Rush Limbaugh Says "Jersey Girls" Following Democrat "Script"

Rush Limbaugh Compares Michael J. Fox to "Jersey Girls" -

On the October 24 edition of his nationally syndicated radio program, Rush Limbaugh claimed that actor Michael J. Fox -- who has Parkinson's disease and appeared in a recent campaign ad for Missouri Democratic Senate candidate Claire McCaskill -- is part of "a script that they [Democrats] have written for years" in which "Senate Democrats used to parade victims of various diseases or social concerns or poverty up before congressional committees and let them testify and they were infallible." Limbaugh also compared Fox to "the Jersey Girls ... in the period of time when the 9-11 Commission was meeting publicly. Victims -- infallible, whatever they say cannot be challenged."

Limbaugh's remarks recall right-wing pundit Ann Coulter's accusation, in her book Godless: The Church of Liberalism (Crown Forum, June 2006), that the Jersey Girls -- a group of widows of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks -- were "using their grief" and "the fact that you lost a husband" to make "a political point while preventing anyone from responding," as Media Matters for America documented.

In the McCaskill ad, Fox endorses McCaskill for supporting embryonic stem cell research; by contrast, her opponent, incumbent Republican Sen. Jim Talent, has opposed a proposed Missouri constitutional amendment to legalize stem cell research in the state and voted against easing the restrictions President Bush imposed on federal funding for stem cell research.

As Media Matters for America noted, on the October 23 edition of his nationally syndicated radio program, Rush Limbaugh accused Fox of "exaggerating the effects of the disease." Noting that Fox is "moving all around and shaking" in the ad, Limbaugh declared: "And it's purely an act. This is the only time I have ever seen Michael J. Fox portray any of the symptoms of the disease he has." Limbaugh added that "this is really shameless of Michael J. Fox. Either he didn't take his medication or he's acting, one of the two."

From the October 24 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

LIMBAUGH: This is a script that they have written for years. Senate Democrats used to parade victims of various diseases or social concerns or poverty up before congressional committees and let them testify, and they were infallible. You couldn't criticize them. Same thing with the Jersey Girls after the 9-11 -- and in the period of time when the 9-11 Commission was meeting publicly. Victims -- infallible, whatever they say cannot be challenged. I don't follow the script anymore.

Now, in terms of Michael J. Fox, I did some research today, and I found his book that was published. It's A Lucky Man, 2002 I think, but he admits in the book that before a Senate subcommittee on appropriations in, I think, 1999, September of 1999, he did not take his medication, for the purposes of having the ravages and the horrors of Parkinson's disease illustrated, which was what he has done in the commercials that he is running for Claire McCaskill and Jim Talent. So when you insert yourself into the political arena this way, to expect insulation and absolution and to expect yourself not to have what you say criticized in the manner in which you are trying to sway opinion is a little bit, I think, above the fray. I mean, to think that you're immune from any sort of criticism -- it's worked in the past for Democrats, but it doesn't work here.

Well everybody already knows

Well everybody already knows this but, this man is a horrible maggott.

Bill hicks summed it up best

"Rush Limbaugh reminds me of one of those gay guys who likes to sit in a bath tub and have other men pee on him" :)

HA! Bill Hicks was a real

HA! Bill Hicks was a real comedian. not like this Dane Cook crap we have today. and the Jersey Girls seem happy just saying the administration didnt implement the Commissions reccomendations. sorry, not good enough. dont expect them to move the ball forward any more than they already have, it aint gonna happen.

it's a nice!

i'm sure you've seen him by now, but Sasha Baron Cohen is quite the genius comedian. He attended Cambridge and has even interviewed everyone's favorite gatekeeper, Gnome Chompsky. Watch this shit!

Borat is the best!

I can't get enough of this guy! "But she was a nice! High Five!" LOL!!!

---From a decon @ my church: "I want to tell you something very serious..very serious, but I don't want you to say 'I told you so'. I want you to forgive me..You were right. I know the truth about 9/11.

If the Jersey Girls and

If the Jersey Girls and victims of 9/11 are so "infallible", then why hasn't their questions been answered after 5-years?

Oxycontin withdrawal is a bitch....

and causes severe dementia and mood swings...

Poor Rush.

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Rush, Viagra, Teenage prostitutes

That time he got searched by Customs and they held onto his supply of Viagra, he was coming back from a place known for teenage prostitutes (Dominican Republican).

Regarding a post up above:

Rush is the kind of guy who likes to lie in a bathtub and be peed on by teenage prostitutes.

Paying for it?

The only way Rush gets it. Is when Bush pees on Rush.
“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"


Who says he has quit taking it? Dellusional?

