Barrett speaks at UWO

Lays out case for 9/11 conspiracy

by Bethany K. Warner of The Northwestern

Kevin Barrett, a University of Wisconsin-Madison lecturer and Sept. 11, 2001 conspiracy theorist, laid out his views on why officials accounts of the terrorist attacks are incomplete during an event Thursday at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh that drew interested listeners and protestors.

Barrett came to UWO as part of an event held by the Campus Greens about Sept. 11, 2001 and academic freedom.

Barrett said in his address that Sept. 11, 2001 was the catalyst for both the war on terror and the on-going war in Iraq, the USAPatriot Act and domestic spying.

"9-11 was the excuse for all this," Barrett said. "It behooves us to make sure this story merits this response."

Throughout Barrett's presentation, and before he even arrived on campus, the College Republicans held a rally to protest Barrett's views and his teaching appointment at Madison.

Barrett's presentation focused on why academia is the place for questions to be raised about what happened on Sept. 11, 2001 because scholars are trained as critical thinkers. He urged students to read the officials 9/11 Commission Report and read books that explain the problems with that report.

Barrett then began laying out his case for why the official account of the Sept. 11 attacks is wrong. Barrett claimed that Sept. 11 was a false flag, or war trigger event.

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"...the college Republicans

"...the college Republicans held a rally to protest Barret's views and his teaching appointment at Madison." Dumbasses. The terrorists attacked us because they hate our freedoms, and these troglydytes think that professors should be fired from their posts for holding dissenting views. Hey, I just thought of something! If Bush and the neo-con cabal take away all our freedoms, then Al CIAduh, uh, I mean Al Qaeda might stop attacking us. I feel safer already!

College Republicans

Why would these students protest somebody discussing possible explanations of the 911 attacks. That would be like protesting someone who wanted to discuss how to begin an investigation into a mass murder; there's not a reason in the world to protest an investigation unless you are worried about who an investigation might implicate. If these college republicans are so confident with their version of the events they should encourage an investigation, the scrutiny of an independent investigation might prove their views correct. One thing is for sure, an investigation will certainly find the guilty party whoever it is. So why would these college republicans not want the guilty party brought to justice?

Because it's not an issue of

Because it's not an issue of guilt.... It's an issue of Republican vs. Democrat....Liberal vs. Conservative


I'm looking forward to the age of "true" or "false"


That doesn't address my concern as to why anyone would want to prevent an investigation into the mass murder of 3000 US citizens on 911. There were Republicans, Democrats, Greens, Idependents, and other non-party affiliated citizens murdered on 911. Who in their right mind would stand in the way an investigation. The only reasonable conclusion would be that someone trying to prevent an investigation would be someone interested in protecting the murderers, whoever they may be. I've also been asking everyone I can if they'd stand in the way of investigating the mass murder of 3000 citizens. I haven't recieved one response out of nearly five hundred asked stating they would stand in the way. In fact, most encouraged the investigation; and many of them were people interested in quieting the large numebr of people believing Bush planned the whole thing. An investigation is a no-brainer, the public has absolutely nothing to lose as only the truth will be revealed, whoever it is.

national security concerns

Those neocon supporters will argue against a new investigation on the grounds of "national security" again. Just like they called the torture-revelations of the NY Times "treason" and Ann Coulter called for the execution of the NYTimes' staff as an appropriate penalty.
In the neocons' eyes, we're *only* safe as long as the truth about 9/11 remains *secret*. The possibility that it is kept secret for their own (legal) "safety" is brushed off as a "conspiracy theory".

I'd like an investigation

I, like so many straight laced and boring individuals, we have no conspiracy theory. I don't know who carried out the 911 attacks, but I do know that I have a lot of questions. The neocons, or the government, cannot say that they'd stand in the way of investigating the mass murder of 3000 citizens without a major backlash.

The University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin should be confident that they are doing the job of education. Mr Barrett is one of the reasons why they can be confident. If there is absolute agreement on campus is that better for getting young people to think? I agree that “Freedom isn’t Free”. Therefore, we need to keep freedom alive on campus because we sure paid a lot for it.

Thank you to the University of Wisconsin for the great service to our country.

Monkey Boy

The mass murder going on right now should be called, "The Silence of the Election".

Monkey Boy must be de-smirked.

Valor=Green? I also


I also congratulate the Campus Greens for hosting something like this. I mean the “event held by the Campus Greens about Sept. 11, 2001 and academic freedom”. Other parties don’t seem to provide a real forum for anything other than partisan attacks. This is very patriotic of you also.