Dr. David Ray Griffin Interview in Copenhagen and an Appeal to the European Community

Dr. David Ray Griffin Copenhagen Interview

Interview with Prof. David Ray Griffin about 9/11 and an appeal to the European Community.

Also, if you haven't checked out the other recent video featuring Dr. Griffin be sure to check it out here:
9/11 The Myth and the Reality: Dr. David Ray Griffin

Big thanks to Thomas for the heads up!

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I wonder which colleague asked him to look into 911. Does anyone know if hes mentioned that elsewhere?

Its interesting his plan after impeachment is 90% reduction in US emissions, but not for Europe or China. Weird to put thatin this interview.

"I wonder which colleague

"I wonder which colleague asked him to look into 911. Does anyone know if hes mentioned that elsewhere?"

Yes, he has stated so from day one when he broke onto the scene.

"Its interesting his plan after impeachment is 90% reduction in US emissions, but not for Europe or China. Weird to put thatin this interview."

That's probably because the US is the worst offender by a landslide. Still, that doesn't let the EU, China or others off the hook. I'm glad he brought up the issue of GW. I've been following the issue since the 90's with much frustration and anger along the way. It is beyond real and it is happening and people need to stop cheering when glaciers are falling apart and melting in front of our very eyes. Larsen Ice Shelf 'B' is what did it for me. Aside from that irrevelant rant, David's interview was a good one. I just hope that the Europeans can smell a rat and help us out on 9/11 Truth.


Yeah, he's said that elsewhere, an interview in which he was "very tired", don't recall the place or date. Said something to the effect that after the U.S. government, global warming is the biggest problem the world faces. Is it real and if so, is it really fossil-fuel induced? Maybe, maybe not. Gotta remember HAARP and related weather-mod technologies. Would it be in the interest of the peak-oiler/depopulation crowd to not only disarm the people, but de-car them as well? This is frequently discussed at www.amerikanexpose.com and www.sweetliberty.com.

Thanks for this

Thanks for this video.

http://www.mime11.com - Videos about 911


Sarah Connor?

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

I'll be Back

I'll be Back !

http://www.mime11.com - Videos about 911

Picture being painted more

Picture being painted more and more each day.
The dots are being connected more and more.

I did not have a tv during the first gulf war, so I had never heard the incubator story that Griffin talks about for 20 seconds in this video.

After reading the following url:

It becomes clear again that either we are brought into war thru false flag attacks (2nd Gulf war) or
we are brought into war thru just plain staged lies as in the incubator story (1st gulf war).

Wow, all it took was about 12-20 million or so to get Hill And Knowlton to
generate this public relations lie and wah lah, an instant war .

And it sounded from the article above that
the UK had something to do with this whole staged lie also.
Its always the UK and USA isn't it.

And here again we have another Bush at the helm bringing in this lie.
Like Son like Father.

And the mass media just spewed out this pack of lies which a kindergarten investigator could have blown the cover off of.
It can never be overstated how important a truthful media is.

It just goes to show us again you CAN NEVER believe anything you are told by the mass media. If they were doing that back in 1991 what are they doing today when MSM is consolidated in the hands of 5 or 7 companies who are owned by the evil oligarchs.

These lies, false flag attacks and wars all have the fingerprints and smell of the same perpetrators.

For the incubator clip go

For the incubator clip go to

http://www.mime11.com and click number 9.

Or the full documentary `The Great Conspiracy' is here:


http://www.mime11.com - Videos about 911

David Ray Griffin is GOOD!

Absolutely fantastic interview. Every time I see or hear David Griffin, I am tremendously impressed with his ability to get the facts across succinctly, clearly, and with utmost persuasiveness. This man is the greatest asset the 911 truth movement has. I am proud to have a discussion group devoted to his work (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/davidraygriffin). He is a prophet and a revolutionary, a true leader and follower of Jesus. It is only from reading his last book on Christian Faith... that I can even take the name of "Jesus" seriously again, because he, like David Griffin, was also an anti-imperialist revolutionary.