He continues to tell his listeners that he's the smartest person on the planet..... and I guess that's all it takes for his listeners to believe him.

I wonder if he's really that popular or if he's been thrust into the "Only Option" category for most smaller markets..... He's the only talk radio we can get in Peoria, Il

all the radio stations have been bought out and altered..... we don't even have sports talk radio...

Talk about a controlled media.

Hee, hee, DHS

I laugh. But then, perhaps this explains a lot. Not everything. Just how he sleeps at night. Kinda like Dubya & his dry-drunkeness.

BTW, thanks fer me DVD's.

Rush is an example of idiots

Rush is an example of idiots who like to hear themselves talk. He has no clue what the symptoms or prognosis is for parkinson's patients. For one thing the medication, L-Dopa, which is given to reduce the symptoms eventually builds a tolerance in the subject. The subject has to bump up dosages to get the same effect(like coke or booze), eventually the subject hits a ceiling where the side effects (hallucinations) outweigh the benefits. There is some very promising work in the field of neuroscience; however, holding up embryonic stem cell research is damning these individuals to their illness. Michael J. Fox was one of my favorite actors as a little kid because of Back to the Future. It's terrible to see a man as young as he is with symptoms so bad. Rush deserves a good flogging for picking on the ill. We as a society should not put up with the selfish BS peddled by individuals such as Rush. I'll shed no tears if Limbaugh is consigned to the same fate.

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)

The Depths of the GOP

Rush and the other creeps which cooperate with the government's damaging manipulation of the Constitution, are helping the GOP by reaching low, trying to pull up their base; say 10 to 15 percent of the populace. The overlords of that base are Robertson and Swaggart, others as well. It's simple to see, right now, all of them are gettin PAID! Straight up cash, I suppose, and a lot of it. The ranks of the GOP are made up with comprimised men and women who've been working on an Amway styled pyramid scheme, only this Amway shills crap you don't need with sticks, knives, guns, and talk radio. Think, if you would, in a business sense, if you had to keep your head above water and out of Jail, would you resort to bribery and coercion, or worse. Perhaps you, like myself, would not resort to such depths. But certainly you know it is not a unanimous choice for everyone, there are dastardly people in the world. And in the business world specifically there are notorious icons of cold blooded capital cannabils and nation gobblers (IMF, Carlyle Group, General Electric, etc...). The Dons sitting atop this pyramid scheme have the luxury of selecting all those they need to manage their vast wealth. They select individuals, the best of the best, straight out of their heritage's ivy leauge school system, the most refined blood lines, a lineage of golden retrievers, oops! I meant golden achievers. They are the elite and their upper class managers. The power in charge of government and mainstream media. (I personally suspect the top tier of the elite, Rockefellar, Rothschild, etc..., I suspect they've suffered from inbreeding, which would explain alot about the legandary perverted and depraved cult reputation surrounding the elite for a number of generations now. The kind of stuff Stanley Kubric's unfinished last picture, Eyes Wide Shut, delved into) Anyway, I digress, if Rush and the Gop want to reach down to that ignorant base, think of the sort we are really dealing with here. In a word, low-lives. Michael J Fox is ill, and no matter how it's looked at, Rush is the perfect example of a sicko-glutton. A fat and perverted, blubber-blabber mouth who would sell his grandmother for a 300 mg of pain killers or a warm stream of a young Dominican child's pee-pee. The whole group of them cannot contain themeselves anymore, Foley, Hasert, the bunch of them, they're coming undone!

Rush is becoming one big hipocrit

Rush is right - victims shouldn't be paraded for political gain. Just WHO did that ? WHO used 3000 deaths to justify excessive $500 billion annual budget for "defense" (= the new offense) and "Homeland Security" (= the new defense). WHO reminds us of those 3000 deaths at every occasion, to get a new controversial bill passed, because "victims can't be challenged"? - that one is none other than G.W.Bush, the elitist endorsed and apologized for by Rush Limbaugh.

Where was Rush that day....

Where was Rush that day.... playing golf at a secure air force base far far from harms way.... I'm sure that evening he and Georgie popped some pills and discussed strategery.... and Rush walked away with a suitcase full of Ben Frankilns

connect the dots...


I guess "insulation" and "absolution" from criticism based on past behavior, such as blatant hypocrisy and criminal drug abuse, is only reserved for Republican cranks like Limbaugh.

The same man for whom supporters were "praying" over his substance abuse problem is cynically attacking someone who HAS to take prescription drugs in LEGALLY PRESCRIBED doses in order to function, not to feel good, like Limbaugh did.