Matthew Woodson on World Crisis Radio 10/29

Matthew Woodson, candidate for congress from Oklahoma, will be interviewed today on Webster Tarpley's "World Crisis Radio".

Tarpley gives a weekly roundup and analysis of world events on World Crisis Radio, broadcasting live on RBN, from 4-6pm Central.

RBN live streams:

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(Jason Bermas --{Loose Change}-- precedes Tarpley's show 2-4pm)
(Jim Fetzer's "Non-Random Thoughts" follows Tarpley, 6-8pm)

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Does anyone have anymore

Does anyone have anymore information on the 300 US killed at the falcon base?

unofficial reports also say

unofficial reports also say 50 tanks were there and destroyed. *50* tanks!!! Doesn't that even break records from Vietnam? Where's the investigation??? Where's investigative journalism in the MSM? sigh.

Since Cheney is certain that "waterboarding" is not torture

can we use it on Dick himself to "help" him tell the truth about 9/11?

Richard Clarke & DEBUNKING 9/11 MYTHS

Did anybody else notice that Richard Clarke (AGAINST ALL ENEMIES) is praising the trash Popular Mechanics book DEBUNKING 9/11 MYTHS?

cant say im surprised. you

cant say im surprised. you got a link?

After clicking on the

After clicking on the following link, scroll down to "Editorial Reviews" and then see "Review". You will see that the paragraph is attributed to Richard Clarke. Shameful.

Richard Clarke-"your

Richard Clarke-"your government failed you." i kind of think the slogan "your government killed you" from dc911truth halfway down this very page fits much better. what a scumbag.

Clark first to mouth Osama

Clark was the first on 9/11 to put the mouth on it: " Queda, bin Laden..." - of course, this myth had been building for two decades - no doubt, Clark's a mole - he'll be in the dock.

Again, I urge one and all: hit the Left Gatekeeper blogs, your local progressive talk radio and go to the peace rallies with the 911Truth message: the only truth that can take down the Strange Loves and derail WWIII.

Support guys like Matthew Horton Woodson - heck, send him a buck and listen next week to for the most insightful weekly intelligence report anywhere and a roundup of 911Truth candidates.

of course he praises it -

It's in his top ten books:

You don't get to be 'counter-terrorism czar' without supporting the 'war on terror'!

Thanks for the plug is still banned from OKC libraries...God Help America

Support my run for U.S. Congress

I heard some guy in your

I heard some guy in your area say you had no chance, he's a real pawn dude, don't let those slaves to the new world order stop you. People like you can save the US.


I think he mentioned WTC6. Does anyone have any info. on what happened to that building? I never hear it mentioned and know nothing about it.


allegedly destroyed by falling debris but probably aided by OKC type explosives. google on it!

Webster's intelligence briefing today

It was a very good first hour today -- archived at, check it out.
Tarpley said his Unauthorized Bio of G Bush has been online for 10 years this weekend.
the Chapter Du Jour is Omaha now, about the pedophile power structure (Hastert the Bastert and the Hominterm etc.)
He also talked about the housing bubble, collapsing hedge funds, how aircraft carriers are defenseless in a body of water as narrow as the Gulf, blockade of No. Korea, Avigdor Liberman and the Hate Block in the Knesset, and of course the election, the states where you can vote to raise the minimum wage and so on .
Must have been busy digging up research this week.