Protesters make sure they are seen, heard

And one sneaks past the gatekeepers, follow the link for the whole article.  Thanks to Tim for sending this in:

Aaron Gootee, of New Albany was not one of those people. Gootee said it’s time people realize the government cover-up of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

“I have been doing a lot of research on 9-11,” he said. “I think it was an inside job. I was shocked when I got into the research. When it happened I was like everyone else and stood behind our government. We all got duped.”

When's Fahrenheit 9/11 and a Half coming out?

Moore's soft...

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Alex Jones to Micheal

Alex Jones to Micheal Moore-"what about the norad stand-down? what about the really hardcore 9/11 issues?" Moore to Jones-"that would be un-american". nuff said.

Say what you want about

Say what you want about michael moore, but the simple fact is, he put his fat ass and a whole fat lot of money on the line before anyone else did. He got the ball rolling and took the heat for it when nobody else of his stature would touch it. He is a part of this even if he's not working on it anymore, so give him credit. He did more than any other real left gate keeper by far. Cut him some slack!!!

michael moore

uh... no. the only part of his movie that was really good was showing bush sitting there in the classroom trying to a keep a straight face while the clocked ticked.

great movie if you want a bush-bashing propaganda tool to try to influence the election. it was brilliant in thatr regard.

but i wanted a really hardcore and in-depth investigation into all the 9/11 questions, and in that regard it failed completely, since it didn't even try.

what a shame.

Off the subject of 9/11,

Off the subject of 9/11, which wasn't really its forte, the second half of the film was probably some of the best, most realistic footage of the Iraq invasion that any American had seen (maybe still, to this day). Makes sense when you look at what it's all about-- soft on 9/11, hard on Iraq war: blammo, a left-liberal, Bush-bashing, "no, we don't need the facts on 9/11" flick, perfect for those about to contemplate perhaps taking a limited hangout position.

other good parts of fahrenheit 9/11

The black caucus asking for someone to sign on, and the mass protest against the commandeer the thief - things we never saw on tv. Moore blew it by not going into PNAC. And those saudi flights, at least he touched on that. But yes, he still is being a gatekeeper. part of the false opp.

Cut him a boloney sandwich

Yes, Michael Moore has done many good things, but when he was fired from Mother Jones magazine for attempting to run a cover that showed a Palestinian boy with the caption "freedom fighter" was when he became a real left gatekeeper. Noone excels in the Left without the permission of the Judaic masters, just ask Alex Jones, where, for all his great work, he posts items on the "illuminati" but not on the "jewocrapcy" and the new weirld odor. See the article by Jeffrey Blankfort, War for Israel and the books by James Petras on the Israel Lobby. 911 was an inside job, and "Israel" was ultimately behind it.

I totally disagree with you!

Michael Moore vouched for & endorsed the Bush "incompetence theory" in Fahrenheit 911, and this was very detrimental to the truth movement.

1,100 unidentified Victims???

yet all the hijackers were no sweat to identify??

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They matched the hijackers DNA and other such nonsense

Quick demo of how thin the official myth is.

That's incredible. I'm

That's incredible. I'm still laughing in stunned disbelief. How can a person like that even have enough logic left in hir head to figure out how to even get to the radio station that day is beyond comprehension.

Of course, maybe I'm

Of course, maybe I'm "framing it improperly". Still laughing.

listen to the whole

listen to the whole show...he gets stumped more times than that...its insane...Do you think Coburn's going to stand trial once we expose this coverup completely?

Michael Moore's balls

Have apparently gone from  ..  to ..

We should cut him a little slack, but not too much until he truly comes out for the truth, imo. 


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