Fox and Popular Mechanics attack Prof Jones & 911 truth!


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"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."



Faux news' hit pieces are

Faux news' hit pieces are such a joke.

Yellow Meigs looks as sincere as a 3 dollar bill.

Actually, I feel sorry for all these gatekeepers and shills instrumental to the 911 cover-up. Their careers will be over as 911 truth goes mainstream. We won't forget.

hahaha! -slaqqer



Jim Meigs just looks guilty.

Jim Meigs just looks guilty. all uppity and nervous. and dont you love how, once again, Fox News follows a 9/11 truth hit piece with a "war on terror" story? "is it safe to fly?". jesus christ, they make pravda look amatuer.

Play the Meigs interview first....

.....then play the O'Reilly insult session of Fetzer....

Those two "interviews" back-to-back speak for themselves...look at the contrast in tone, respect, pacing....

The Meigs bit also looks totally rehearsed.

Faux: "Fair & Balanced" (What could give greater lie to that bit of brazen sloganeering then these two segments....



Explosive jet fuel, not just

Explosive jet fuel, not just old ornery jet fuel but explosive jet fuel. Pathetic.

Why Not Openly Debate?

Why won’t Popular Mechanics debate Scholars for Truth at the National 911 Debate.

with all their fearmongering

with all their fearmongering about terrorists, they're even more afraid of 9/11 truth, it seems.

What a joke.

And the hits just keep on coming....sort of. Meigs does an even worse job than usual here.

Meigs mentions the WTC collapses, and stresses that although the jet fuel flame and subsequent conventional fires were not hot enough to melt steel, one does not need to melt steel to make it lose strength.

What Meigs fails to mention:

The 'steel melting' canard was universally embraced by all the so-called 'experts' who defended the official version of events days after 9/11. It was only after skeptical people made the observation that it is physically impossible for jet fuel or office furnishings burning in open air to melt steel, that the 'experts' switched to the 'softening' canard, while simultaneously creating the fiction that the 9/11 Truthers were the ones to perpetrate the 'steel melting' canard.

Think about it...these 'experts' originally made the claim that a jet fuel fire melted steel...given this, I'm disinclined to trust blindly in any other 'conclusions' they put forth.

Also, the simple fact is that the fire was never hot enough to even marginally weaken a few supports, but we're supposed to believe that a conventional, oxygen-starved fire weakened all (or very nearly all) supports equally, to the point where they all failed suddenly, completely, and catastrophically, producing the symmetrical, free-fall collapse we witnessed on 9/11. It doesn't add up, folks.

Meigs also fails to address the molten steel found at Ground Zero, and his silence regarding Building 7 speaks volumes.

Meigs mentions the Pentagon crash, and lambastes 9/11 Truthers for taking a single eyewitness' comment out of context.

What Meigs fails to mention:

How a 60-ton jetliner could essentially vaporize upon colliding with the Pentagon facade, leaving no marks other than the small hole, while the same jetliners punched Wile E. Coyote-esque silhouettes of themselves through steel supports. Both scenarios can't be correct, folks.

How 60-odd tons of aluminum could be vaporized in the 'intense heat of the jet fuel fire' (difficult, since again, jet fuel cannot burn hot enough to vaporize aluminum), and yet, enough DNA from the crash victims survives to conclusively ID nearly all of them. Again, you can't have it both ways.

Meigs mentions Shanksville, and makes the bizzare and totally unsupportable claim that the crash site is consistent with a jetliner striking the ground at high speed. He also claims that, according to the cell phone companies, it is child's play to make cell calls from an airliner at cruising altitude.

What Meigs fails to mention:

If cell calls from airplanes are so easy to make, someone really ought to call up AirCell and let them know their business model is in the toilet. AirCell markets products designed specifically to work around the difficulties of using cellphones on aircraft.

Also, if the plane plowed straight into the ground, wouldn't we expect to find most of the debris at the crash site, more or less? Would we expect jet engines, each of which is 10% of the total weight of the aircraft, to be found two miles away from the main crash site? Would we expect eyewitnesses to report confetti-like shards of aluminum drifting from the sky seven miles from the main impact site?

Such observations are not consistent with an airliner crashing under its own power. Such observations are, however, consistent with the parts of said airliner falling to earth, after it was destroyed at altitude.

Well, this turned out to be a bit longer than intended, but something has to be done to counter the incessant lies from the MSM-hit machine.

I was once told, bald man

I was once told, bald man are intelligent...

Behold the face of a liar.

I like it how they give

I like it how they give people proping up the lame duck story lots of time to speak and even allow them to have graphics and alsorts of on screen pictures to illitrate there point, but as soon as a truther goes on any of these shows they have an attacks dog moron retarded over patriotic christian fundermentalist shouting the odds at you accusing them of being everything from a dopy idiot to even a terrorist and threaten that the CIA should be taking a look at you.

