Bruce Marshall, Green Candidate for Congress in Vermont, Airs Concerns About 9/11 on Vermont Public Radio

Interview: Bruce Marshall, U.S. House Candidate - Vermont Public Radio

As part of VPR's continuing midterm election coverage we're speaking with a wide variety of candidates for statewide office.

Today, Green Party candidate for the US House Bruce Marshall talks with Mitch Wertlieb about the central issue of his campaign, which he says is more important than anything any of the major party candidates or the mainstream media is willing to talk about.

Mr. Marshall gets straight to the point in this 6 minute long interview with Vermont Public Radio. Marshall's central reason for running is to expose the lies surrounding 9/11.

You can find the 3MB MP3 of the interview via the link above, or archived at 911podcasts here.

Please note that we have added a banner in the action items section which lists all 9/11 candidates, please do your best to help them however you can!

very good interview- we need

very good interview- we need to hear more like that.. I'm only voting for people with eyes wide open like this candidate...

You might want to reconsider that in this particular case, guv.

This news item--and whole thread, for that matter--should be reviewed in light of recent events.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

False flag.

The good news is, Keith Olbermann used the term "false flag" tonight to open the show. The bad news is that it was in the context of Kerry's comment about Bush that was misconstrued to be about the troops. KO asked if Republicans were waving a "false flag" over Kerry's comments. Haha, not much, but it's a start.

Loose Change blog

The Loose Change crew is hinting at some good developments. They apparently met with Charlie Sheen at his home. Ain't it funny, many folks were turned over to being truthers, but no one ever converted "back" to believing the official lie, no one ever! - that alone is proof that we're right.

You got that right

Once a truther, always a truther. The truth about 9/11 is self-evident. No one EVER goes back! By the way when is the new Loose Change going to be released? I got my DVD burner waiting.

who is gonna control the outcome??

I am from vermont and know bruce he is a good guy and he speaks from the heart. one thing that the VPR mitch said { ' if what your saying about 9/11 is true this would be the biggest story in our nations history no the biggest story in the world '} the question you have to ask youself who is going to control the outcome????

Only 9/11 Truth candidates can represent the public interest

the interviewer really got it- this has revolutionary implications. Marshall is realistic and positive about the outcome. I only vote for 9/11 Truth candidates now.

More artwork like this, please!

Robert Bowman is listed as a

Robert Bowman is listed as a Republican, while he is infact he was the winner of the 15th FL Democrat Primary.

Huge Error... 


candidate state office party website
Robert Bowman FL 15th Congressional Republican




candidate state office party website
Robert Bowman FL 15th Congressional Democrat


Air America advertiser blacklist

ABC memo reveals Air America advertiser blacklist

"Among the advertisers listed are Bank of America, Exxon Mobil, Federal Express,
General Electric, McDonald's, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, and the U.S. Navy."

Where is the "action items section"?

Sorry -- new to this site -- where is the "action items section" that lists the candidates? Thanks.

it's in the upper left hand

it's in the upper left hand corner with a big red picture a little bit below the logo..

here is the link ->

Was Kerry's remark staged by him to throw yet another election?

CNN: "Right about now, Democrats don't want Sen. John Kerry's snakebit support. The senator's "botched joke" about bad students getting stuck in Iraq unleashed venomous GOP reaction...."

Why would a veteran of Vietnam like Kerry make a ridiculous joke like that? Rove & the other pigs are having a fieldday with it!

It's not "a joke"..

...the reality is we have an "economic draft" in this country and Kerry was rightfully pointing that out (as well as the truthful observation that when the American public lets an underachieving, non-serving Chickenhawk assume the office of the Presidency, America will "get stuck" in countries like Iraq).

Kerry is right on both counts.

And I say this as someone who feels he took a dive in '04.

Then Kerry has a lot of further explaining to do because that

remark about bad students ending up in Iraq went over most peoples' heads! That's what happens when you don't speak directly about a subject.

Of course there's an economic draft. I'm sure when most poor and/or minorities joined the military or just the National Guard, they did so to make better lives & educations, and to DEFEND the U.S.A. They didn't know a madman dictator like Bush would lie us into illegal, endless wars of aggression!

Kerry's comments were twisted and distorted...