Michael D. Morrissey

Show "Griffin is a lunatic" by Engineering student (not verified)

Griffin is a lunatic?

Anybody who presents Griffin as a lunatic and brands all people who questions 9/11 as pathological liars has to be a fool or a government disinfo agent. Probably the latter.
Otherwise, this "engineering student" would be able to present his "very important facts"
9/11 will be exposed! David Ray Griffin will go down in history as a national hero.

Griffin is certifiable...

Yes, Griffin is a lunatic...
and Bush is a highly-intelligent indivudal on the verge of sainthood.
and war is peace...
and the recent disabling of posse comitatus and habeas corpus is to protect our freedoms...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

Griffin is without exception the best overall spokeperson for 9/11 Truth.
The Q&A session In Madison convinced me of this.

Dear Engineering Student???

Griffin made an excellent point in his talk. Once a person sees the truth about 9/11 that person can NEVER go back to believing the so-called "Official Story". It has never or will ever happen. Trust me. So Engineering Student??? you are wasting your time shilling this site.

Griffin's expertise

This may or may not be necessary at this point, but Griffin himself has addressed his credibility by stating that he is a philosopher experienced in epistemology and reasoning and hence is well-versed in the science of knowing, how we know, what we know, what we don't know, etc. While he lacks the ability to perform the calculations or do measurements of the buildings as an engineer would, he is able to ask questions to obtain this data from more whatever you want to call it, mechanically inclined or trained people like, for example, Steven Jones.

Who is really an expert in airplanes flying into buildings that

are also loaded with incendiaries/explosives, designed to bring them down as if it were all a chain reaction? I'm sure most structural engineers & architects have no expertise in these phenomena, nor in false-flag attacks in general.

The roof of WTC 7 … falls

The roof of WTC 7 … falls to earth in (6.5 +- 0.2) seconds, while an object dropped from the roof (in a vacuum) would hit the ground in 6.0 seconds. This follows from t = (2H/g)1/2. This isn't rocket science.

If you have a tendency not to question a fact like this, you need to change your major.

Hear, hear!

Maybe switch to phys ed

a sad proof for the "politization of the engineering science"

Mr Engineering Student,

isn't it a sad proof for the "politization of the engineering science", that a professor in theology can make more sense of all the evidence that we have about The 9/11 Crime, including the "engineering" evidence, than a journal like "Popular Mechanics" does ?

Plus, evidence not only in terms of physics and engineering, but also in terms of logic, political manouvering, cover-up reports, dozens of gag orders for important witnesses, supressed witness accounts,....?

DRG is top hearsay book guy around

no facts just hearsay

good going CT guys, take a break and let someone else do your tinking

good job

This one nails it!

Wow, this 25 minutes is IMO the clearest short presentation for the unitiated!

Griffin's The Myth in Reality is more thorough, but for dumbed down Americans, this covers the whole story, and has big impact, coming from such a respected authority.

I gotta figure out how to burn DVD's( for DVD players) from GOogle....meanwhile there's the links to send...

BTW, Freedom to Fascisim the movie is hot now (DVD and google), that's another fraud that people need to know about.


Download Video from Google Video, youTube and iFilm in AVI, MP4, FLV, MOV format. . . . . Most of the time.



Enter the URL address of the video page you want in the box next to 'Download'. Click download. Click on format desired. Save As dialog box appears.


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Buring DVDs

Hey Truth, thank for the help. I did get it downloaded in Avi, but what I want to do is burn a DVD that will play in a DVD player...AVIs generally just play on computers right?

although i never used the

although i never used the program, this one should do the trick of converting an AVI file to DVD.

Avi2Dvd is a all in one tool that converts avi/mkv/ogm with few clicks in a vcd/svcd/dvd. Avi2dvd uses only freeware tools and can handle varius freeware enconders (QuEnc/FreeEnc/NuEnc) or CCE. PAL to NTSC, NTSC to PAL, switchable subtitles, basic menu and more.


Good luck!


WARNING folks: pornography on the front page, loads of it, too.


