Gnomes are stealing your underpants!


1. Steal underpants from paranoid schizophrenics.
2. ...
3. Profit.

Coleen Rowley

I eat dogshit and I believe these conspiracy theories.

Hey, I looked on Coleen Rowley's website and she doesn't say anything about 9/11 being an inside job. Has the evil government henchmen brainwashed her as well?????