Dutch News Airs 15 Minute Piece on 9/11 Conspiracies

Dutch News Piece on 9/11 Inside Job - prisonplanet.com

This news clip focuses primarily around theories regarding the Pentagon, the WTC collapse (no note of WTC7), and Flight 93.

The smoldering gun in Shanksville

Notice in this video, at around 13:50 the camera is showing the inside of one of the indentations supoposedly made by the wings as the plane crashed into the ground. Yet you can clearly see at 13:50 that THERE IS GRASS GROWING INSIDE THE INDENTED PIECE OF LAND. LOL. Really, how stupid do they think we are? Oh... I know, it's magic grass, like the grass from the Amazing Pentalawn (TM)! Why doesn't anyone ever talk about this?

Shanksville alone should be

Shanksville alone should be enough to break the whole cover-up apart - because they insist that *everything* the government told about 9/11, about all 4 planes, is correct. All it takes is to find one of the 4 crashes to have been untrue, then the 9/11 commission was lying all along in choir with the neocons.

I wish they'd addressed the

I wish they'd addressed the issue of foreknowlege.

Reasons why the mainstream media won't cover 9/11 truth:

The reasons the mainstream media are loath to report any 9/11 truth are:
1. They were force-fed the “official story” by the gov’t starting from 9/11/01 onward, so for any news outlets to buck the “official version” would bring them all sorts of troubles and scorn.
2. Loads of key witnesses are under gag orders, effectively rendering them useless to reportors & the truth movement.
3. Many gov’t moles were put into high places throughout all media long before 9/11.
Most media is owned by ultra-wealthy corporations or individuals who don't want 9/11 truth to be revealed.

In watching this Dutch video, I noticed that there are actually

noises (very loud noises?) as the towers began to fall. I gleaned this from what I can hear and also by the panicked reactions of some bystanders.

Most all the videos I've seen to date have shown the towers falling rather silently. Now I'm very curious as to whether the sound in most public videos to date was deliberately squelched as the towers began/continued to fall, thus giving a perhaps very misleading impression that they fell silently!

crash sounds

i noticed this too now that you mention it. i had not noticed it with other footage. what's up with that?

sound of another smoking gun

The pre-collapse sounds are commented on at 14:28 of 9/11 Mysteries

Then there's the smoke that appears at the base of the tower in the other video clip. And then there's the video of the tripod mounted camera shaking before the collapse. You can see those 2 videos here That makes 3 completely independent video sources of the same curious event. I've been trying for 9 months to get some explanation for this.... and the best thing the debunkers can come up with is:

"the camera shook! duh, what do you expect?"

That is a very weak argument, to say the least. As is the "fuel traveling down the elevator shaft" theory. Those damn non-contiguous elevator shafts...

I am well aware that squibs and thermite take center stage in the controlled demolition controversy, but this is something totally unrelated to the squibs and the thermite at the impact site. I'm beginning to suspect that the people who will only talk about squibs and thermite (at the impact hole) are either disinfo or they're "just not getting it." I know this is complicated, but it should not be taking this long for people to wrap their minds around what we're seeing here, and come up with some kind of reasonable explanation.

Why do these truth vidoes always seem to leave something out?

This video leaves out WTC-7, of all things!

Why do most truth videos have someone (who really looks like he or she should now better) playing devi's advocate against the truther? (In this video, the smart, older gray-haired guy should see for himself that his points are feeble compaired to the young truther's)

something left out?!?

I've almost stopped discussing even how buildings fall down and the size of crash holes. Why? No point. The story is blatantly false.

1. The pathetically inept (documented) patsies simply couldn't do it, i.e. manually fly complex jumbo jets like stunt pilots.

2. The most protected place and person on earth (Pentagon & POTUS) were security stripped and hung out as easy targets for the coup plotters.

With warning shots fired (the devastating attack on NY) and direct threats (Pentagon hit and Angel is next), POTUS capitulates...rest is history.

Our job now is to grow awareness and forewarn any and all that they will very likely try it again, this time as a pretext to invade Iran, and look for it right about when their support is in total collapse. I don't envy the dissenting generals.

Excellent points!


If you want a good laugh...

If you want a good laugh check this out. I spotted it on Jesse's TVNewsLies blog. It's so funny. http://rense.com/general74/aabs.htm Like I have always said, the "Official Story" is comic book stuff.

This video leaves out WTC-7, of all things!

I agree, that is the smoking gun they never want to talk about. The old guy also made a lame statement when he said it would be hard to plant bombs in the Towers. I guess he never heard of Marvin Bush.

I guess he never heard of Marvin Bush.

or the dancing Israelis!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


Excellent coverage.

I am very thankful to see this.

Ask questions, demand answers.

Dutch Newspaperman

Is it just me, or does he look frustrated and ashamed during this piece? IMO there are moments when he appears as if holding back a Tourette's-esque episode... stopping himself blurting out what he really believes.

His claim... that his paper is too small for such a BIG issue sounds like him parroting someone else’s words. Referencing of the New York Times (like they could or would do anything about 9/11) is disingenuous. It must be evident that all U.S. MSM news outlets are compromised… That they can't report freely any longer (if ever they were able). Not just about 9/11… but anything the Bush administration deems as compromising.

NOTE: U.S. now ranked 53rd in World re: the Press Freedom Index according to Reporters Without Borders: http://www.rsf.org/rubrique.php3?id_rubrique=639

If every small media outlet in Europe began to cover 9/11 truth the New York Times & other majors would have to follow suit. Quite frankly, exposing the nakedness of the emperor in this manner is likely the only way the lies of 9/11 will be exposed.

I have to wonder at what point the Dutch, Swedes or Canadians, or whomever will allow themselves to recognize that what the U.S. does on the World stage effects them all - at home?

