October Activism

Time for our own October surprise.

Please giving out Truth flyers or deception dollars to all the trick or treaters this year along with your candy.  Fold up the flyer nice and tight and the kids won't even notice, but when the parents inspect the candy later that night, they'll be in for a nice little surprise.

Think of the thousands of people we can reach using this method.  For once, we don't have to go out, holding signs up or putting flyers on windshield, they are coming right to our door.  This is the simplest way to reach John and Jane Q. Public, and those are the people we need to be targetting.

Here are a couple of flyers in PDF format that can be printed out for this purpose:


There are plenty of more flyers out there if you're looking for something different.

Also, going to a Halloween party?  Dress up as a 9/11 Truther, thats what I'm doing!  I'll be wearing my Blogger T-Shirt, my Inside Job pins, and will be handing out flyers and deception dollars to anyone who asks what my costume is.  This couldn't get any simpler!!!

Don't forget the tinfoil hat.


How about

"Trick or truth?"


glad you posted this, i was

glad you posted this, i was thinking the same thing the last week.

FYI, if you want flyers be sure to use the search above, it should find you a good bit!