Boulder Daily Camera: "Panelists raise doubts over 9/11"

Panelists raise doubts over 9/11

Speakers at CU say government deceiving citizens

By John Aguilar
Monday, October 30, 2006

The idea was to turn the concept of a conspiracy theory on its head.

A panel of scientists and scholars, gathered in a classroom Sunday afternoon at the University of Colorado at Boulder, suggested to several hundred vocal supporters that the true conspiratorial types when it comes to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, are the federal government and the mainstream media.

"They pounded a script into our heads that we now know is backed by zero evidence," said Kevin Barrett, a professor of Islamic studies at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Barrett was one of a trio of speakers who came to CU to lay out their case that the World Trade Center towers didn't collapse as a result of jet fuel melting and softening of the buildings' steel structure, but rather from a deliberate demolition effort perpetrated by the United States government to justify its invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and assert its power around the world.

"Three thousand lives were lost at the World Trade Center as a means to global domination," Barrett said.

He characterized the 9/11 attacks as a "false flag operation" carried out by the United States with the intention of stirring up the passions and buying the allegiance of its people.

"A false flag operation is a contrived event — shocking and spectacular — used to achieve political ends, start wars and justify suppression," he said.

Thanks, Tim for sending this in.

EMAIL your local, state, & federal candidates this question...

Dear Mr. or Ms.,

My family and friends are in the process of determining for which candidate to cast our ballots. Please assist us in our determination by providing your response and comments to the following question:

When it comes to what they knew prior to September 11th, 2001, about possible terrorist attacks against the United States, do you think members of the Bush/Cheney Administration are:

A) telling the truth

B) mostly telling the truth but hiding something

C) mostly lying

Your response and candor are appreciated.


some good advice for people making flyers / ads for 9/11 truth:

about how to use humour, how to have impact etc.

I made it to the Boulder

I made it to the Boulder presentation.

One key take home message from Ryan and Jones was that, as of August, NIST's latest, ever-evolving collapse theory foresakes their former pancake theory.

This puts some of the 911 OCT propaganda organs at odds with one another, such as Pop Mechanics which still promotes the pancake theory.

No Pancake?

Then we better get ready for waffles.

I hate to bash you but

I hate to bash you but waffles are actually far more structurally sound than pancakes....

you should point them in the direction of Crepes.... they are far less structurally sound.... and they are French so they would be far more likely to fall down if attacked.

they're waffling on the pancaking...

And the truth is crepeing up on them! Our efforts matzo be paying off! The stream of lies is beginning to pita out!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force



All this talk of food is making me hungry for a big bowl of Italian pasta...Mussolini style!

add the pentagon NTSB data

add to that the NTSB reconstruction that has the 757 fly over the Pentagon....

Another key point about the

Another key point about the progressive floor collapse, or "pancake theory" as advanced by a PBS special, and as mentioned in "9/11 Mysteries", is that the physics of it, aside from neglecting the deceleration due to the underlying floors breaking the fall, this notion does not address the core structure at all, and even in the video simulation it "explains" the collapse with, the core still remains intact and standing!

The top 15 objections to believing the Truth about 9/11

Veterans for 9/11 Truth are having a survey to find the best answers for these 15 perplexing objections that people make against truthers:

1. The government would not do such a thing.
2. The media would tell us if the US government was involved in 9/11.
3. There would have had to have been too many people involved, whistle blowers would have come forward by now.
4. Conspiracy theorist are just crazy, or are just anti-American.
5. If the government is lying about the planes, then where are the passengers/planes then?
6. The NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) has explained everything about the buildings collapses.
7. The 9/11 Commission has done a through investigation.
8. If Flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon, then where did they go?
9. The government is too stupid and unorganized to pull off such a thing.
10. Osama has admitted it in several audio and video tapes.
11. I can't believe it, it is just too much to take.
12. We heard the cell phone calls.
13. The Muslim jihadies hate us, they obviously did it.
14. We have to believe what our government tells us or it is unpatriotic.
15. I saw the attacks on TV.

The survey can be found here:

Thanks for the link....

1) Governments have always done such things... especially when they are being backed into a corner like this government. The truth about the Federal Reserve, about inequitable foreign policy, and about vote rigging.

2) Not if the media owes allegiance to its advertisers... which make bank-loads from war.

3) There would NOT have to be many 'in the know'... and for any number that were involved, admitting to treason and murder would seem a strong enough deterrent preventing self incrimination.

4) There is nothing "anti-American" about questioning government (but that's not taught in school, anymore). Especially this government which possesses the strongest motive, the best opportunity, and plenty of access to means.

