Terror Storm Rollout at Major Nationwide Music, Book & Video Chain Stores

Get out and buy a couple of copies at your favorite distributor (listed below), if your local store doesn't carry it, tell them to. Christmas is just around the corner, start shopping today!


Exposure of government sponsored terror goes viral - but only with your help!

TERRORSTORM will be available nationwide at dozens of independent and chain book, music and record stores beginning October 31, 2006.

We urge our fantastic supporters to buy a copy of Terror Storm from their local chain store. Even if you already have a copy please buy one as a gift.

WHY? Because if a firestorm of interest is generated major stores will showcase Terror Storm with end cap displays and special promotions - thereby vastly increasing the chances of bringing the truth to an entirely new sector of society!

Please help us spread the word by purchasing an extra copy of Terror Storm at your local video, music or bookstore! Buy several and give them as gifts this Christmas!

Or alternatively click here to get your DVD now direct from Alex Jones, or if you prefer - help drive up our ranking by purchasing it from Amazon here.

TERRORSTORM: A HISTORY OF GOVERNMENT SPONSORED TERRORISM Available at Austin's Waterloo Records & Video October 31, 2005

Alex Jones, Director of the new film TERRORSTORM, will be at Waterloo Records and Video (6th + Lamar) on October 31, 2006 to sign DVDs and kick off the national distribution of his groundbreaking exposé of government sponsored terrorism.

Come show your support and help us show the world that the 9/11 Truth Movement is not some marginal group but in fact the majority. Help us sell out Waterloo of all their copies of TERRORSTORM.

10.31.06 TERRORSTORM is Available at all of these great shops:

WATERLOO Records & Video - Austin

Barnes & Noble Bookstores

Amoeba Music - Berkeley
Amoeba Music - Hollywood
Amoeba Music - San Francisco
Angelo's CD's & Tapes-Aurora
Black & Read
Boo Boo - Grover Beach
Boo Boo - San Luis Obispo
Bull Moose-Bangor #8
Bull Moose-Brunswick #1
Bull Moose-Portland #3
Bull Moose-Portsmouth #5
Bull Moose-Salem #9
Bull Moose-Scarborough #10
Bull Moose-Waterville #7
Camelot Music #0005
Co-Op Records (Cameron Feldman)
CD Store--Baton Rouge
Dimple Records
Drastic Plastic
Easy Street Records #2-Queen Anne
Easy Street Records-West Seattle
Eide's Entertainment
Everyday Music
Exclusive Co. #11
Exclusive Co. #8
Galaxy Records And Tapes
Homer's Music Stores
Independent #12
Independent #13
Independent #15
Independent #16
Independent #17
Independent One Stop Distribution
Infinity Resources, Inc.-Receiving Dept.
Lou's Records
Melody Record Shop
Monster Music
Off The Record
Olssons Distribution Center
Plan 9
Rainy Day
Rasputin - Campbell
Rasputin - Newark
Rasputin - Pleasant Hill
Rasputin - San Francisco
Rasputin - San Lorenzo
Rasputin - Vallejo
Rasputin Records - Berkeley
Real Compact Discs And Records
Schoolkids / Phillips Enterprises
Schoolkids / Phillips Enterprises
Sounds Familiar
SoundGarden 3
The Disc Exchange
Twist & Shout
Vibes Music Inc
Virgin Megastore-Block at Orange
Virgin Megastore-Chicago
Virgin Megastore-Dallas-Grapevine
Virgin Megastore-Denver
Virgin Megastore-Los Angeles
Virgin Megastore-Ontario
Virgin Megastore-Orlando
Virgin Megastore-Phoenix
Virgin Megastore-Salt Lake City
Virgin Megastore-San Francisco
Virgin Megastore-Times Square
Virgin Megastore-Times Square
Virgin Megastore-Union Square
Virgin Megastore-Union Square
Von's Records

Tell your friends! Tell your co-workers! Tell your family! Beginning October 31, 2006 Alex Jones' newest and most hard-hitting documentary exposing the long history of government sponsored terrorism, TERRORSTORM, will be available at dozens of independent book and video stores all over the country as well as at several national chains.

