Explosions Before WTC 7 Collapse?

Prison Planet found a video clip with potential explosions -- as well as firefighters discussing the imminent collapse of the building and saying it is "about to blow up" -- before the collapse.

Find more on this clip on Killtown's blog:
GZ Rescuer: ‘WTC 7 about to blow up’

what about the wtc7 video that the loose change crew showed

at cooper union on the anniversary? has that been released or are they waiting to premiere it with final cut? that video clearly shows some sort of flashes/explosions...

International Truth Movement

Are those guys firemen? I think not.

I found that clip too and used it for my little movie on the destruction of WTC7


i made a dutch version too:

I still wonder though, are those firemen? They really don't look like firemen. There was a thread on the LC forum about those guys, one of them is carrying bolt cutters (middle guy), one of them is carrying a shovel (left guy) one of them is carrying some kind of toolbox (right guy). Clearer footage of those guys can be seen in 911 mysteries.

The LC thread about those men (including some good screencaptures) is here: http://s15.invisionfree.com/Loose_Change_Forum/index.php?showtopic=16208

I dont know , they dont look

I dont know , they dont look like firmen but there is a firetruck right behind them.

you can find this clip here

you can find this clip here as well (although much lower quality):

What about this explosion ?

Yes. I found another video

Yes. I found another video with the same guy in it talking to a reporter. I believe he is an INS agent, because INS (as i remember) is on the back of his shirt as seen in the other video.

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Did anybody see that at the bottom of the screen?


First thing I noticed :-),

First thing I noticed :-), and as it was happening too. What about that dust cloud, didn't see that before. Kinda destroys the collapse theorists.

i noticed that too. i wonder

i noticed that too. i wonder how the question was framed. that was suprising to see so soon after the atacks.

I wonder if this might be a

I wonder if this might be a building demolition from another time and place that was spliced into 9-11 footage?

Police Officer: The building is about to BLOW UP.

Well, I believe your "splice" suggestion is interesting. However, the most compelling testimony here--I believe--is when the police officer states that the building is about to blow up. Here, one can see the turmoil going on behind him in Manhattan.

Keep your eye on that building, it'll be coming down soon

Some of the audio from the building seven clip:

An explosion is heard purportedly from building 7.

Worker 1: "It's going, boy[s]."

Worker 2: "Keep your eye on that building...It'll be coming down soon."

Police Officer 1: "The building is about to blow up...Move it back."

Person 1: "All right guys."

Police Offficer 1: "...Walk it back...The building is about to blow up...There's flame and debris coming down..."

it's blowin' boy

He's saying "it's blowin' boy" en you hear the explosions in the background.

ABOUT TO BLOW UP !!!!!!!!!!

What's this guy a psychic???

Anyone know why?



"This video has been removed due to terms of use violation."
-- youtube

Anyone know why?

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wtc7 explosion INS Agent Found...

Check out this video and compare it to the INS / FIREMAN video where
they hear an explosion while talking on payphone.