....dishonestly and opportunistically by Rove, and then people are told what to think about this distortion by the MSM...very superficial smear of "an insult to the troops", but amped up by Faux, very effective with unsophisticated people..(i.e, Faux viewers)....while there are high-achievers who enlist...primarily the recruiting is done among the poor, who unfortunately, tend to do worse than the more affluent in school, and therefore have fewer opportunities. So, you have "bad students" doing a lot of the fighting. That is the reality.

It's important that Rove & Co. don't allow the truth, that they view other (read poor) people's kids as so many expendable pawns in their wars to enrich their friends in the military-industrial complex and Big Oil, to become pervasive.

So they must engineer farces like this, to keep up the facade that they are "supporting the troops". In reality, they have contempt for them.

Rally the base

Could it have been Rove's GOP promised October Surprise? It is rumored that Kerry is Bush's third cousin and as we all know he is also Skull and Bones. Not to mention his suspicious capitulation in the 2004 Election. The line between parties has worn very thin if not worn out. Vote third party and vote 9/11 truth!

why support Bush's military?

Why should we support automatically Bush's military, when Bush has long not been a people's president anymore? What if he turns the "defense" department into savages that attack and loot other countries, that torture to obtain fraudulent "confessions", that assist in false flag ops like 9/11?
Bush and the neocon Congress are the paymasters of the military, allocating $500 billion a year, all of it money borrowed from China and Saudi Arabia.
- you have to look at this "military" first before you support it. Now if, *if* for example Iraq's General Casey has no knowledge of the 9/11 fraud then he might deserve support, but wait a second, wasn't he the one that presented us with 3 different Zarqawis? and "killed" one of them to stage a success?

Casey is a shill of the

Casey is a shill of the highest order. the man is a puppet. Rumsfeld did a good job of planting a bunch of puppets like Casey throughout the military leadership. people who watch the military closely will tell you the same thing about Casey.

There are instances, for

There are instances, for example, of mountaineous regions where a company comes in, blows up the top of rocky crag, hires everybody to pull everything out, packs up when it's done and leaves, and then the armed forces is sent in to vaccuum up the newly out-of-work.

wow, you really fell for the

wow, you really fell for the media spin huh? this proves, without a shadow of a doubt that the media is corporate/conservative first, and anything but liberal,despite the delusions of Limbaugh and Hannity types. the fact that an offhand remark from this tool Kerry can be turned into a an election influencing story 1 WEEK before the election by the MSM proves it. dont fall for the spin man. McCain is on Fox right now spinning away like the coward he now is. if the american people fall for this bullshit, even the middle america flag waving kool aid drinkers, then they deserve all the fascism they can get. goddamnit im pissed today.

Why does Kerry speak in subtle hints & riddles that end up being

used against him?

And now, instead of speaking up against the illegal wars, he and the Democrates are totally on the defensive instead of offense! Kerry seems like a GOP plant to me.

he was slamming Bush

His line was supposed to go like this:

"I can't overstress the importance of a great education. Do you know where you end up if you don't study, if you aren't smart, if you're intellectually lazy? You end up getting us stuck in a war in Iraq." - Senator John Kerry

It was supposed to be a clever little Bush-slam, but unfortunately he accidently left out the word "us" (in bold, above), which changes the connotation dramatically. It was a dumb mistake, but this doesn't make him "a plant." After opening my eyes to the truth about 911 there is little that would surprise me at this point, but I just don't think that John Kerry is a plant.

You can give me as many negative points as you want...

but Kerry seemed to purposely throw the 2004 election during the last weeks, and then he did nothing to expose voting fraud!

In fact, I think Kerry & Hillary may both be NeoCons, to be used in case of emergency.

Roger that! MFer just

Roger that! MFer just rolled over... Imagine you're running against GWB and the election is yay close with exit polls showing you winning, you just gonna say, "Hmm, well, good race, George-- looks like you won fair & square"? He practically capitulated before the tallying was through.

of COURSE Hillary is a neocon

And yes, the plan IS to hand off the baton to her and Obama in '08. They'll steal it if they have to, too!

That's exactly what pushing LIHOP is all about--it's an outlet for 9/11 anger that helps elect democrats. None of this is all that complicated if you know who to ignore!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


CNN: Kerry cancels plans to campaign for Democrats

After remark, Kerry curtails campaigning for Democrats:

John Kerry is a wimp, an asshole, a billionaire, and probably a GOP/NeoCon shill!!!

Why is Marshall quoting LaRouche? Or did I mis-hear that?

