Fake Controversy

What do you do if you've done something really bad, like killing people, and you want to keep doing it? You create fake controversy.

For example, in the 1960's, the tobacco industry came up with a strategy for countering the growing awareness that smoking causes cancer -- create doubt and controversy:

"Doubt is our product since it is the best means of competing with the 'body of fact' that exists in the mind of the general public," the memo stated, referring to growing public concern about the health impacts of smoking. "If we are successful in establishing a controversy at the public level, then there is an opportunity to put across the real facts about smoking and health.

Here's the memo.

Similarly, the world's leading nutritionist has proven that the meat and dairy industries have successfully lobbied for government recommendations of unnecessarily high levels of meat and dairy (leading to higher profits) by creating controversy where none exists.

If there have been 100 scientific papers agreeing that there is a cause and effect link to something you're doing, you publicize one paper that didn't address the issue head on, and quote it out of context. Of you pay your own hacks to write a paper reaching a contrary conclusion.

I think the same tactic is being used by the defenders of the official story to combat 9/11 truth. They are creating fake controversy about the prior warnings, Norad and FAA's response, and many other issues where none exits. They are creating fake controversy to muddy the waters.


On the way home i wondered on the aparent oxygen grooves.Iam not a demo expert.
Although most of the steel was in thirty foot sections,and the complete pulverasation of the towers,i think the thermite was on every third floor.
It's wrong however to speculate....This hurts us truthers.
I will say........Show the prints of the towers,pictures,and videos to any experanced ironworker,then a video of the collapse......
I will bet anyone ten grand 100% will say contolled demo.