New Film Raises Questions About 9/11


By Nick Nordlinger of the Paly Voice
Posted Thu Oct. 26, 14:10:33 PDT 2006

The controversial new documentary 9/11: Press for Truth raises important questions concerning the executive branches wrap up following 9/11 and is sure to inspire controversy and debate.

The film tells the story of four women who united together after each losing a family member to the 9/11 disaster. Feeling that the government had not spent nearly enough time investigating 9/11 or preparing for such an attack after several previous warnings, the women took on their own investigation, rallying the press toward their cause and putting pressure on the executive branch to launch a more thorough investigation.

The film makes accusations that may seem excessive, even ridiculous, at first, but as the story continues and ample information is provided to back claims, the points that the film strives to make begin to seem well-founded.

The film certainly inspires deep thought by raising important questions. Why did the World Trade center bulding seven tower inadvertently collapse when it was not even hit by a plane? Were explosives inside the building? Why was more money spent investigating Monica Lewinsky during the Clinton administration than was spent investigating 9/11 in 2001? Why didn't we, as the film suggests, capture Osama Bin Laden when we had him cornered in a cave in Afghanistan?

The film brings to attention the fact that the current administration has dodged these questions with suspicious awkwardness. Using live news and press footage, the film depicts the administration as a careless group of people, clearly lying to the American people and doing nothing to satisfy the desires of the nation. Interestingly enough, the majority of the accusers are Republicans, turned against an executive branch representing their own party.

Opinions aside, the film is very informative. Providing a great deal of detail concerning the steps taken following the 9/11 tragedy, Press for Truth uses media coverage from the past five years as a tool in revealing the irresponsiveness of the administration.

The film is certainly worth seeing. It poses a menagerie of questions that deserve to be answered, no matter what political ideology a person holds.

The documentary will be shown at Gunn High school's Spangenberg Theater at 7 p.m. Friday followed by a discussion with Paul Thompson, author of The Terror Timeline: A comprehensive chronicle of the road to 9/11 and America's response, and Peter Dale Scott, editor of 9/11 and American Empire: intellectuals speak out.

Paul Thompson is a freelance researcher and is the creator of the Center for Cooperative Research's articles and reports on 9/11. Apparently a man who switches constantly between New Zealand and California, Thompson is an appropriate figure to lead a discussion after such a film as his book goes deeper than most reporters have gone into the 9/11 events.

"Were the reporters (or their editors?) too afraid to publicly contradict the official pronouncements?" asks Thompson in his book. "Whatever the reason, it seemed to me that the reader could not be well informed unless new stories were put into proper historical context."

Leading the discussion along with Thompson, writer and editor Peter Dale is a Canadian diplomat and professor at University of California, Berkeley. He won the 2002 Lannan Poetry Award and is appropriate for this event as he is the editor of accounts concerning the 9/11 events written by intellectuals the world over. His compendium 9/11 and American Empire addresses every angle of the issue, expanded on by great minds using eloquent words.

Altogether, audience members are likely to stick around for the discussion as there will be a lot to talk about. The film is definitely ample ammo for heated discussion. Concluding with several teary-eyed moments from the 9/11 families reminiscing about their lost loved ones, the film leaves the viewer with a tangibly present feeling, whether it be righteous anger or disagreement.

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