Expanding Awareness

Oct 29, the Raleigh 9/11 Truth group aired 9/11 Mysteries at the public library. I counted at least 25 people in attendance..
No descent from anyone. I think we might have gotten 3 or 4
new members maybe more.

There was a medical doctor. She described
a new disease similar to lymes disease. That has not be identified. And cases are found here in NC.

I understand lymes disease was a biological military invention.

We had a marvelous discussion after the movie. Media complicity
was discussed. Along with the pipelines being built. And its looks like they were the central purpose for going to war.

There was discussion about wealth consolidation. Bringing about a one world government.

Most new people had their doubts about the official story before
coming to the airing. A couple people said they believed the jets
bought down the buildings before the screening. They did not stick around to voice their opinion afterwards.

excellent, thanks for sharing!

I always make sure to reassure people by telling them that they are not alone, that many many others are quickly coming on board. We need to address the psychological issue of the herd--when people think they are the only ones, or that they are bucking a trend, they may hesitate. We aren't lying when we tell people all the momentum is on our side, that we are the early joiners but for that we should be proud, and never doubt that we will be proven right, even if it takes a while. We must inspire people by making them feel like a part of a real grassroots effort to take back the country from its corrupt vested interests. This is a NON-PARTISAN and WHOLLY PATRIOTIC movement. A week after a bus driver tried to kick me off his bus, a subway employee stopped me to ask about my sign and took a DVD. This morning a woman who looked to be in her sixties, well-dressed and well-spoken, stopped to chat and admitted she never believed the official account of the collapses. People aren't just waking up--more importantly a lot of poeple who have harbored suspicions are realizing there are more like them than they thought. A tremendous amount of positive energy is thus feeding our movement, and the perps know this. Keep stepping it up, keep forcing the Coburns and O'Reillys to go to ever more outrageous lengths to lie. They can't not do it, but doing it makes it worse for them They're... kinda screwed, you know? Let's help them in turning that screwdriver!


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Thanks for the kind words!
“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"