911 Truth Gaining Visibility in Progressive Media: Gore Vidal Calls for New 911 Investigation in Alex Jones Interview

Gore Vidal: Who cares what the media says about anything. They are bought and paid for a thousand times over. They couldn't tell the truth if they could find it.

I realize there have been posts about Vidal's interview with Alex Jones, but I wanted to share this article regarding same which came out in RawStory/Jones Report today. The article contains both the transcript of the interview and a video of the interview itself.

Also, big plug (ad) for TerrorStorm at the bottom of the article!

Here's the link:



dz, thanks for putting

in the RawStory blog comments link to this article. When it comes to 911 truth, a huge majority of the bloggers on RawStory "get it."

I love

how he pops the New York Times! It's a "company paper." I love to hear him speak on just about anything.

Thank you, Mr. Vidal!

Everybody get on the RawStory

blog and share your thoughts before the blog grows cold! Thank you.

Wonderful Gore Vidal is

Wonderful Gore Vidal is great. Always worth a close listen.

Between the lines you can detect how he understands the shallow, cowardice of THE USA.

Alora! He lives in Italy.

In any case, the USA has freat philosophers and writers...

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I little bit "Tom Tomorrow-ey"!