Torch then Thermite

I took a pic of the beam with explanation on how beams are pre-weakened with a torch and then thermite charges are used on the remaining sides to make a complete cut around the beam. These pre-cuts can be made without the building being in danger of falling. still plenty of matter to support the building.

These are a couple different quotes from people out there where one claims a thermal lance was used and another suggests that a blow torched was used.

“It's a standard techniques to cut steel with a oxyacetelyne or thermal lance at an angle pointing forward. It pre-heats the area ahead so it's ready be blown when the torch get's to that point.
FWIW, that square beams was first cut through the back(punching a hole is messy), then down along one side from back to front, then down along the other side from back to front, and finally the front edge was blown through from inside of the side cuts out(even mess-ier).”

=Way Mess-ier Buddy... Like Thermite Mess-ier!

“The sharp exterior edges, the straight line cuts, the constant angles and the location of the slag represent a torch cutting, for my money; add the 'channeling' of the ridges, formed by the air-blast of a torch.”

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Some people have suggested

Some people have suggested that this beam was cut during cleanup. Very unlikely the cleanup crew would make 2 cuts with a blow torch making two nice clean cuts and then switch to a dirty cutting method to make the two final cuts.

Just my opinion as to why the torch wasn't used for all four sides when cutting the beam... The guy that made the first two cuts with the torch didn't want to be anywhere near the beam when the final cuts were made. ;)

i consolidated this post

i consolidated this post with another one you made an hour later and embedded the image.

30 YR Welder Fabricator

As i said before.Why increase the length of a cut by going diagonal?
I've been a welder fabricator for thirty years,and have built skyscrapers before.
The angle cut is used to allow the steel to slip apart faster.A column this massive if cut on a ninety degree angle,with intense heat,and vertical pressure would want to fuse back together.
This was not cut by a torch or burning bar.
Notice the slag on the outside of the column?All the slag from either kind of cut would be on the inside.
This angled cut is typical in controlled demo.
Again these beams were thick! My guess is 3 to four inches.Angling a torch would also increase the thickness of the cut.It is not used to preheat the steel ahead of the cut.No .....I believe it was all thermite.

"A column this massive if

"A column this massive if cut on a ninety degree angle,with intense heat,and vertical pressure would want to fuse back together."
How could it fuse back together if it was cut with a torch days before thermite was used to do the finishing cuts, top and bottom where all the slag is? What I'm saying is that some kind of cutting device may have been used on 2 sides, with the scalloped pattern, to weaken the beam. This would not let the beam come together and "Fuse" when cut because the other 2 sides, which would be cut much later in time, would support the beam from allowing the cut's edges from coming together.
I see how "Angling a torch would also increase the thickness of the cut" but would like to understand the type of thermite charge which would make this angled pattern along the cut.
Also if thermite was used all at once on all sides... when the beam gave it would smear the scalloped groves, where I suggest was cut long before and had plenty of time to cool so as not to disturb this scalloped pattern.


I doubt it would have time to smear.The thermite would go seconds before the explosive charge.
Also in cutting a column this thick the blow through hole would be a motherf**ker.This along with the cut would be producing a shit pile full of hot spray.
To cut it in advance would mean your looking at a strong possiblity of starting fires in the towers.Some may not start till long after.
I would love to see a high defintion picture of this.
But no matter what this cut was'nt the result of the clean up effort.

demolition teams in the wtc

I want to know what size a team you think this would take to prep it ,where the most damage was concentrated (what floors) ,and what traces such an operation would leave to the casual observer . I know that there were multiple observations of a strange thick dust in the offices of the towers in the days leading up to 911. I know about the unusual powerdowns/securitycamera shutdowns that occured, with teams of 'engineers' ,'recabling' the towers. Is there NO VIDEO EVEDINCE or general witness consensus regarding these engineers? It seems to me that this is just a forgotten little corner of the 911truth world, when it could be key. Please help me with your experience.

Very interesting.

I think this is a plausible theory.