Can anyone explain why Bruce Marshall made reference to, or rather quoted, Lyndon LaRouche, the nutty fascist? That bit about "Westphalia" is LaRouche-talk! What the hell?

I am baffled and frightened by this, somebody please explain!

Marshall quoting LaRouche

The reason why I reference the Treaty of Westphalia, and the LaRouche Doctrine for Southwest Asia,
is in that this is part of what is the major push against precisely those forces that set the attacks of
9/11 into motion in order to launch the policy of permanent warfare situated in Asia around the '"Cash of Civilizations' pretext.

For 911 truth people please reference this fact. LaRouche was the first world figure to accurately forecast the attacks of 9/11 in January of 2001, nine months before the attack. What LaRouche said is that because of the nature of the world wide economic collapse that we could look forward to with the Bush Administration. What LaRouche said is that we could look forward to a Reichstag fire scenario being played out in order to facilitate a dictitorial power grab against the Constitution as Hitler had done through Carl Schmitt, that would pave the way for the launching of a permanant war in Asia. Now LaRouche was absolutely right and he said it first. Why? Because he know the game, what the history and capabilities of the Bush/Cheney neocon crowd are as political proxies of the finacial oligarchy based around the Anglo-Dutch Imperialism. Who do you think launched the smears and attacks on LaRouche? It would never be Kissinger and the Bush, or the Democratic Party , which we all know is stongly for 9/11 truth now would it?

My suggestion is to realize that this battle is being fought on many fronts. LaRouche is addressing the underlying issues and attacking the very perpetrators of this insanity at a level that understands the real nature of the crisis invovlving oligarchical control of the globalist nwo. 9/11 is the epicenter of desperation in a operation that was sucessful in bringing to fore its intention of creating war. 911 truth is doing the important job of waking people up to the harsh reality and lies that beset the present situation.

Stopping a war with Iran is vital to stopping and taking power away from those ready to further
set the world ablaze. What is really involved is taking back our National Sovereignty from the globalist finacial system that is looting our nation and the nations of the world. LaRouche represents the very drive of those forces that implemented the Revolutionary War against the same such 'free trader' plicies of the British Empire that haunted us once again with the slaver Confederacy, the speculators of the twenties and how FDR revieved the Agro-Industrial capabilities to save the nation and win the two front war against the fascists. Reference the fact that Bush's grandfather Prescott was involved in fianancing the Nazi party.

As a Green I am working for a positive future for the planet. I have my own ideas and will defend LaRouche, though will debate him on various points.

Before call him a fascist,Refrence one of the greatest Civil Rights Heroines of our nation, Amelia Boyton Robinson, to whom the 1965 Voting Rights Act would not have been, in her regard for the integrity of Mr. LaRouche's work in the same moral capacity and struggle for humanity as Martin Luther King Jr's , which is all of ours, that is LaRouche's message. While LaRouche may be antithetical and rhetorically repugnant to various strata of the 'counter-culture' in its various costumes through history, especially the 1960's rock drug phenomena that is true. He and his movement have their own problems, but do not discount what you can learn and utilize on your own as a human committed to freedom.

Yes, "Have Fun"

Bruce Marshall

LaRouche and fascism

LaRouche and his gang used to go around with baseball bats and attack left wing forums! His group is the one that was always at airports denouncing Jane Fonda and touting Nuclear Power. Yeehaw! I was there. That crap happened in the 70s and I remember these people. They would sometimes run candidates as Democrats. I do hope that Bruce is not one of them and has simply not done his homework and stumbled on a random publication which he now is touting.

Research LaRouche for yourselves. This man is NOT an ally of the 9-11 truth movement. I've read about them and remember how 'spooky' they were. Their strange 'activists' were never students, but they were on campus where I was, in my veiw, to discredit all activism and make activism look bad. They were always insulting, and irrational when you tried to talk with them.

LaRouche and fascism

Lyndon LaRouche: Fascist Demagogue

A '60's Socialist Takes a Hard Right
by Tim Wohlforth

I met Lyndon LaRouche Jr. when we were both members of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), the main Trotskyist group in the U.S. and about as far left as you could be in those days. I was an SWP member from 1957 until 1964, and so was LaRouche. At that time he went by his party name, Lyn Marcus. He told me that he had visited India as a soldier at the end of World War II and the revolutionary ferment he had witnessed there convinced him to become a radical. After a short period around the Communist Party, he joined the Trotskyists in Boston. When I first knew him, LaRouche was inactive in the SWP and was earning a living as an economic consultant in the shoe industry.

