What Does a 47 Story Building Really Look Like?

Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel

Got the following email tonight:

I was just in Atlanta last weekend for business and stayed at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel. While there I realized that the hotel went as highas the 47th floor which is the same height as building 7. I rode to the top and bottom take a few pictures as a reference to show people just how large of a building 47 floors is. I thought that maybe these could be posted on 911blogger for folks to see for themselves. Actually, the pics don't do it justice b/c when you're on the top floor (47) and look all the down, you can't help but wonder how a building that massive could "just collapse" without any help. These pics are from the inside and one pic that I got off the web of the outside. Marriott's website list the building at 50 floors but that is taking the sub floors into account. The lobby is floor 1 and the last floor at the top literally stops at 47. I even took a picture next to the elevator as proof that I was on floor 47 and you can also see in that same picture the glass ceiling in the background. I hope that these give people a little better perspective of just how large 47 floors really is. Thanks!

(see the pics after the jump..)

Here are the pics (click for high res):


Now imagine all of that collapsing in around 6.5 seconds into something like this:

WTC7 rubble pile from ground level (courtesy 911research.wtc7.net)

More images via Google Image Search.

Big thanks to Bozo and Jon for getting these to us!

For those who haven't seen this before...

Building 7 computer simulation: Build & "Collapse"

More information about this simulation here: