Twin Towers Rebuilders advocate call on Attorney General to investigate Official Misconduct at Ground Zero

(*Comment: Although the 911 Truth movement is paramount here, this IS still newsworthy and it pertains to what most New Yorkers, Americans, and people around the world want built at the WTC site instead of Gov. Pataki's ghastly "Freedom" Tower, which is anything but, and only would serve as a symbol of illuminati worship and a gravestone that would in fact turn the WTC site into a giant graveyard instead of a symbol of defiance and American resolve.)
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New York, NY | October 20, 2006

Twin Towers Advocates Call On Attorney General To Investigate Official Misconduct
Representatives of a grassroots organization delivered an appeal to Attorney General Eliot
Spitzer's Downtown Manhattan office on Friday. Richard Hughes of the Twin Towers Alliance
reported that he handed an officer in the Investigations Bureau a well-documented narrative
charging Governor Pataki and the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation with deceptive
practices in the redevelopment of the World Trade Center site. Their group is seeking an
immediate injunction against further activity on the "Freedom Tower" on behalf of the citizens of
New York, pending an inquiry into alleged malfeasance on the part of officials.
Hughes said that the charge is not made lightly and that a copy of the appeal will be made available
. "We are on solid ground. There is hard evidence of a
disinformation campaign by the LMDC, which was aimed at deceiving the public. Its website is rife
with deliberately misleading claims regarding the selection and rebuilding process.
"We believe that that rendered them unfit to serve and made all that followed illegitimate," Hughes
added. "The master site plan that has been on and off the operating table since 2003 can never be
made worthy of our city and people because it was based on a fraudulent, arrogant, and self-serving
process. It's just that simple," he said.
"The truth is that we are not trying to derail a project that has the heart of the people. We are
trying to prevent something that never has been and never will be popular from being forced on the
public by officials who are in office to serve the common good, not the special interests. Earlier this
year Attorney General Spitzer called it 'an Enron-style debacle' and termed the LMDC 'an abject
failure' that 'violated' its 'duty to the public,'" Hughes noted. "If they were running a public
corporation they would be off to prison or at least out the door. We are prepared to be
mischaracterized by some as spoilers and fringe extremists, but that is silly. We're mainstream New
Yorkers and very reluctant activists ­but we're not giving up and can back up all we say. Those who
go on the attack against us should be prepared with facts, not innuendo. "
When asked for an estimate of how strong the support for rebuilding is, Hughes said that the
Twin Towers Alliance website has received almost no coverage in the media "so the true number
of supporters of rebuilding is anyone's guess, but all the polls over the years have shown a healthy
majority of New Yorkers and Americans agree with us. What is remarkable is the way it cuts
across all divides and unites Americans of every political persuasion." | | 212-568-0207
He added: "While it's not possible to please everyone, the way to please most people, including a
significant number of first responders and victims' families, would be to erect new Twin Towers
and a noble memorial. And if that is what we want, and what we have wanted all along, why should
anyone stand in the way?
"We have the right to demand that what is done with our money, on our land, in our name reflect
what we want! And if that is not what our public servants want to give us then we have a right to
expect them not to go behind our backs and attempt to deceive us to accomplish their ends."
The group insists that people were encouraged to participate in a process that was "open" in name
only and to think that their input was valued when it was in fact worthless. "We do not maintain
that public opinion was the only thing to consider, but it should have played a real part in a debate
that never took place ­and that has to be redressed in order for true progress to occur. What
could be more important than to do the right thing at the WTC," Hughes asks, "and who can
legitimately say what that is without an honest national referendum? There is ample evidence to
suggest that if a vote were held in New York or the country at large, the Twin Towers would
easily win the popular vote. That should tell us something."
He maintains that the narrow definition of who qualified as a "stakeholder" willfully ignored the legitimate
interests of people who were not personally touched by the tragedy, but were nevertheless profoundly
affected ­and that it was a crucial miscalculation. "They excluded the one segment of the population
that hadn't been directly affected and could therefore be the most clearheaded about the recovery. That
proved to be an enormous mistake. Within the various groups who do have a say in the process you
can find those who want to rebuild the Towers and those who do not ­for a variety of reasons. When
you zoom the lens out a little you get a more tempered perspective on the competing interests, which
should all be weighed against the overriding national interest. Then the reasons to rebuild the Twin
Towers become compelling.
"The attack on the World Trade Center was an attack on America executed in New York and
what we build on the ashes will affect all Americans," Hughes continued. "Governor Pataki would
be much more likely to stand out above the presidential crowd and energize a natural bipartisan
constituency if he chose to rethink the plan. Rebuilding the World Trade Center by imperial fiat is
not going to endear him to the American people, but changing direction still could.
"Meanwhile, we know that what we are trying to accomplish will resonate with most of the public.
The unforgettable unity that was the hallmark of the weeks and months following the 9/11 attacks
is still pent up ­waiting to be poured into a true resurgence. As recently as May of last year there
was a groundswell of excitement that the obvious mismanagement of the rebuilding process might
be swept away by the megawatt aura and undoubted abilities of Donald Trump. And then the
politicians, behind-the-scenes interests, and the media mugged him. But they can't mug us all.
"We are confident that this is the first step toward a World Trade Center of which we can all be
proud for generations to come. Examination of our submission will reveal that there is a clear
imperative to correct course. Once we put our hearts into it, we will find ourselves much closer
to the goal of restoring the beloved New York skyline than most would imagine."
Hughes charges that a massive PR onslaught has convinced most people
we are stuck with the
current plan, "but we are confident that a whiff of real hope would energize the population to speak
out." After five long years, he concedes that many have given up and reconciled themselves to
diminished expectations in the name of progress. "That's pretty sad in the city that claims to be the
Capital of the World. But it is still in our power to make New York New York again."
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