random Harvard student: "A lot of people think it's suspicious"

So there I was outside of Harvard Yard, holding my sign today after work. A student (finally) stopped, clad in his Harvard hoodie, and asked what kind of response I was getting. Not much here, I admitted, but when I'm in the Square I get a lot more positive comments than negative. Most people just look and walk on--who knows what they're thinking. So do you have a position? I asked. Yeah, you don't have to convince me, I know. A lot of people are suspicious, he added, they're just like, what are you gonna do? Well here I said, have a DVD. Oh I have one--in Plane Site. Ah. This one's better, trust me, I said, handing him a copy of 9/11 Mysteries.

So. Here's a student, a nice guy, a normal fellow, not some acid head or trust fund baby. He knows. But what can he do? There is no 9/11 Truth group at Harvard. No other group that I've approached, be it the Muslim Students' Association or the Harvard Initiative for Peace and Justice, or the Harvard Democrats have given me the time of day. Why, if I didn't know any better I'd say there was a kind of wet blanket keeping the good students here down. Could it have to do with the fact that the student newspaper, the Harvrd Crimson, has not printed a single sentence about the 9/11 Truth movement? Could it be that those who doubt see poor old RT doing his thing and say Well, it's just me and 9/11 Guy, and I don't think that's enough...

The code of silence is disturbing--and if I had to guess, I'd say that the media blackout is a prime suspect. But is it the only thing keeping reasonable people from having reasonable conversations? Are the "clothed-emperor" factions really that convincing, or intimidating? Do the seriousness and implications of 9/11 Truth just not register with good people who suspect or know the truth? How long can a majority remain cowed and silent before the lies and propaganda of a shrinking minority? And how do we, as Truthers single-mindedly dedicated to one goal--exposure--change this sad and dangerous state of affairs?

How DO you wake up those who are pretending to be asleep?

I think Mark twain can summerize this for you.

"In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man; brave, hated, and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."

agreed, but...

What can we do about that? What could we put in an ad in the student paper, or on a sign, that would stir more would be patriots to action? Our cause will not succeed without more awareness and outspoken advocates--how then do we encourage this? I have to say that though Harvard was always going to be tough nut to crack I'm a little disturbed by how paralyzed people seem to be. I want strategies, people!! :)


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How about an organized freeway blogging day?

I can't take credit for the idea, but what if we all planned to hang signs nationwide on a particular day? My vote would be for the 11th of some month.


Here's my problem--Harvard students (and most college students for that matter) don't often get on the freeway.

Here's a thought--hang out on party nights wherever tipsy or drunken students might be wandering and offer them DVDs. I've heard it mentioned (Kevin Barrett I think) that once people have a few drinks they tend to open their minds to what may have happened on 9/11. Short of actually giving out free "truth shots" on the corner, there must be a way to exploit this fact, and at the same time avoid the potential combative drunk (though even those can be seduced by the truth if you play it right... the trick is to appeal to their patriotism by framing the issue and yourself as being about truly defending America)

I'm going to try to start hanging out with my sign and my guitar, I'm no pro but I can belt out some Dylan antiwar standards like blowing in the wind and times they're a changin that are pretty apropos to 9/11 truth (i should learn masters of war too!) I'll report back with any observations of the effectiveness of that approach.

In the meantime, please throw this way any suggestions for waking up students on and around a college campus--students who are 1) busy, 2) prone to peer pressure, 3) are being lied to by their own fellow students, and profs, about 9/11...


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Fliers and bars

Bring fliers to political events and meetings. You will find a crowd that is more naturally interested than just random people. I've had success at the "Liberally Drinking" meetings held in NYC - in bars, with Liberals. And at all kind of events. The larger group has made up large signs and put them next to a table with books and CD's which we sell. Which has begun to work out very well, (Must remind myself to post the pics when I get a chance.)

It's also fine to approach people cold, with no framing event that filters to a more supposed sympathetic population. But don't get people when they are coming home from work, tired , or busy. Get them when they are relaxing, on a day off. The farmer's market day at Union Square here or the days with vendors around and people hanging out are good sometimes. Isn't there a commons there? Are there ever fairs on the weekends? Anytime is good. But some times are better than others. With the right attitude you will find you can work a flier and a conversation in almost anywhere, under any circumstances. But not when people are rushing home from work. I've found subways are not good, people are not receptive there, perhaps because people feel trapped, and also there is no privacy, everyone can watch everyone in close quarters, so they are not relaxed enough. IMO

If you need pictures of the info signs, let me know. They work really well.