5) Where are the passenger's families? And darn it... where ARE the planes (time/date/serial numbers correlated with maintenance log books)?

6) No, NIST has NOT provided a cogent explanation for the source of BTUs nor the kinetic energy needed to pulverize gigantic buildings into tidy little piles.

7) The 9/11 Commission did NOT include prior knowledge testimony from people like Sibel Edmonds. It did not address the absenteeism of a zillion dollar defense machine, nor WHY non of the crash sites where treated as crime scenes.

8) Yes, where did the plane and passengers go? Produce the Chain of Evidence for DNA and serial numbered parts for Flight 77's maintenance log books.

9) The government is quite capable when it wants to... and quite capable of looking incompetent... when it wants to.

10) Lets have a look at those tapes again.... and produce the Chain of Evidence... in court. Charge the man with the crime if the evidence actually points at him (even in absentia if need be).

11) Well just wait till you see what they (the government) has been up to and DO NOT what exposed.... now THAT might really be too much to take.

12) Let's hear them again.... and produce the Chain of Evidence for those recordings.

13) "They" hate U.S. Government foreign policy, very much so.... but why would they do something, admit to it... and get bombed into only more hatred? They did NOT "obviously" do it.

14) Again, there is NOTHING unpatriotic about questioning authority.... especially this authority.

15) Who cares what you saw on TV? I want to see this in court, with George and Dick UNDER OATH!

Erin S. Myers

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Great answers, Erin!


Great answers. I hope you

Great answers. I hope you submittet them to the linked page, and not just here!

answers to survey

will give my 2 cents (want to make sure comment is posted)

my 2 cents

1) Government(s) have been doing these things since the dawn of time. Reichstag fire (1933) brought the Nazis into power; Death of JFK + LBJ = Gulf of Tonkin resulting in Vietnam War and 65,000 American deaths.

2) Mass media is run by the big corporations who pay huge taxes to government and lobby group to protect their own interests. (don't bite the hand the feeds you)

3) The "Manhattan Project" involved thousands of people who never told the secret of the atomic bomb. Whistleblowers can be bought or silenced. (prayer that more will step forward).

4) "Conspiracy theorists" are more American than you think. We actually care about our country and refuse to be led to edge of the cliff like lemmings.

5) No question that planes hit and the passengers were "collateral damage" but... if the government has 84 videos of the Pentagon crash.... where are they????????????

6) NIST has not answered all the questions. The molten metal found had been dismissed and we are still awaiting for a proper explanation regarding Bldg. 7.

7) Very funny.... the testimony of William Rodriguez was omitted, testimony of the victims families was omitted,

8) Flight 77 may indeed have hit the Pentagon, the government could easily put any theories to rest by showing us the 84 videos.

9) The government has be able to feign incompetence on a continual basis. 19 Saudi hijackers with box cutters lead by a man in cave is far more plausible?????? the government had far more to gain. Gotta love that Patriot Act... Habeas Corpus? (dead after 800 years)

10) Osama admitted nothing. The official video of him "confessing" is a fake. That's not Osama. The FBI "Ten Most Wanted" list has Osama on it... (but NOT for any crimes related to 911)

11) Suck it Up.... this is childs' play to what the government has in store for you... (national id cards, implanted chips!!)

12) Project Achilles clearly demostrated the cell phone calls DO NOT WORK over 8,000 feet never mind 35,000 feet. (i recently attempted to make a cell phone in flight... no signal at all)

13) Of course they hate us... we wouldn't care to much for them if they occupied our country!

14) The government and the country are 2 different things. Loving your country doesn't mean loving your government.

15) Of course you saw the attacks on TV. But... did you see the plane hit the Pentagon? Did you see any actual plance wreckage of Flight 93!!!!!!!!! How could Building 7 have fallen at free fall speed without being hit by a plane.

Any Transcipts / Video Avavilable?

Does anyone know if and when a transcipt or video will be posted for the conference held in Denver / Boulder? I would definitely like to see and read.

Wow-wee folks. This article

Wow-wee folks. This article hits close to home (Boulder is my hometown, spent 20 years living there and many years reading the DailyCamera). I've sent several letters to the editor of this news paper, but nothing about 9/11 truth has ever been published before (except for a nasty, short sided "debunking" they did a few months back). The Daily Camera is highly respected by the people of Boulder. This is great news.

the media should just be the messager

It's sure amazing how 9/11 truth has all the time surfaced in so-called "opinion" columns, that only served to discredit it. When it comes to all other topics, the media has been known to do almost only "message carrying", just telling us "he said this" "she said that", and carrying that message on in questions to officials higher up. But when it comes to 9/11, they all join to write hit pieces, not to let these painful questions reach the White House - nobody said they *have to* write opinion columns about it. They can and should first and foremost just report it and carry the questions higher up to the correspondents and representatives in D.C.