This is a call to action. Look for the special TERRORSTORM displays at aisle-ends. Tell everyone you know that this incredible film will be available from retailers nationwide. This is another groundbreaking first for Alex Jones: TERRORSTORM will be the first 9/11 Truth film to gain major national commercial distribution. Show the world that those who recognize that 9/11 was an inside job are no longer the minority by helping to buy stores out of all of their copies of this monumental new DVD.

Get a jump on your holiday shopping by buying Alex Jones' TERRORSTORM at these fine shops and give the gift of TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE to your loved ones.

UPDATE: Now available on netflix.com

Good News

This really is good news. If AJ's new flick goes mainstream just think how many people will wake-up. It surprises me that this is happening. It looks like the truth movement has become an unstoppable force.

Terror storm being held behind the counter at B&N

Alex on right now - was saying that many stores are not selling the movie, but keeping it behind the counter after telling some callers it was available.
Some stores have only one copy. Others, multiple copies but not available.
A little censorshop?

I wonder what B&N's excuse is for hiding Terror Storm behind

the counter?

I'm surprised B&N is

I'm surprised B&N is carrying it at all! This is by far the most conservative bookstore I have ever experienced.

It would be great if these bookstores would create a specialized display for 9/11 Truth.... but I've only seen this once... at Borders Bokkstore.

What I do is I find all the books on the subject and I place them over the top of the conservative Bush Loving books that they already have displayed in the bookshelves.... It seems to work to get these books seen.

Then I take all of Bill O'Liely's books and move them to the "Alternative Lifestyles" or the "Speculation" or the "Occult" section.... where I have seen them weeks later.... unfortunately this may boos his sales because they can not find his books.... not that he needs the ego boost of selling more books.... not that he actually has to sell books to have his name mysteriously find it's way to the top of the bestseller list.

Am glad to see you guys

Am glad to see you guys removed the Hank Hill thing....that was kinda ridiculous !!!!! :)

The 9/11 Movement is a

The 9/11 Movement is a Juggernaught. I started learning about 9/11 4 years ago and I'M TELLING YOU GUYS...It wasn't even a fraction of what it is right now.
It is EXPLODING....there is NO way we are going to lose this battle. I say another year and we've reached critical mass.

Hopefully we can do better

Hopefully we can do better than another full year. I feel it's bobbing right below the critical mass point right now.

Think of it in terms of the 'ridicule, violently oppose, accept' stages of truth. We have had several media outlets and politicians attack us publically, they are clearly moving into the 'violently oppose' stage. The 'ridicule' stage is reaching the wider public as we speak. (While they are still 'opposed' to us, keep in mind that ridicule can be an important first step towards acceptance for a lot of people.) As larger and larger groups hear our theories, more and more people will support it (and many will oppose it also, of course.)

Hopefully we can do better than another full year.

I have a feeling all hell is going to break loose right after the so-called elections. Especially if they are rigged which they will be. People are fed-up. Two years ago people laughed at me when I told them that 9/11 was an inside job. They aren't laughing now!

Malloy's Back!!!

I forgot to add Malloy is back. You can link up here... http://www.novamradio.com/ Give him a call. Mention "Terror Storm."

Let's make "Government -Sponsored Terrorism"....

....a household term, by making all the examples of it by America (and others) common knowledge.

This film vividly and dramatically reveals how this crime has been used over and over again ...history may well regard this as the most important documentary in the movement....for just that reason.... (Not to slight other very worthy 9/11 Truth films).

Buy it at a chain store and send it to everyone you know for Christmas.

If Government Sponsored Terrorism, this criminal act of Treason, is exposed, the elites of the future won't be able to send other people's kids to die to line their bank accounts. Otherwise, they'lll pull this on us every generation or so....

Buying Terrorstorm

I just purchased Terrorstorm from Amazon to keep it's ranking high and to let Amazon know I support them for selling it.

The 911 Truth Movement rocks!!!