In the summer of 1965 I headed a small group of Trotskyists, the American Committee for the Fourth International (ACFI), which had split from the SWP in September 1964. LaRouche and his new wife, Carol, left the SWP and joined our small group. For about six months thereafter I met with LaRouche almost everyday.

The LaRouches lived in a small, cluttered apartment in Manhattan's West Village that was filled with books, documents and a portable typewriter. I saw no signs that he was holding a job. LaRouche churned out lengthy typewritten documents. He had already developed many of the basic ideas that flowered in his days as an independent leftist and that he later adapted to his rightist politics.

LaRouche had a gargantuan ego. Convinced he was a genius, he combined his strong conviction in his own abilities with an arrogance expressed in the cadences of upper-class New England. He assumed that the comment in the Communist Manifesto that "a small section of the ruling class cuts itself adrift, and joins the revolutionary class..." was written specifically for him. And he believed that the working class was lucky to obtain his services.

LaRouche possessed a marvelous ability to place any world happening in a larger context, which seemed to give the event additional meaning. but his thinking was schematic, lacking factual detail and depth. It was contradictory. His explanations were a bit too pat, and his mind worked so quickly that I always suspected his bravado covered over superficiality. He had an answer for everything. Sessions with him reminded me of a parlor game: present a problem, no matter how petty, and without so much as blinking his eye, LaRouche would dream up the solution.

He was one of us for only six months. He then moved to another Trotskyist group, the Spartacist League. Unable to win this group over to "LaRouchism," the LaRouches left after a few months. Later the SWP received a letter from him pompously announcing that all factions and sections of the Trotskyist Fourth International were dead, and that he and Carol were going to build the Fifth International.

Flash-Forward to 1966

In early 1966 the couple joined a relatively broad coalition of New Left Intellectuals called the Committee for Independent Political Action (CIPA). He organized a West Village CIPA branch and, after the November election, attracted a coterie of young intellectuals. He had finally discovered his milieu.

Through a combination of challenging classes and spirited polemics, LaRouche won over a group of graduate students, most of whom were members of, or around, Progressive Labor. At the time Progressive Labor (PL), a left, pro-Chinese splinter from the Communist Party, was at the height of its strength within the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). This group of young intellectuals included Ed Spannaus, Nancy Spannaus, Tony Papert, Paul Milkman, Paul Gallagher, Leif Johnson, Tony Chaitkin and Steve Fraser, who led his work at Columbia University.

The Columbia occupation and the student strike in 1968 really established LaRouche on the Left. SDS, which led the student movement, contained, in addition to PL's supporters, two main factions - Mark Rudd's Action Faction and a more moderate group known as the Praxis Axis. The Rudd group, which soon emerged as the Weathermen, was interested only in "demos" and fighting with the cops. The Praxis group was influenced by the French intellectual Andre Gorz, who held that modern technology was creating a working class with students in the vanguard. This gave the group a kind of mainstream, student-power perspective.

LaRouche captured most of the PL-SDS group at Columbia and presented a relatively strong third alternative: a program for linking student struggles with those of the surrounding poor black community. Since this was a period when many students, radicalized by the Vietnam war and the black struggle, were looking for a way to reach beyond the campus gates, LaRouche's approach was appealing.

He quickly regrouped his followers into the SDS Labor Committee - later to become the National Caucus of Labor Committees - and began holding meetings, which from time to time I attended, in the Columbia area. Twenty to 30 students would gather in a large apartment and sit on the floor surrounding LaRouche, who now sported a very shaggy beard. The meeting would sometimes go on as long as seven hours. It was difficult to tell where discussions of tactics left off and educational presentation began. Encouraging the students, LaRouche gave them esoteric assignments, such as searching through the writings of Georges Sorel to discover Rudd's anarchistic origins, or studying Rosa Luxemburg's The Accumulation of Capital. Since SDS was strong on spirit and action but rather bereft of theory, the students appeared to thoroughly enjoy this work.

