Torch then Thermite

A while back I was studying the 45% cut on that one beam that was still standing up and I could see the mass of once moten metal on the 45% cut, but only on the uppermost top portion and the lowermost bottom portion of the cut. In other words, there is 4 sideds to the beam and top and bottom sides were the only side which appeared to have been cut using thermite. The sides where the cut comes down at a 45% appear to have been cut with a blowtorch. I kept saying to myself that these cuts must have been done first and then the thermite charges where set at the top and bottom sides to complete the cutting of the beam completely.

If you look very closly at that beam you can see the grooves alone the two side cuts and which grooves are at an angle alone the cut. this is typically what a cut looks like when using a blowtorch. I was thinking> "Hey... they could have went through and cut all the beams like this so all they would have to do is set charges on two out of four side of the beam. Making these blowtorch cuts could be done in advance whithout the build comming down."

Then I watch the video on this site called "Controlled Demolition Expert Says WTC7 is C.D." and the guy says the same thing... that the beams can be cut on two sides and the last area left to be cut is blown out with explosives. Look closely at the beam which is above the fireman's head, the one that has been shown on many sites as being cut with thermite. The 45% on the sides and the top and bottom with thermite.

This is interesting. Thanks

This is interesting. Thanks for posting it!

But, what does it tell us? Perhaps it tells us that they were efficient with their cleanup of ground zero. There are many pictures of thermite being used at ground zero for cleanup. I'll check them and see if they used this trick. Thanks again for sharing that.

Mirror Demolition at Cleanup

If they did use this technique at cleanup then it was to hide the evidence of this technique in the Demolition. As well they could say that any evidence of thermite on or around the site was because of cleanup and not from the Demolition of the towers. If any of the cleanup crew was using thermite on cleanup then surely they were the ones up there cutting the beams with thermite right before the building collapsed.... you know.... when tons of molten iron was pouring out the building on the top floors :). If you find evidence of them using thermite at cleanup please let me knoe.