And this is supposed to be a free country ? well freedom is having the right to ask questions, however difficult or disturbing they are.

It's such a shame becase some of the truth movement have some very eloquent speakers who could teach the American people a thing or two about 9/11 they didn't know about, yet all they are allowed to hear is the benile and facile Jim Meigs spout his boring and obviously scripted verbal diarria.

As somebody pointed out, when the truth finally breaks through the dam then we will not forget the people who shelided this so obvious of lies, and neither will all the peoples families of victims of the so called "war on terror".

Just get outta the way Meigs and co, your nothing but a paid parrot to maintain the official myth, jusy fuck off.

Propaganda Mongering

Unfortunately, people who do take Fox News as gospel will have their preconceived notions reinforced with this slickly produced hit propaganda piece.

The fact that whenever Meigs shows up on Fox News, either today or a couple months ago on the O'Reilly factor, there is no one on our side to debate, and raise the possibility that there might be holes in Mr. Meigs' "debunking" which in fact is not debunking at all, is proof that Meigs is a slick disinfo agent designed to discredit the movement. As a previous poster said, his silence on WTC 7 speaks volumes.

A couple months ago, O'Reilly whets the viewers' appetite before the commercial with: "Coming Up: Busting the myth that the 9/11 attacks were *orchestrated* by AMERICA!" Since this is the conclusion from the outset, there is by definition no debate. Just Meigs, who can parrot the straw man arguments and misinfo without being challenged. Same thing today.

ANOTHER TELLING SIGN THAT THIS WAS A PROPAGANDA PIECE: They were trying to debunk the demolition "myth" by saying "The CTists post prevalent wild claim is that the jet fuel didn't burn hot enough to melt steel. Well, it didn't have to melt the steel, it only had to weaken it and turn it into rubber." Well, as they're saying this, there's a banner at the bottom of the screen: "MYTH: Jet fuel Doesn't Burn Hot Enough to ***Melt*** Steel." (Asterisks mine of course :) DID ANYBODY ELSE NOTICE THIS???

This is really funny

Your debunking by Popular Mechanics has left you all flummoxed and in a stupor of denial.

Ya got me!

PM stopped us in our tracks. Who will you sick on us next? Road and Track? Or maybe Hot Rod Magazine? These scientific journals of yours just don't cut it and neither does the official bunk slapped together within days of the completely unpredictable events of that day.

If you ask us to prove things beyond a shadow of a doubt, first do that with your own house of cards. As it stands now, your theory is the least believable one out there. Stop sleeping at the wheel!

Actually, after watching it

Actually, after watching it again, the next banner a few seconds later does say "Fact: The fire didn't need to melt the steel, just weaken" or whatever. My bad on that one. But regardless, his words are still pseudoscience. The building was already supporting all the top floors anyway, so why should the building dissolve like a tree turning to sawdust from the top down?! He doesn't mention that it takes a tremendous amount of energy to pulverise the entire building's concrete into such fine powder.

He also doesn't mention how these were cool, oxygen-starved fires, and how even if they were raging fires with many orange and yellow flames not unlike the Waco massacre, the steel wouldn't have been brought up to his weakening point in the BRIEF PERIOD these towers were burning. No comparison to the skyscraper fires in LA, Philly, Venuezuela, and Madrid.

Oh,another thing: Last year I flew from Columbus OH to Toronto. No clouds in the sky, and we went directly over Cleveland; I could see downtown, and I could recognize which freeways were which. On the ground I would have had full reception. I turn on my cell, try to make a call to someone IN CLEVELAND, and there was no reception. And this was relatively low altitude, maybe 10,000 feet, definitely not 30,000. So even at low altitude, I find it hard to believe the story of the man who called from the airplane bathroom using his cell phone in 2001.

Uh, Did anyone notice the


Did anyone notice the fireball at 2:50?

That must be unexploded jet fuel? Huh?

It clearly is a subtle (blatant) attempt to convey 9/11 truth to Fox viewers -- i don't believe it could be an accident that they showed that clip -- anyone who sees that should wonder what is bursting into flames on the lawn what appears to be some time after the impact

Fox is the one who keeps having Fetzer on etc...

Sure, the interviews are biased and attackatory - but they could have chosen not invite him on altogether -- instead they plant the seed for inquiring minds to research themselves -- while maintaining a tongue in cheek support for the bush administration -- ultimately to appeal to their dwindling market niche of republicans to increase their ad revenue

Fox and hollywood have little to gain from a fascist martial law -- all corporations become government controlled

HANG ON !!!!!!!!!!!!

I could'nt finish this............Going to the bathroon to puke!