The Supreme Goal

During this period LaRouche perfected a series of ideas, derived from the classical Marxist tradition, which he has transformed, rather than abandoned, in his present right-wing phase. Most important was his Theory of Hegemony, which he drew from his interpretation of Lenin's What is to be done? In it Lenin speaks of intellectuals bringing the workers social consciousness. LaRouche expanded it, drawing from Antonio Gramsci's notion of "hegemony." LaRouche's goal was to forge an intellectual elite corps that would gain hegemony on the left, and then capture the allegiance of the masses from on high.

The second strand of LaRouche's thought was his Theory of Reindustrialization. He began with a rather orthodox theory of capitalist crisis derived from Marx's Capital and Luxemburg's The accumulation of Capital. He was convinced that capitalism had ceased to grow, or to grow sufficiently to meet the needs of poor Americans. This created an economic crisis that would only worsen.

In order to overcome stagnation at home and revolution abroad, the metropolitan countries needed a new industrial revolution in the Third World. LaRouche expected this to take place in India. The advanced nations would use their unused capacity to make capital goods and export them to India, to be combined with the surplus work force to carry through this worldwide transformation. LaRouche called this the "third stage of imperialism." Today it remains at the heart of his economic theory.

LaRouche believed his program to reindustrialize America - and, through capital exports to the Third World, the world as a whole - would draw popular support so that he could personally resolve the crisis of capitalism. During the Vietnam war his idea was to reconvert the war industries to this peaceful reindustrialization process.

This scheme, which shaped LaRouche writings and agitation in the late '60s and early '70s, was presented in an increasingly frenetic manner, bolstered by predictions of economic doom. LaRouche was a crisis-monger of the highest order. LaRouche and his followers became increasingly convinced that the fate of the world rested with their group and their great leader. The problem lay with the stupidity of the nation's leaders and the boorishness of the masses. If only LaRouche were in power, all the world's troubles - perhaps even the rats problem in New York City - would be resolved swiftly.

The Labor Committee quickly ran into trouble. It revolved around the issue of the movement in the black community for control of the school system and other aspects of community life. An experiment in community control was established in the Ocean Hill-Brownsville school district in New York City. Almost immediately a fight between the United Federation of Teachers (UFT), led by Albert Schanker, and the black community group began. It was one of the sadder episodes in the history of the labor movement, during which some legitimate worries over union rights became transformed into a strike that appeared to many as racist.

The SDS Labor Committee - not previously a strong supporter of unions - suddenly began campaigning in defense of the UFT. Viewing the whole community control movement as a "counterinsurgency" program, LaRouche saw it as a conspiracy: "...[T]he immediate issue of the [New York] teachers strike, the Ocean Hill-Brownsville demonstration project incidents, is the result of a particularly clever 'CIA-type' plot engineered by the Ford Foundation and visibly directed by its black 'Uncle Toms'..." (from the Campaigner newspaper supplement, "The N.Y.C. School Crisis," no date).

The LaRouche group's polemics became increasingly strident and directed against liberals. Of course, liberal-bashing was quite popular in left student circles during those days, and LaRouche excelled at it. I remember private discussions I had with him in 1965 when he expounded on Kennedy, Rockefeller and the Trilateral Commission. LaRouche believed that there was a network of foundations and agents of the more moderate, internationalist, Eastern capitalists who sought to avoid unrest at home through reform projects and revolution abroad through development programs like the Alliance for Progress. Even as a radical, LaRouche believed liberals were the main enemy.

Going After the Enemy

LaRouche, like most of the rest of the left, expected the '70s to be a period of growing discontent in the U.S., a continuation of the student movement of the '60s, this time extended and reinforced by a labor radicalization. Instead, a conservative mood engulfed both students and workers.

Many groups - LaRouche's among them - turned inward, rejecting a world that rejected them. Factions, splits and personal groups became the order of the day. For some the "party" became home, family and cause all wrapped up in one cozy and often frightening package. Those who knew how to manipulate people's emotional needs prospered; devotees turned over inheritances; apparatuses grew as audience and membership shrank. This did not happen all of the left, but it did occur among the Chinese-oriented "New Communist" descendants of the SDS breakup as well as among the Trotskyists - including my own group, the Workers League. LaRouche excelled in this new and unfriendly atmosphere.

I next heard of him in 1973 when his supporters launched some 30 physical attacks on members of the SWP and the Communist Party. He called it "Operation Mop-Up" and announced to the world that he intended to remove these two parties as competitors.

It was at this time that people on the left began to wonder whether LaRouche could any longer be considered one of them.

