Recent interview with Rick Siegel on the 9/11 conference in Utrecht.

Good interview with Rick Siegel in the Netherlands on the 16th of September in Utrecht.

Hey, he said the footage was

Hey, he said the footage was fake, how did this get past the board of censors? Not being facescious or anything.... :-|

we are moderating against

we are moderating against abuse of the intention of blog entries. this post was somewhat newsworthy, and wasn't abusive, so it was approved like most of the submissions. so far the majority of those not approved have been because they are not 9/11 related, aren't coherent, or go against the intentions of how the blog entry section should be used (aka not as a message board).

It's not that particular

It's not that particular subject's post's that were abusive, it was the responders who were abusive dz.


Newsworthy, but noteworthy?