Smart Man Has It All Figured Out

Gee, somehow we all missed it. It is all explained away so easily as seen by this man. Yeah, I think we have all just been wasting our time and somehow fooled ourselves into thinking there is more to it. This man is smart. It only took him a couple of minutes to prove us all wrong. Boy, Fox news showed us!

Popular Mechanics' Meigs is a professional LIAR

That soul-less, inhuman sack of puss, Meigs, is pulling figures out of his ass.
In this Fox clip, Meigs claims that there was 90,000 tons of steel above the impact zones...This is completely fabricated because each of the Twin Towers, in fact, was composed of approximately 200,000 tons of high strength structural steel (besides the weight of the concrete, drywall, furniture, etc. etc.)...That equals TWICE the amount of steel used in the Empire State Building PER TOWER!! The WTC in fact had well over 4 times the amount of steel in it than the Empire State Building.
This amounts to approximately over 1,800 tons of steel per floor in each tower (116 floors in each Twin Tower including basement levels)...Meigs tripled the amount of 'above collapse zone' weight in the case of the 1WTC (north) tower and he doubled it in the case of 2WTC (south) tower...This tells me that Meigs DOES know the specifics and he purposefully distorted and inflated them on that interview.
I read Meigs ridiculous comic book,( "Debunking" 9/11 myths) fairy tale at the bookstore (it was a VERY short read) and it's not even worthy of being called a book...It's more like a disinfo pamphlet for dummies in general.

He's getting paid A lot by

He's getting paid A lot by the criminal elements of our government!

You\'re ignorant

You can\'t even tell us what the tonnage of the floors above the impact zones on WTC 1 and 2.

You can\'t even distinguish the difference in construction between the Empire State Building and the WTC towers.

You can\'t even tell us what the static carrying load of EACH floor of the WTC towers were.

You can\'t even contemplate what happens when the masses of each section above the impact zones on WTC 1 and 2 began to fall.

This is because you CHOOSE to be ignorant and believe people who do not know anything about structural engineering and forensic science.

You can\'t even contemplate the ABSURDITY of claiming Meigs is a liar when he is putting his reputation on the line in front of the world\'s structural engineers, forensic scientists, chemists, and other professionals, any of whom could tear him part IF he were lying.

But NO ONE comes forward except a bunch of fools like you and your idols like Fetzer and Jones who know what suckers you are and can lie to you with impunity because you won\'t THINK.

Yeah...the forward slash

Yeah...the forward slash isn't the apostrophe.

If you're a regular ignorant American, and not someone with an agenda, I highly suggest you wake up and begin to study things from a neutral point of view. To think that all of us are America hating idiots(like Fox News wants you to think) is a grave mistake, because I'm pretty certain most of us were just as horrified and sickened after 9/11 as anybody else. A lot of us supported the war, because we were so angry to begin with, but time healed those wounds. Many mistakes have been made by our leaders since then, and we aren't buying it anymore.

Your bias is keeping you from seeing Meigs for what he truly is. He's not some patriot going out there with his career on the line. That's laughable. He's been the only person going out to TV and radio shows over and over(has to be more than 20 times now) to support the government's story. In my opinion, that is very suspicious. If you were an independent and unbiased person, would you spend your time fighting someone else's fight that many times? Wouldn't you spend that free time with family and friends?

Bottom line is that the guy is making money going out there every time. Not through promotion of his book, but by being the key mouthpiece in the agenda. All you have to know is that Miami Herald writers were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to write hit pieces on Castro and Cuba by the government. This is confirmed and was on all the major news services. How much do you think Meigs would make for writing hit pieces on what could potentially be the second American revolution?

Off topic, some of my

Off topic, some of my friends are gay. But my gaydar went up as soon as Jim Meigs came on. Is he gay?

I bought the debunking 911

I bought the debunking 911 myths book by Jim Meigs. I have to tell you I would not be without it in my restroom. It is essential for everyone to have this book! When ever I run out of toilet paper, I rip a page out and use it on my botty. Ahhh, such absorbancy shit. This is the respect level I have for shithead like Jim Meigs and their books.

Having someone like Poular

Having someone like Poular Mechanics take on the alternative theorists saves the govenment itself from responding directly to the allegations and thus saves them from being found out, the US govenment knows all about Pop mechanics because John Mcain foreworded there book, it's obvious they're being used as a muddier of the facts on behalf of the govenment.

I know Meigs likes to play the victim "i'm being accused of being NWO/Zionist" etc etc no your being used a barier to the ever growing truth movement, nothing more nothing less, your just a trained parrot for the official story, get outta the way you disgusting peice of snot.

Why didn't agent Meigs include WTC-7 in his lecture?

Is it better for him to just pull it.......I mean, skip it?