Tim Wohlforth is a longstanding left political activist and author of The Prophet's Children: Travels on the American Left.

More Old LaRouche blather

So what is the point other than to give an old rehashed tale. The reality is that
"the left," has not done a very good job in stopping war and fascism and in reality are the
principle gatekeepers against 9/11 Truth.

The problem is that LaRouche has not gone after 9/11 truth directly in the manner
with which he could, especially considering his forecast of such an event. That said
they were leaders in exposing on a mass scale the Straussian neocon connections and
those infernal methods.

sorry, but the left has no

sorry, but the left has no real power in the media, so your claim that they are the principal gatekeepers is off. name one prominent liberal in the MSM other than Olbermann. cant do it? didnt think so. the MSM is a hostile place for true liberals. ask Donahue. Fox has Colmes and that other jellyfish Juan WIlliams and calls them liberal. HA! the media is corporate/conservative friendly. they are the true gatekeepers. many on the left and in so called alternative media SHOULD be ashamed of themselves for gatekeeping. but the damage they do, ultimately, is keep their fringe readers/viewers from being exposed to hard truths like 9/11, which effects a small fraction of people.(and chances are many of those readers,like myself will see throuh their bullshit and find out about 9/11 and other hard truths with or without them) now look at the corporate/conservative friendly mainstream media. who do they affect? the general population, the average american. hundreds of millions of people. those are the principle gatekeepers. they create the narrative. now why hasnt the left done a good job in stopping war and fascism? because they essentially have no power. that is by design. that is why you see someone like Juan Williams paraded around as a voice of the left in the MSM when in reality hes just a corporate shill who gets run over by PNAC Kristol week after week.

LaRouche is right on concerning the Fed/City of London bankers

When I read some of LaRouche's web site he is ALWAYS talking about the evil federal reserve/City Of London bankers.
And I agree with him 100%.
These bankers are probably at the heart of planning 911.
Aaron Russo said Nicholas Rockefeller knew that something big was going to happen which would precipitate the invasion of Afghanistan for the oil pipeline and Iraq for the oil, eleven months before 911 happened.

He is always talking about the coming collapse of the dollar.
Again I believe LaRouche is right on in this matter.

So, even though he does not talk about MIHOP or LIHOP, at least in the few things I have read, he is still , in my opinion, right on about some very important truths. So, it appears to me that maybe some people should bury their hatchets about LaRouche because there are much bigger fish to fry. I think at this point in the game LaRouche is a small minnow and the bankers are a huge group of white sharks.

Doesn't it make the crooked bankers happy when we divide ourselves from others who are also working to expose them.

Get off your high horse

The truth is self-evident. It doesn't need allies. Stop worshipping yourself or your ideal and let the truth be the way.

I don't trust Kerry, & apparently, neither does Kurt Nimo!

John “Skull and Bones” Kerry, who would have sent an additional 40,000 soldiers into the Iraqi meat grinder, that is if the Diebold voting machines had flipped in his favor back in 2004, “told some California students to do well in school lest they ‘get stuck in Iraq.’” Neocon Republicans, of course, immediately went ballistic, demanding Kerry apologize for telling the truth....

sad thing is

That is not what he meant to say, his written text of the speech showed he made a simple error and flubbed the joke.

What's worse however is even the flub was actually 100% correct.

Either way it is utter bullshit and completely irrelevant, rethugs MUST lie & distract away from the real issues because they are ruining the country and dont have a leg to stand on.
Unfortunately at least 50% of this country are so ignorant that they can be easily duped.

Why is Kerry speaking for or leading the Democrats in anything?

He's a proven loser, and he voted for war in Iraq! Also, the timing of his stupid one-liner seems very suspicious to me!

ABC memo reveals Air America

ABC memo reveals Air America advertiser blacklist
An internal ABC Radio Networks memo obtained by Media Matters for America, originally from a listener to The Peter B. Collins Show, indicates that nearly 100 ABC advertisers insist that their commercials be blacked out on Air America Radio affiliates. According to the memo, the advertisers insist that "NONE of their commercials air during AIR AMERICA programming." Among the advertisers listed are Bank of America, Exxon Mobil, Federal Express, General Electric, McDonald's, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, and the U.S. Navy.

The memo appears below, and an enlarged version can be viewed here.

Corporate censorship!


"9/11 Truth" Candidates vs. Truth

^^^^ Psyop ^^^^