I am reminded of the initial reactions to AIDS. Most people didn’t want to think about, let alone discuss the disease. But eventually the world community recognized it for the serious and devastating disease it is. We don't pretend the disease does not exist. We promote awareness, education & research. Why…? Because anyone or his or her family member can be afflicted… it is VERY personal. 9/11 on the other hand is seen as an American problem... and… in the past.

Folks don't connect the dots... the wars... the thousands of dead, the torture & imprisonment of innocents... losses of basic freedoms & liberties... They wait for these to effect them personally before they can give them the same respect or fear they have for Cancer or AIDS.

At what point will people expend the energy to question, to learn, and ultimately summon the courage to recognize the lies?

Silverstein and Broertjes: twins separated at birth?

Pieter Broertjes from the Dutch Establishment Media said:

"It's too big. It's too big for the world leaders. It's too big for papers like the New York Times. So it's definitely too big for a paper like the Volkskrant. "

What does that tell you?

He might as well be Silverstein confessing on National TV!

The man doesn't say there is nothing to it. He definitely states that the story is "too big." That tells it all.

He's not wanting to confess. He confesses.

Silly, that.

Even if a person says the truth now, even perhaps by accident or as a mistake when their guard is down, it doesn't matter because people *still* can't see it?

Leaders can get away with just blurting the truth right out, and no one notices - I guess Silverstein proved that one.

Or is it that Pieter Broertjes words don't matter to him, or he thinks they don't, and thinks they don't matter to anyone else either, since he sees himself as representing a *small* paper.

Was he intimidated by the Bilderburgers? Or one of them?

Most Media reps are more self-conscious and better liars.

This guy gets the Silverstein Award for "Truth in Media."

Look at that Pristine Lawn!

....that speaks volumes....the old "picture speaking a thousand words" adage...

The wreckage is kind of conspicuous by it's absence, isn't it?

Hani Hanjour is quite the aeronautical magician to make that plane disappear, isn't he?....maybe we've underrated his piloting abilities all along....


I know, it looks like the airliner must've hit above the ground

and below the 3rd floor! A Boeing 757 just could not fit there!

The media blackout and

The media blackout and complicity is not limited to the USA. For Dutch newspapers it works very much the same: ownership is concentrated, editors appointed, most of the news does not shine light on the bigger picture, and most of the geopolitics is regurgitated from central outlets such as AP. It only requires a couple of people in key positions to keep a lid on things.

The Netherlands is drenched in bankster and masonic influence, yet, ironically, is touted as the apex of liberty and permissiveness. Arguably, the Dutch are even more deluded than Americans. But 9/11 is waking people up beyond the USA, and the local elites are starting to spin and fidget.

This is a bit late as this

This is a bit late as this interview was broadcasted in the week before or on 11 september 2006..

This is late is right

That was seen at end of August on Google and here

As well as Rick Siegel (who is seen in that video and was interviewed during it)


Then Siegel did another conference in Utrecht that was amazing and this is the interview.


We will be having Siegel up here again before the elections to speak on the RFID passport and the royal subjugations in Europe as well as to show his new 911 works.

Pieter Broertjes & Bilderberg

If I remember correctly, Pieter Broertjes (Volkskrant chief editor) attended at least one Bilderberg meeting several years ago.

VAB (Amsterdam)

As most durch people can speak german

I felt free to sent Mr. Broertjes from Volkskrant a mail:


Ze rangschikken de feiten rond ee hypothese, die mij niet

Frei übersetzt:

Man sucht sich Tatsachen für eine Hypothese, die mir nicht gefällt.

...ze gaan ervan uit dat het op een bepaalde manier
gebeurt moet zijn en daar zoeken ze dan de feiten bij.

Frei übersetzt:

Man geht mit einer schon vorgefassten Meinung an die Sache ran und sucht sich nur Fakten, die dazu passen.


Pieter Broertjes, Chef-Redakteur Volkskrant auf TweeVandaag, 1.9.2006

Lieber Pieter Broertjes, diese beiden Sätze zeigen doch eindeutig, wer eine vorgefasste Meinung hat,
zu der er keine anderen Fakten in Betracht zieht. Ihnen gefällt es nicht, dass der 11.9.2001 möglicherweise ein „Inside Job“ war, und deshalb werfen sie den „Verschwörungstheoretikern“ mittels Projektion vor, dass diese erst eine vorgefasste Meinung hätten und dann die Fakten dazu „passend“ zusammenzusuchen. So wie Sie es mit dem offiziellen Mythos tun. Wenn Sie schon mal mit einem „Verschwörungstheoretiker“ gesprochen hätten, wüssten Sie, nichts könnte mehr von der Wahrheit entfernt sein. Es ist genau andersrum: Weil eben so viele Fakten der offiziellen Version, an die auch sie wie einen Mythos glauben, schlichtweg unstimmig und zumeist gelogen sind, kann man zu keinem anderen Schluß kommen, als das der 11.9.2001 ein gewolltes, konstruiertes, inszeniertes neues Pearl Harbor war, welches aus bestimmten Kreisen der USA gedeckt / unterstützt / ausgeführt wurde.

Broertjes and Germans

Pretty funny Sitting Bull. I recall someone mentioning that Mr. Broertjes his dad was closely involved with prince Bernhard of the Netherlands(Bilderberg founder) who is German. It's a public secret that prince Bernhard is a traitor to the Netherlands and was working with the nazi's in WW2. Just look at his wedding party pictures on this site to understand what kind of people we're dealing with. Can't have a wedding party without some Hitler salutes....
I can open a whole can of worms on this family, ofcourse everyone is blinded by the whole fairytale in this country. Somehow you always find these connections between people in high places.