I do humbly apologize for the content of the page I posted. I never even looked at the video clips below the section that downloads google videos. I am so sorry. Please remove this post if needed. Sigh. I just wasn't paying attention. Sigh.


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After you see "From Freedom to Fascism"....

....watch "The Money Masters" (also on Google Video)....a thorough history of the criminal fraud perpetrated by PRIVATE central banks and the International banker families behind them.

Assassinations have occurred when statesman opposed these people and their financial enslavement of populations.

John Perkin's (great, though limited hang-out) book "Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man" details a similar phenomenom (external to the US). TMM shows how it's been done to the US, internally.

Folks, we haven't had an audit of the gold in Fort Know since 1953! Elected officials are refused when they ask for one. Is any of the gold still there or has it been sold off to those same anonymous central banker families to pay off our deficit spending debt? Is there any question we have a "shadow government"?

WTC Towers: What really happened

When we win this thing....

.....David Ray Griffin (along with Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, and maybe Dylan Avery or Mike Ruppert) will be on a new Mount Rushmore.

Now, under the heading of "Now that you know, what can you do?".....

We are on the cusp of a second American Revolution, only this time it will be fought with computers and the Internet instead of muskets. Every American Truther can be a "leader" in this movement. All they need is a DVD burner and the mailbox.

Besides neighbors and friends in whatever towns we live in...we need to contact people who live elsewhere. Mail them DVDs. Or at least e-mail them sites like:


We have to make this knowledge "viral" and that is how we do it. We become a continuing chain of 9/11 Truth evangelists and make sure everyone who is made "aware" of 9/11 Truth, is also aware of their obligation to now inform others.

Another great idea, as another poster suggested, is to get a stamp here...


.....that says www.wtc7.net or something similar and stamp your money.

I recently found a very

I recently found a very interesting website:
There you can purchase ad space for your Blog etc.

Global Warming?

I love DR Griffin's style and the facts he presents about 9/11 are spot-on, but I think and other scholars for 9/11 truth should stick with 9/11 and not veer off into global warming or other political issues.

From what I have read, the idea that we can do something to prevent global warming is downright preposterous. I read articles from another Griffin- G. Edward Griffin (who is also a 9/11 truther)- that show that Global Warming is a scam (global warming DOES exist but the idea that humans are causing it is at best questionable).

For more on this and other issues see www.freedom-force.org.

In summary, let's stay on issue and realize what our goal is- to expose the criminals behind 9/11, not to impose all our political ideals on the world.

If you think that we as

If you think that we as humans are not having an effect on our planet possibly affecting global temperature.. you would probably be wrong..... what can we do about it?

stop being parasitic humans..... learn how to harmoniously live with our environment.

we are going to have to evolve.

and the biggest hinderance to our evolution are people with a corporate profit mindset.

we can evolve and live more efficiently....but efficiency is not a corporate mindset..... and this government.... the government that rules this world runs off of a "Corporate Mindset"

If we evolved... we would work half as much.... love life twice as much.... and live more harmoniously with our environment.

but that's not a profitable existance

It's not that simple

Although I wish it were.

I'm sorry that I created a debate about Global Warming, I really didn't mean to.
My point was that even if what DR Griffin is saying is true, we should leave it out of the 9/11 debate. At this point we want to be rock solid behind the 9/11 truth issues, not veering into potentially devisive issues that can undermind the movement.

Nothing worth doing is

Nothing worth doing is easy.

We have been trapped by the international banking cartel..... there is a way to break free.

it would take the collective..... but if we all stand together... along with our government.

there is absolutely nothing they could do if we all decided to quit.

but we would all have to stand together.

we would all have to support each other..... to regain our fate.... If we can stand strong for a few years.... the banking system would collapse and we would be free once again to regain everything we have lost to them.

we better do this before they do.... they are just waiting for the opportunity to break this system down so they can rebuild it again..... our downfall will be that we were not prepared.... not ready to support each other.

the ball is in our court now.... we hold the reigns of our destiny

Step one..... change your

Step one..... change your tax through your employer.... to claim the maximum number of exemptions.

Step two..... stop paying taxes all together