Amazon supply indicates that

Amazon supply indicates that there is only one copy of Terrorstorm left in stock.

that is a very good thing.

Good, positive comments in

Good, positive comments in this thread, good stuff!!

I tink Alex should change

I tink Alex should change his website from infowars.com to infomercial.com

oops, sorry the bad vibes dude...

Alex mentioned offhandedly

Alex mentioned offhandedly on his show yesterday that he only makes about 50 cents on each DVD sold. Then later he said he's only making that while the distributor makes $3. You can't blame the guy for promoting his documentaries, trying to get the word out and barely making any money off of it, when he's selling them for only $10.

Inspite of my wholehearted support for Alex....

....and "Terrorstorm"....I do have one complaint.....Alex has urged people in the past to copy and give away TS...I found I couldn't do that easily (I'm not a computer expert) with the final version; it's too long to burn to one DVD.

Luckily, I had splurged early on the "LA Symposium" version and that does burn to one disc. That is what I give to people.

He should've excised some of the extras and made it shorter...a problem with his earlier films (and still exists to a certain extent) is that Alex could edit himself more closely and shorten the playing time. They would be even more powerful, IMO. Alex is such a powerful, intense communicator that, in his case, less would be more for most people....again, IMO.

Nevertheless, these are minor critiques....Terrorstorm is indespensible to the movement. Get it and give it to others.

I had same problem

I went and ordered a cheap copy from ebay. Shipped from England.

I assumed the "cheap" copy would be a copy of the original already shrunk to fit on a standard disc.
I was correct and have since burned 200+.

I'm not sure

... about the legality of using DVD Shrink if you're in the US (I think using DVD decrypting software is a no-no), but if you live elsewhere ;) then this program is really easy to use to shrink DVD's to fit on DVD5's:

dvdshrink should be legal in

dvdshrink should be legal in the US so long as what you are using it on is not copyrighted..

dvdshrink is definately the way to go for duplicating dvds.


Glad of that then - I didn't want to give the US Authorities a reason for knocking on someone's door for using it :) Best to be careful!

dont take my word for it now

dont take my word for it now ;)

i do see that they no longer provide download links on their site, so be sure to find out!


A bit of clarity

From Wikipedia:

"On August 17, 2005, the official DVD Shrink website was updated to say that the site "is no more!", prompting many sites to mirror the latest DVD Shrink version and offer it for download. This was a result of DVD Shrink's web host receiving a DMCA takedown notice complaining about the direct links pointing to the download of the DVD Shrink program. In this case, the links themselves were in violation of the DMCA [citation needed] even though the program was no longer being served by DVD Shrink's web host. After removing the "offending" links, the web site was restored, and a Google search box was put in place of the download link."


"Many American legal experts believe that under United States' Federal law making a backup copy of a DVD-Video or an audio CD by a consumer is legal. Some feel this provision of US law conflicts with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act prohibition of so-called "circumvention measures" of copy protections. In the noted "321" case, Federal District Judge Susan Illston, of the Northern District of California (see: http://dvdxcopy.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/72527), ruled that the backup copies made with software such as DVD Decrypter are in fact legal but that distribution of the software used to make them is illegal. As of the date of this revision, neither the US Supreme Court nor the US Congress has taken definitive action on the matter."

So backup is legal but the software isn't...?!?

Terrorstorm now at NETFLIX!

Terrorstorm now at NETFLIX!

I just added Terrorstorm to queue

I just added Terrorstorm to my Netflix queue so they will have to order more copies to keep up with the demand.

It's way down at the bottom of our queue and will take months to interefere with anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

When I added it to my queue, it said there was a "VERY LONG WAIT".

They can't explain the Mineta Testimony:

Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics takes beating from Charles Goyette:

wow, who would have

wow, who would have thought!?

Go ask for it!

If you live close to any of these shops - or any other DVD shop for that matter - go THIS WEEK and ask for Terrorstorm. Don't explain what it is, just say that you want it. If enough people do this it WILL get noticed.

