WTC recently discovered remains.

Here is an idea that was sent in to the blogger. Think its something we should pursue and promote? Leave your thoughts in the comments below:

If you have any influence, if you can make an appeal to your supporters, I suggest that this may be the right opportunity to raise a cry.... for testing of these human remains for evidence of explosives residue. This should be rather easy to do, and to identify what type, and who would have had it. The military, probably.

Please, ask that your readers write emails to congressmen, senators, and to ask their friends to do the same; and to write requests to NPR and to PBS. There is every reason in the world to do the tests and no reason at all not to.

Good for election effort as well.

Sofia, the woman who created

Sofia, the woman who created the video 911 Mysteries, talks with Hufschmid and provides an important message to enjoy learning about world instead of being afraid. Click here

Only problem

With that is it would have to be someone not connected to the current pathologist in NYC.
Obviously this loon is covering up the crime scene.

It doesn't take a forensic pathologist to figure out that when 1150 bodies are completely vaporized, 1700+ others are brought to him mostly in TEST TUBES in some 20,000 tiny fragments, and 760 tiny BONE SHARDS are found on the building ACROSS THE FREAKING STREET several hundred feet away, that it was NOT a collapse of the building that killed them.

Absolutely impossible for human bodies to vaporize & or scatter into tiny fragments & blown a few hundred feet across the street because of a building collapsing on them.
That is blatantly obvious and all you need is 2 brain cells to rub together to figure that out.

The medical examiner knows damn well what happened to these people.

So how did all those people end up in a manhole?

Were they in the basements and blown out to an ajacent cavity by the basement bombs, which also shattered the basement wall, allowing the water to flood in?

There's nothing in the official WTC myth that could possibly explain where these remains ended up. Check up on this folks, especially if you live in New York! This is important piece of new evidence.

I think this is BS. In a

I think this is BS. In a manhole? Urban legend shit.

I'm surprised there hasn't been 9/11 ghost stories.

Oh fuck, hope hollyweird dont see this post.

You are

such a delusional asshole

Body parts at WTC

Sad to say, but this is only going to make it that much easier to illustrate our point to nay-sayers or people in the dark. Just tell people there are still tiny body parts scattered all over the roof of Deutsche Banker's trust building and in the tunnels and sewers below the WTC and that'll make a really strong point...Pancakes?? I'm thinking about having those for breakfast, not sure yet...I think I'll go with some scrambled eggs and a bagle


I just gotta say this for the record...When I saw the WTC movie by Oliver Stone, I broke out in laughter (of course this was before I nearly cried later on) during the part where a black lady says, "Those buildings fell like a pancake..."...Boy, just for that I wanna slap Oliver Stone upside the retarded (to use south park's terms) is comparing a freakin' pancake to a building collapse....Why not say instead, they fell like a stack of cards, or a stack of matches???
I have VERY little respect left for OIiver Stone...

A Pancake Falling from the Pan to the Kitchen Floor

I'm sure I can speak for everyone when I say that when I first saw the collapse of the WTC buildings on TV that the imagery of a falling pancake sprang immediately into my mind.

Even long before the 9/11 attacks, we've all heard the old expression "fell like a pancake" in reference to a collapsing structure.

"Terrorism is the health of the State."--James Redford, author of "Jesus Is an Anarchist," June 1, 2006


Really? Well, I don't know what building collapses you're referring to, but I've never heard of any building collapse being compared to a pancake...and besides, buildings don't 'pancake' collapse to begin with except in only very rare cases, and NONE of those involve controlled demolitions.


Nevermind...It's a pointless issue to discuss anyways because the WTC buildings were demolished and the crumbled to the ground...If you wanna call it 'pancaking' fine..whatever...

I was Agreeing with You

My previous comments above are sardonic.

"Terrorism is the health of the State."--James Redford, author of "Jesus Is an Anarchist," June 1, 2006

pancakes all around me...

Sorry, couldn't tell.... =)


I NEVER thought of a pancake when I saw the WTC disintigrate

"Blown to smithereens by multiple explosions", "perfect demolition", "errupted like a volcano", " and deveoloped mushroom clouds like nukes" were the fiirst ideas that came to my mind. How anyone can look at the videos and think of a pancake...well, I can't see that at all. Anyone who can look at the rapid disintigration of those structures and think of a pancake is either a) very lacking in any understanding of fundamental physics or b)deep and denial and grapsing for any arbitrary little metaphor which will push all the disturbing evidence and questions away. And even the engineers who were hired to defend the official Bush regime theory don't say "pancacking" anymore. "Pancaking" is a hollow and misleading metaphor which doesn't tell you anything at all about how the buildings really came they were blown to smithereens.

I was Agreeing with JR

My comments above on 10/28/2006 - 3:33pm are sardonic.

"Terrorism is the health of the State."--James Redford, author of "Jesus Is an Anarchist," June 1, 2006

I had exactly the same reaction.

I thought the actress even put a little extra weight on the word, and it pissed me off! It looked nothing like pancaking! Any other word!


Not even Fox News could have pulled off that lame propaganda line any better than that actress...

question...So, if Towers 1 and 2 fell like a pancake, does that mean 7 WTC waffled it's way out of sight?
3 WTC got scrambled?
6 WTC got poached?

hehe lol...

WTC recently discovered remains

Taking the opportunity to have a dozen independent labs in various states test the newly discovered remains for explosives residue provides proof of whether and what explosives were used; this would bring the discussion to accepting the fact, not just appearances. It would identify who had the explosives, if any, as well.
It needs to been done right away, with the help of the families of the victims help.

WTC recently discovered remains

You remember how Mayor Giuliani acted with so much confidence? He seemed to have it all under control. Well, if you see the film, 9/11 Mysteries, or read the book, Crossing the Rubicon, they show how he appears to have been part of the "inside job". Now he is contemplating a run for President in '08.

So we need to have some sort of actual evidence of explosives. The chemical residue and the fracture characteristics would be such proof. There would no longer be any question as to whether or not it was an inside job. It would be a proven fact.