The Big Wedding - key revelations

Sander Hicks' "The Big Wedding" has been out for a year now. I just found time to read it recently. It is a good introduction to several aspects of the 9/11 story that I haven't seen discussed much lately on various message boards, as there has been so much focus on the physical anomalies of 9/11.

The most important chapter in Hicks' book may be the detailed portrait of truthteller Randy Glass, a former FBI informant who had prior knowledge about the 9/11 attacks. Part of Glass' story is revealed in the documentary, "9/11 Press for Truth", but there is more. Glass claims that he personally warned Senator Bob Graham's office of an impending terrorist attack, that there would an attempt to "blow up" the World Trade Center, and that airplanes would "be involved". The warnings were transmitted months before 9/11.

Glass also claims that he received the information that airplanes would be involved from the US State Dept., after he called the State Dept. bluffing about what he knew, based on the information he was getting from the loose lips of R.G. Abbas.

This is followed by a mini-history of the BCCI, a great introduction to an international banking entity that was linked to tons of covert operations, and had ties of varying intensity to several US Presidents, Democrat and Republican. Hicks also handily condenses the key research of Daniel Hopsicker into a small chapter, which, frankly, beats wading through "Welcome to Terrorland".

Other gold nuggets in the book are the examinations of the case of Ali Mohamed, Emad Salem, and the FBI's witting involvement in the production of the 1993 WTC bombing via Emad Salem. Hicks' research is the first place that I've heard of Richard Taus, as well. (I suspect Taus has been covered by other authors, I'm just not familiar with the research.)

Hicks has a chapter from his book online here:

A good introductory volume that presents many dots to be connected.


Is awesome.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Good book

The Big Wedding is a valid contribution, and perhaps a complimentary expansion of Welcome to Terrorland. I believe that these two document the 'legend' of the '19', particularly Atta and al-Shehhi. These two researchers have followed the tracks of the patsies, and discovered that this event was some time in the making. This can't simply be reduced to a 'Bush Crime'; Clinton, his Administration, and several levels of many Federal agencies should be up in the dock for this extension of policy.

Sander Hicks is great. i

Sander Hicks is great. i love when he confronted Cheney. paid a few hundred to do that i believe, maybe more. is he still running for political office?

Hicks confronted Cheney?

When and where did Hicks confront Cheney? How can I learn more about that? Is there any video?


a fair piece in the msm (minus the headline)

Sander Hick's the Big

Sander Hick's the Big Wedding I believe is the most important 9/11 book next to Paul Thompson's The Terror Timeline and Webster Tarpley's Synthetic Terror when it comes to understanding the secrets of 9/11.

everyone loves to talk about Pentagon holes and the hijackers somehow being alive(which I doubt) but Randy Glass...heres a federal informant in 1999 meeting with a Pakistani ISI official and al Qaeda arms runner, IN THE PRESENCE of other undercover federal agents and theyre like "so yeah, ya wanna know wh at were planning...were bringing them twin towers down man!" July 1999. Clearly, right under Clinton's nose criminal elements of Pakistan and the US government or related agencies were hatching something.
I wouldnt be surprised if ultimately the plan came from someone like Zibiginiew Brzininski or David Rockefeller and somehow trickled down to Pakistan/Saudi Arabia.

I loved the book

I really enjoyed Sander's book. It adds a new element to 9/11 Thought concerning M. Atta (as understood through Hopsicker), Randy Glass (as understood by Paul Thompson) and Mike Vreeland (as understood by Ruppert). It really helps lay a foundation for understanding the molding process of double agents.

One think I'd like to know is, how the hell did Leo Wanta accumulate so much money w/out the mainstream news ever blowing up the story? 400 billion is a lot of dough.