Skipton, North Yorkshire's, First 9/11 Truth Meeting (UK)

(Streaming videos at link.)

Skipton's First 911 Truth Meeting (Narrowboat pub, Thursday 19th October 2006)

Written by David Barltrop
Monday, 23 October 2006

What follows is uncut and unedited footage of the events at the Skipton 911 Truth Movement's first meeting in the town, held at the Narrowboat pub on the evening of Thursday 19th October 2006. The two speakers concerned were David Shayler (former MI5 officer) and his partner Annie Machon (also former MI5). The reason I filmed this event was to provide a document of proceedings thereby allowing those who were unable to attend to view the event online. The film was made with the permission of the organisers. Apologies for camera shake and poor sound in parts.

The footage has been split into three sections:

* An introduction by David Shayler.
* A talk given by Annie Machon.
* A questions and answers session run by both David and Annie.


You may want to change the title on this post, it's a little mis-leading. It isn't the first meeting in the UK, I went to one in Manchester over a year ago.

Keep up the good work - cheers,


Is he still going on about

Is he still going on about no-planes and holograms?
Shlap! He needs to sort it out!!!

I hope not

I hope not