Happy Halloween

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Thought this was the pretty halloween gift for the truthers!

where'd you find this

where'd you find this anyways?

here is a link to the original foxtrot that was modified:

A person in our 911 group

A person in our 911 group sent it to everyone. I'll ask where he got it?
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i was just wonderin, no

i was just wonderin, no biggie

thanks for the submission!

Can you increase size to give readable view for dialogs?

Oh, please -- can you make it show up in a size that gives a readable view for the dialogs, will you?

(Looks like it is currently at 50% of the original size, while 75% would work well for the majority of computer users with today's screen resolutions. I'd suggest to try "width=768" + "height=402". -- Or maybe there's another HTML trick to let it use 100% of the available main column width?).

That small "link to full size" thingie is all too easily overlooked....


nice one Happy

nice one
Happy Halloween!

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