King of the Hill calls 9-11 an Inside Job (Parody)

Hank Hill speaks his mind about President Bush, the Iraq war, Terrorism, 911 conspiracy, your rights, the Constitution, and what it all means for you.

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Wow, that isn't from an actual show is it? Great dialog there!

That an excellent little cartoon! I wish some of the jellyfish Democrats would say some of this stuff!

Is this off of the real

Is this off of the real show? or is it a dub?



Totally dubbed. Might want

Totally dubbed. Might want to change the title of the post. It's kind of missleading.

obviously dubbed

but cute idea

Cop stick guns in kids faces first, ask questions later

yeah, i remember seeing the

yeah, i remember seeing the footage of that when it first came out. disgusting stuff.

BBC updates it's story about 9/11 hijackers.

This story really should be diaried front and center. It is significant. I don't know how to do it though.

In an effort to make this clearer, we have made one small change to the original story. Under the FBI picture of Waleed al Shehri we have added the words "A man called Waleed Al Shehri..." to make it as clear as possible that there was confusion over the identity. The rest of the story remains as it was in the archive as a record of the situation at the time.

Oh, the BBC has cleared-up everything for me, LOL!


"The FBI is confident that

"The FBI is confident that it has positively identified the nineteen hijackers responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks." - great! They don't have their names or faces, but their identies have never been in doubt! and nineteen is a good number, let's stick with it.

Someone please add the word PARODY...

this really needs to have the word "parody" added somewhere that can be seen. is there a parody tag? it is very misleading...i was very excited at first. then i pressed play.

it says PARODY

at the top

it does now.

it does now.

I didn't know

it was parody when I watched it...

It's not a parody

It's a re-appropriation. Very cool, too... weird, but cool.

I found it upsetting actually, cuz what Hank's saying is too true.