Steven E. Jones Debates Leslie E. Robertson

In the lead up to the weekend events in Denver and Boulder Colorado, Steven E. Jones debates one of the structural engineers for the World Trade Center, Leslie E. Robertson on KGNU, Boulder Colorado.

I am trying to get this audio to upload but not having success. Will figure it out later.

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Due to the heavy snow, KGNU's transmission tower was down this morning when this interview was occurring, so Denver could not receive it. This interesting discussion will be aired tomorrow, Friday, October 27th, at 4:00pm.

You may also go online to hear it:; then choose "listings," then look for the morning magazine for today, October 26 and then the time of 8:30am - 9:00am.

Here is the original message:
Sam Fuqua with KGNU will be interviewing Steven Jones, internationally renowned physicist, on his show this Thursday morning, October 26th at 8:35 AM via telephone.

Steven Jones will be debating and discussing with Les Robertson, the structural engineering designer of the World Trade Center. This should be very interesting!

Steven Jones, PhD. has written a peer-reviewed paper hypothesizing that the World Trade Center buildings 1, 2 and 7 collapsed due to controlled demolition. He will be speaking in Denver October 28th and Boulder on October 29th.

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You don't put up news like this without the audio... what a tease...

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

anyone know the name of the

anyone know the name of the show? here is today's listings:

what is the nature of the problem?

are you unable to find the audio, or is it a technical problem?

i can't find the audio, but can probably help if it's a technical issue.

found it, will have it up in

found it, will have it up in a bit..
'morning magazine' show starting at 35:45

i've uploaded it to

i've uploaded it to 911blogger's ftp server - trimmed to debate only - 14.3mb

thanks yarrow, we've got a

thanks yarrow, we've got a copy up already, look on the front page.

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Jones Rips Robertson a New One

Steven Jones must be faulted at times for being suchy a gentleman - he allows this Robertson prick to go on and on and on in the most boring and stultifying monotone, sucking up almost all the oxygen in the beginning of the dialog.

But, in the end, science succeds over boring bombast, and Jones tears into Robertson in several ways: Robertson has no response for the manner in which the buildings collapes, he does not want to address building 7, he has only bullshit responses to the molten metal issue, and so on.\

You go, Jones !!!