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Sorry for taking so long to replace the poll. It doesn't take but a second.. You should see the question on the left hand panel, or find it here:
When did you first get involved with 9/11 activism? (Activism, not questioning)

Here were the results of the last poll:

When was the last time you handed out flyers, DVDs, etc.?
Created 2006-06-18 16:25

47% (81 votes) - Last 48 Hours
16% (27 votes) - Last Week
10% (17 votes) - Last 2 Weeks
9% (16 votes) - Last Month
1% (2 votes) - Last 3 Months
17% (30 votes) - Longer than 3 Months

Total votes: 173

Also, here is a question that can't be a poll:

How can this site be made more productive for activism?
Right now all we have is the 'action items' panel on the left, and the 'events' tab at the top. What could we do to help facilitate group activism, or is it really up to the users?

Post a link to our leaflet

Post a link to our leaflet to federal workers seeking whistleblowers. It's at We've already been to DOJ, FBI, State. Those who don't live near DC still have federal buildings in each state.

Think about the FBI agents Rowley, Williams, Samit and Wright.

It's legal but politically dangerous. If those with something to hide believe our leafleting is eliciting response, its unclear what they'll do.

The assumption is that the 911 perpetrators are a cabal and most federal workers are not intentionally complicit.

Also, since most truthers don't have the courage to do such an act, its important that those who do have the courage take action.