You can't fool God

You can't fool God

Oh for crying out loud...

give me a break!!!

check your karma

check your karma Some body out

Some body out there has been watching

Observing- they are! 911 2008 RIGHT CLICK TO ZOOM

I fool god all the time.

I use science doing it.

What like "Peak Oil" junk

What like "Peak Oil" junk science? Please don't take that personally, but please also read;

Why does WTC collapse look like Mt. St. Helen's erupting?

What is this? Dz c'mon man

What is this? Dz c'mon man you start screening the blogs and then you let this shit through? Wtf is up with that?

please stop dropping my name

please stop dropping my name all the time. there are 4 mods here, not just me, and as such i am not the one who will be approving/disaproving all posts - including this one.

Yeah, but you're the main "heavy" here, ya know.


LOL, and besides you can't

LOL, and besides you can't compare a nebula like that to anything on earth, the difference in size is nearly impossible to imagine, our entire solar system wouldn’t even fit on the absolute tiniest tip of that thing. It's why the word “astronomical” exists.

e=mc2 to not compare the

e=mc2 to not compare the two is to is to deny your own existance -"string theory" -"unification" -we are one!


maybe if you were dropping acid or something . . . ehh . . . hmmm

google "string theory"

google "string theory"

haha, i went down that road

haha, i went down that road once before. im not gonna try it again. string theory is some lofty ass stuff that makes my head wanna explode,hahaha.

2 questions for Stardust...

1) What were you smoking when you came up with this gem?

2) and where can I buy some?

yea, tell us!

i want to see behind the dinosaurs from mars theory too. im sure this is the REAL TRUTH now man, finally. Some serious evidence we got here.

you don't have to smoke it

you don't have to smoke it to see the truth

This must

have gotten through right before the moderation of blog entries began. Perhaps this was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Actually, I'm kinda glad it squeaked through. 911 truth needs a shot of humor now and then!

At any rate, stardust seems to have excuted a nice little "hit and run" post.

rate = emc2

rate = emc2




“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

I hafta admit

It's kinda purdy.

It's not fooling god that worries me.

It's those who play god!