When I started find out the truth about 9/11 there was such passion in my soul and in my heart to find the truth and I know in my heart. I found it. I don’t know who will read this or if anybody really cares about getting the facts out. There not alot of people that are pointing there fingers at the problem, the criminal is Silverstien. I can’t believe none has taken this crook to task in this 9/11 so called truth movement. This Silverstien character had the Motivation the opportunity and the know how to make it happen. People in this movement have to stand together and go after him. You also have to put into consideration who his friends are? How and why did he get control of the WTC complex? His connections with Russian mob? His connections with national and international intelligence agency? I could go on and on. The fact is his gain out of the 9/11 cover-up in monetary value is the most any single person has made in the history of mankind on any single investment
Maybe you could consider that a motivation but my point here is to make you Curious prove me wrong that he wasn't the main player behind 9/11.

Sure: Silverstein Pulled It Off, Bush was a Bit Player

The 9/11 plot was pulled off by the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.

There were a handful of bit players, and Larry Silverstein is probably one of them.

If Larry Silverstein did not cooperate with this plot, do you think it would have stopped 9/11 ?

Get real. The motivation for focusing on Silverstein while ignoring Bush, Cheney, Rumsefeld is pretty clear. We know he was probably a stooge, but did he direct a missile into the Pentagon ?

the entire government

yea i agree with the last comment SIlverstein had a hand in on it but it was many many more people involved including all the high positions of the government including bush and cheney. We must go after the entire government, not merely one person

Khazar humor


surely not the people!

I think it makes a lot of sense concentrating on the Silverstein entourage! There are powers outside of the government that govern it.

Dare we say money ?dare we say money changers? dare we ask who really did benefit? dare we say Khazar Zionist maffia? this country is infiltrated to an extend that you don't even notice it anymore.
but I must say one thing : the pple who pulled off 9/11 did have some sense of humour. just imagine when they were planning the agenda for day of 9/11. "ok ,we put some planes there and Cheney over there, Rumsfeld over there and uh.. what do we do with Georgie?..."

oh yes, one more thing. I am from Europe and there are a lot of ppl here who have been fighting for a long time to get the truth out about some things in the second world war. They have very similar arguments as the 9/11 truth movement and they are treated in the same way by the mainstream media. Maybe it is not a good idea to confront 9/11 truth newcommers to this but, veterans should no longer turn their backs on this (M)other truth movement. It is time to ignore the zionists and the rediculous guiltcomplexes they like to saddle you up with when debating this issue.

thank you

I think Silverstein heard

I think Silverstien heard about the plan form his best friend Netanyahu and figured out a way to make a quick few bucks.
If the building was wired up by Mossad, as the subsequent arrest of a great number of celebrating Isralis would suggest, Ntanyahu would have full knowledge of the plan.
If Im not mistaken the towers were ordered taken down by the city and this was a way to accomplish this,
collect some change, and help his insurance cronies
bury some smaller insurance companys through mass reiunsurance.

Who benefited? Definitely

Who benefited? Definitely Silverstein. But also Giuliani and the Bush administration, the neocons, Israeli right-wingers, whoever stole the 2.3 trillion from the Pentagon, oil companies, weapons companies, the Carlyle group... the list is long.

Who orchestrated it? A little shorter, that list. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Silverstein, CIA, Mossad, ISI, and more than likely a few names few people have heard of...

They pretty much are all fascists at heart, and globalists to boot.

no to the $$7 Billion!

Silverstein did not win his case for a double terrorist attack..... he's only getting 3.5 billion instead of the 7 that he wanted.

bad news..... this may work out just fine for him.... because he needed the 7 billion$$ to rebuild the towers.... so chances are he's going to walk away from the lease and settle with the government.... and still walk away with millions of dollars.

then the government will foot the bill.....errrrr the taxpayers will foot the rebuild the towers because as we know if we do not rebuild the towers then the terrorists will win....and it would be a travesty to those who lost their lives on 9/11

I thought so too... anyone have a definitive source?

I was surprised when th $7b was mentioned in 9/11 mysteries. Then someone told me oh yeah I think he appealed the former denial of the double-claim and won. Now I'm confused. Since either way it's a travesty, we should figure this out for sure so as not to be accused of trying to inflate his already bursting sack of chutzpah...


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I appreciate your concern

I appreciate your concern for the movement..........however.

Plenty of people,including myself, have recognized the obvious FACT that Leisure Suit Larry was a involved in the self-imposed 9/11 attacks. However, i highly doubt he was the "mastermind" behind it. It doesn't make sense that some random buisness man/real estate tycoon-bla-bla-bla would ask the government to demolish the towers so he could make 7 billion dollars(he was only awarded 3 billion). D. Rumseld, coni rice(dumb whore) Bush McFuck, and ESPECIALLY CHENEY were the main contributors. In a nutshell...

Also, I wouldn't be the least bit suprise if Larry got a superb, under the table, check from our government, aside from the known 3 bill. he'd already received.


By paying him off ; assuring that he'll be set for life(the 8 years he has left), the government had the clear to take down the towers...
giving us an excuse to invade afghanistan to hunt bin laden(who really had nothing to do with it)
a month later we're in iraq.... why are we there? OIL STOCK MONEY. that message was scattered...i'm a a little high.