Concurrent development - the baseball model

Short version

Long version posted recently by CBB.

The longer version show's a wider angle before the magic zoom and the "arrival" of the translucent blob. I took a screenie at the opening moment of the scene, I did it again, and got the exact same time, 7:38.

It's only a rough estimate of distance, but it cant be too far out.



Looked more like a plane

Looked more like a plane than a blob.

Remind me never to fly with

Remind me never to fly with you, if you think thats what an airplane looks like. 

It looks like to me......

and this is just my opinion - but it looks like to me that the whole cadre of no-planes, mini-nukes, star war beams, keebler elves areas of research - which is fronted by the SAME small group of highly conspicuous researchers - is simply intentional organized disruption - cointelpro - designed to smear the entire 9/11 movement.

The rresearch itself is without merit - usually laughable - and obviously being spamming this board.

I would simply ask visitors to 911Blogger to put this in perspective - and add this to the list of OBVIOUS coverups.

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its just my opinion that the sheer volume if these blogs pushing no-planes and other absurdist themes, are consistantly given a very low rating from the community - and constitutes spam at best - and organiized disruption at worst.

why is it that the lowest rated blogs have the highest volume? why are we being swamped with blogs that the community is VOTING DOWN?

That's my opinion - and that is what these message boards are for. sharing.

If you are going to post THIS many no-planes tin foil hat blogs- you must learn to accept the feedback from the community.

My particular approach in dealing with these tremendously unpopular and unwelcome blogs is to simply state my opinion - that it appears to be disinformation - and without merit - either scientifically our socially within the community.

Now - that's not paranoid. That's just a sober assessment of your "contributions"

Stick to what we know!

Have a question?,,FINE! It hurts the truth to speculate.

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September Clues Part 2 & Part 4

If the Media are the Perps, how is anyone expected to get the info out? Since we are a Mass Media society?

The main issue behind Dylan Avery's refusal to even allow anyone to speak about this in his presence and to listen to none of it. And obviously to refuse to think about it or even entertain the concept, is his conviction that thousands of eyewitnesses saw the inpact onto the South Tower. I read this from his Forum.

This assumption of his is simply not true. The TV gave him that impression and led people to believe that is true. He believes the world of TV and that the people represented through it and himself are a "we."

As in "you are denying what *we* all saw in downtown New York that day?"
Which is what he said. Even though he was in Oneonta.

September Clues Part 4

Who is "We", Kee-mo-sah-bee?

In what Avery considers his destruction of Killtown on the subject, which was on Revolution Radio and which you can hear three different versions of on my blog, Avery says, "Are you calling Rose a liar?"

Avery's moved to LA/Hollywood now, so I guess he thinks all of the Network people who "witnessed" the event, including Rose Arce, who is on the reocrd as changing her story, and himself, are a "we."

First off, Rose Arce ends up never saying what Avery quotes her as saying. Never. She never even said it. But if you listen carefully you'll notice Avery calls her by her first name. When I originally heard the interview I assumed Avery had personal inside info - that he knew Rose Arce. But he replied to me when I asked him if he had inside info. , (since NIST had named the person who took the vid in question as Micheal Herzakhani), "are you deaf?" and repeated that he had seen it on CNN "America Remembers." - which I had watched after he made that reference and discovered that Rose Arce had said none of what Avery imagined she had said. This was why I asked. And this was after Avery had claimed to have watched the Specia, in his own words, "millions of times."

Avery really believes the people who talk to him through the TV are his friends, that he knows them and that he is on a first name basis with them. The TV world is very real to him. The TV has also suggested to him that thousands of people saw this thing, when it is obvious to anyone who lives in New York City and who asks around and who questions's just not true. Everyone saw it on TV. And everyone is so conditioned by the TV they believe they actually saw it and that "thousands" saw it.

Reality is that which when you stop believing in it, it doesn't go away." - "Horselover Fat" Phillip K. Dick

Conspicuous Plot

Sheweth Picts

Part 5

This is NOT for the fuckwits who support Loose Change and the mental midgets who "saw" both airplanes.