If only one person is there, people are more wary (unless if your a female - which sometimes can work in itself :)). I've noticed if there is a crowd of us, we are, in general, much more successfull. The synergism factor. You do better as a group than each individual alone, if you added them all up.

If you are by yourself, some people, I guess, assume you are a loser - even if it's subconscious on their part. If there is a lot of people they want to find out what is going on. It seems exciting. Even if the thing going on is in the background and has nothing necessarily to do with 9/11 activism - i.e. The world can't wait event for example. That proved great as a backdrop for handing out leaflets - not to anti-war folks even, but to the public. We were just lumped in with the excitment over the World Can't Wait.

So even if you can get a friend to hang with you and chat or whatever, while you do it....? You're less likely to be pegged as a lone nut.

I would imagine kids attending Harvard work very hard so don't have time to look into it. Or if they do, would be pressed for time and so would hesitate finding out about anything that would end up being taxing. So I would approach it first as an intellectual exercise. Something interesting. Not something that has to be acted upon. If you can get a nexus of students together, attracting more will be much easier. The first two or three to join with you will be the hardest.

What about a local group not associatied per se with the University? I've noticed here in NYC we are more popular with old fogey activists than with students. I bet there are a few old fogey activists still around that neighborhood, or even professors, who you could get to help out who are from the community at large?

Maybe take a small ad for a meeting in the community and among students? A showing of a DVD?

Some have suggested carrying a Blackberry that will show video clips and load it with the fall of Building 7. You can keep it with you and show it anywhere. The collapse of one of the Towers might also be worthwhile to show. To have them look and think about it.

"In matters of science, the authority of thousands is not worth the humble reasoning of one single person."
- Galileo Galilei

oh yeah, this too...

As far as picking the 11th of each month for everyone to do something visible, that sounds like a great tradition that could accommodate people who can't do things more often than that. Basically have the folks who can only do things once in a while try to maximize tehir effect by picking the same once in a while to do their stuff.


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I think the spreading of the

I think the spreading of the word on the net has been very successfull the last 6 months with all the new very good videos etc.

What is lacking is organisation. I think we need some kind of umbrella org. for 911 truthers. Who can work professionally with political lobbying, funding, advertising, information etc.

I think we already have won the debate, but we still have the political struggle left and that is the tough one...

Maybe, 911Truth.org and scholarsfor911truth.org can take the initiative?

yes, we need to take it to the next level

lobbying, cooperative and mutual defense from persecution, etc. if the existing orgs don't do it, someone has to!


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Great idea, pagan

I am sooo not organized! From my own personal experience, I know I could benefit from knowing who else in my community (and I mean that in a very broad sense - such as within a 100 mile radius) is a "truther" - so that we can support each other and exchange ideas about the best ways to disseminate the truth in our community. I really hope someone smarter than me steps up to the plate on this one.

The very, very odd thing about all this is that if you look at the polls, we are, in a sense, "winning" the disinfo (the selling of the official version) wars. As we know, the majority of Americans believe the government is lying about 911, at the very least. The problem with that is that while most people believe this, they are not incensed enough to do anything about it. The knowledge is there, but it is proceeded by inertia.

How can we get them to the next level? There needs to be strong popular support for a truly non-partisan, independent investigation.


I wish I had the answer to that one! Take them through tiny baby steps, small doses . . . that's my approach. Outrage, at least in my case, only seems to turn people off. Why THEY are not outraged BY NOW, is beyond my comprehension. But you can only work with what you have. Sometimes, that's very little.

But you are TRYING; putting yourself on the line; and thank you so much for doing what you do. That takes real guts and determination.

thanks, and back at you!

we all deserve much more praise than we're ever going to get, but that's not the point. the point is how sweet victory will taste when we have it!


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Odd how our furture leaders at Harvard are lagging behind...

the rest of us on the most important issue of the century! I'll bet these most of these self-centered "intelligentsia" believe the "official story."

The idea of posting an ad in their newspaper sounds good. Also, does Harvard have a blog that we can post some truth on?

yes yes and yes

There's some truth right now on




and also


though nothing specific there at the moment...

my personal harvard blog is http://circle.campustap.com/Home.aspx

and if I get comments there then 9/11 truth will gain visibility in the blog ranking and "campus chatter" sections...

anyway, see what you can do, and thanks!


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Thank you, Real Truther!