I hope it doesn't turn out

I hope it doesn't turn out that Amazon.com is in bed with the CIA/NSA just like we know Google is.

Google admitted to freezing the counts for Terrorstorm and America:Freedom To Fascism at Googlevideo.

See Terrorstorm now at Googlevideo:


See America:Freedom To Fascism now at Googlevideo


and get in the game

(off topic) demolition video of many buildings near Hong Kong

Wasn't sure where to post this, but it's a Fox news report of a slew of buildings near Hong Kong that were demolished at the same time.

What's interesting is some of them are brought down with full rounds of explosives throughout the entire building, but some look like just the bottoms were blown and therefore just tip over:

They can't explain the Mineta Testimony:

Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics takes beating from Charles Goyette:


I don't think people realize what an effect this could have. 10 years ago people were laughed at who wanted organic foods in their grocery stores. Now, because the people got educated, they are forced to supply what their customers demand. These corporations could mostly give a damn what they are selling as long as they are making money.
We have to LET IT BE KNOWN that we want these DVDs and we will shell out our hard earned cash for it without a moments hesitation.
If 100 people do this after reading this post, that's 100 neighborhoods where local retailers will be aware of the name TERRORSTORM.
Word of mouth has been, and always will be, the most effective form of advertisement.

I got my copy at Borders

They had two on the shelves. I also called B&N they said they didn't have it, did I want to order a copy? YES, I did. I'm gonna buy copies at as many outlets as possible lol Christmas is coming! Hey here's a cool video, I blogged it but you have to wait for blogs to go through (it's SO worth it - buh bye shitheadz!) but this is cool check it out:

9/11 Eyewitness

I don't know how many of you have seen the video{ 9/11 Eyewitness}, but it was taken by a guy with a good camera on a pier in Hoboken New Jersey. This video for me is one of the most incredible due to the sound track and the anaysis of it. You here all these explosions going off prior to the buildings collapse. Something you don't get with the other videos. You see dust clouds eminating from the base of the towers after hearing explosions. Someone had a radio playing in the background so the timing of the events can be corraborated by the hour tone going off at 10.00 AM. Also you see the lack of any airforce activity.

Hardest time buying TerrorStorm from a retailer.

I went to Best Buy, FYE and Barnes & Noble on 10/31 looking for TerrorStorm. Each store said that they don't even have a copy in their WAREHOUSE but they can order a copy for me (???)
(If it's not in the warehouse, HOW can they order it? LOL)

Anyway, i tried again yesterday. I went to Walmart and Target (big mistake) and also tried BORDERS. To my surprise, Border's had copies. To my chagrin, the cashier went in the back and told me the order just came in along with all their other DVD's and books and that it was in a box "somewhere in the back". She told me that it would be on the shelf in about 2-3 days if i wanted to check back.

I thought customer service protocol would dictate that she would offer to retrieve a copy right then and there for a paying customer, but what was i thinking? LOL

So instead of wasting gas and shoe leather, i decided to call OTHER Border's bookstores since i had "moderate" success with them. Oh, btw, Best Buy, FYE and Barnes & Noble ALL had copies on their WEBSITES, but the actual stores admitted that they would not stock the DVD, only by request of "special order".

Anyway to make a long story short(er), I called 4 Borders and I found ONE willing to look, find and HOLD a copy for me.
I tried calling B&N one last time and the lady couldn't SPELL TerrorStorm even though i spelled it out slowly for her.
When she finally pulled the item on her computer, she asked if I was a "terrorist" and she proceeded to laugh as if she told a funny joke. The only JOKE was that an American Citizen over the age of 18 can NOT spell a simple compound word such as TERROR-STORM and she works in a BOOK STORE??!!!????

If someone reading this post STILL does not believe in CENSORSHIP, i suggest as a TEST to prove all of us wrong that YOU contact the aforementioned STORES and just ASK for a copy of TERRORSTORM and see if you get the run-around. Then call back (later) and ask for a copy SUPERMAN RETURNS and see how they FAWN over you and try to get you in the store to purchase a copy from THEM instead of the "competitors".

Thanks for reading......