Yes, that would be ideal.

Thankfully, with the internet, we can now start holding our public officals and public media responsible for what they say and do. Great changes are already beginning to happen and will grow exponentially. I believe this new paradigm shift in humanity is one of the reasons the old government is attempting to terrify the public, and is preparing (camps, loss of constitutional rights, etc) for the time when the new generations begin the big revult (it is coming). But even so, it's a balancing act and we have the power to skip the scales. Never loose hope in humanity.


That was meant to be "we have the power to tip the scales" :)

John Aguilar, Cindy Rodriguez... hmmmm...

Coincidence that both recent truth pieces out of Colorado have been by Latin@ journalists? RT is muy orgulloso!!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Esquire(owned by Hearst) sucks.

same company that owns Popular Mechanics. Hearst. go fiqure. this is from the current issue:

The Cynthia McKinney Awards For The Worst Members of Congress
By Esquire
November 2006, Volume 146, Issue 5
Well the worst member of Congress got beat in her primary (thanks, Georgia!), so we won't have the benefit of the cop-punching, Jew-baiting, 9/11 conspiracist's thought leadership anymore. But we name these awards in her honor.

they also take a shot at Bob Bowman in the same issue:

District 15
Dave Weldon (R)
Bob Bowman (D)
Standing on his authority as a medical doctor, Weldon is the man who declared that just by watching a video of Terri Schiavo, he could tell she was not in a persistent vegetative state. Letting his beliefs--and/or political ambitions--cloud his judgments was an unpardonable failure by the vice-chairman of the House Science Subcommittee. His opponent, on the other hand, believes that 9/11 was an inside job. Good Lord.
Esquire endorses: Write-in John Kennedy, who narrowly lost the Democratic primary.

Show "NETIZENS SAY STEVEN JONES IS DECEIVING US!" by Anonymous (not verified)

Stop bashing Prof. Jones! No one wants to see your junk here!


Deception is the gov'ts job

What a pathetic post. First of all, your link has nothing to do with Steven Jones' work. He has said explosives were used in the destruction of the WTC, not thermonuclear devices.
Secondly, what would "outright tangible lies," implying intentional malice and manipulation of data, dealing with nuclear fusion have to do with the WTC?
Got a Jones fetish or something?

Can someone remind me of the name of the famous video about

the international banking system & Federal Reserve conspiracy? I believe there are a number of such videos, but one of them reall stands out above the rest. (Sorry, I didn't know were else to put this OT question.) Thank you.

the Money Masters?

the Money Masters?

I offer that for $1

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Suppose the official story is true...

Let's assume that the official story is true, that a dude living in a cave in Afghanistan planned and implemented the 911 attacks. If that is true, why are we spending squillions of dollars on stealth bombers, aircraft carriers, and giant tanks to fight back? Why is our fighting back so ineffective? Some dude in a cave spends a million bucks and a few months, trains up 19 men to smash up a few important bits of America, and we spend hundreds of billions of dollars fighting back! It's madness! Clearly we should take a close look at what works, and do that instead. Let's forget about massive military spending, and replace our armed forces with a few dozen of these guy-inna-cave units.

Then we can say, "Hey Osama! You better watch out! We've got 50 guy-inna-cave units working day and night to track you down and crash a plane on your head!" And if any other countries like Iran or North Korea or Syria start to hassle us too much, we just point out that we can have a guy-inna-cave on their ass within a few hours if they don't start treating us right.

The main failure of The War Against Terror is wasting money on old-timey war techniques that don't work any more. Forget smart bombs and cruise missiles. Let's start building the best military unit the world has ever seen, the Guy-Inna-Cave!!! The US Caveman Regiment will soon be the most feared military unit since the Roman Legions!

guy-inna-cave units

I love this idea. Just think all the money we would save on weapons procurement. Box cutters and Korans are cheaper than hell. Rent on the caves should be pretty low too.

The Phat U.S. Caveman Regiment!

With Greased Lightning Skids.... you know, for speed!

That's the best damned fiscal/military policy I've ever heard.

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.


I love Kevins wit and directness.
Him and Fetzer make a good team even tho Fetz is a bit stuck in the L/R paradigm.
Add Bowman and the rio can take all those FOX heads on. tag team em!