New Alex Jones Interview With Gore Vidal - 10/29/2006

Gore Vidal Calls for New 9/11 Investigation 'Before We Find Our Leaders Dragged off to The Hague in Chains'

Aaron Dykes/ Jones Report | November 2, 2006

During his visit to the Texas Book Festival, author, historian and political commentator spoke with Alex Jones about the current state of the nation under the Bush Administration and what to expect in the near future.

Vidal discusses the importance of due process of law, "the very basis of this country." He contends that the eradication of the Bill of Rights under the 2006 Military Commissions Act has led to a 'Bill of Wrongs.'



I would hope

Just the opposite.

as in :
Gore Vidal Calls for New 9/11 Investigation SO We can drag our leaders off to The Hague in Chains'

I think is more apropos

The Hague in Chains...

Well, I can't claim to have the positive interpretation of Gore Vidal, but I took it to mean that it we don't take care of our own situation-- i.e. "clean up" our own house and open a new investigation, we'll see international bodies solving our problems for us (perhaps not until after another fascist war and a Nuremberg-style reaction....) At any rate, we must take care of this problem.


"I think one advantage of having a Democratic House of Representatives after the coming election will be that we can have a new commission investigate 9/11 and the events leading up to our attacks on two innocent countries, Iraq and Afghanistan. It's about time that we begun to clean up our own house before we find that an international tribunal has summoned our leaders to The Hague in chains to put them on trial."

And, we have D. R. Griffin... Europe recently...drumming up support for just this sort of International Investigation into these crimes...we've got respected, highly ranked governmental individuals like Meacher and Von Buelow also on board over there. Add Tarpley to the group and I think we've got just the men to lead it.

A united world determined to expose 9/11 and stop these wars of unjustified occupation could be a great help in achieving Justice here.

Meanwhile, Bush buys a spread in Paraguay and Cheney has "mobile document shredder labs" (sorry, couldn't resist) driven to his lair in D.C.

haha, i never heard that one

haha, i never heard that one about Cheney. you got a link on that? did you hear the one about how Cheney rides around with a chemical/biological suit around D.C. pretty much at all times? i find it hilarious that the Bush family just bought that property in Paraguay. i think i just read a story about how some of the polticians there are trying to overturn the law that exempts U.S. troops from war crimes and prosecution. good for them, dont let that slimey family slip away.

Shreddin' With Dick

Wasn't Paraguay a favorite country for Nazi war crimminals

to flee to escape prosecution? Times don't change!

John O' Neil

I can't help but thinking John O' Neil was an inside man in this whole thing and Richard Clarke knows more than he's saying too. The PBS documentary "The Man Who Knew".

I don't know about that. Do you think O'Neil really died on 9/11

as claimed, becuase if he were an "insider" as you suggest, I think he would've known enough to stay out of the towers on 9/11.

Why would they want to give

Why would they want to give us another link to their lack of concern about the threat to the twin towers... I don't see the logic?

I would like to know the reason he was summoned to the impact point just prior to the first hit.... I think it was because the thermite was starting to heat up the impact point to assist with the penetration of the aircraft.

they were probably starting to smell the fire

I think the thermite charges were inserted into the middle of the box columns..... as it burned it would continue to fall from connection point to connection point causing all the structural connections to be severely weakened

you see in that video...the thermite leaking from that corner where the columns crimped.... allowing the molten metal to leak out instead of continuing its path down the columns

Is there a death certificate for O' Neil?

Has his DNA been recovered?

Wow, this DNA science is absolutely amazing!!!

More 9/11 vics ID'd
Remains include attendant knifed in bid to save Flt. 11

Let me get this story straight. AA-11 slammed through the WTC @ 500 mph exploding in there, caused a fire that brought the tower down like a volcanic eruption, yet they were able to find viable DNA to identify these people??? Bullshit!!!

A web seach quickly reveals that DNA is ruined through ordinary creamation, let alone being blown through a building at 500 mph and then have the building erupt & fall on you!

How stupid do they think we are???

And this story breaks just in time for the elections and in

support of the "official story" and our "war on terra."

Pardon me, but

that's "war on terrrr" - there is no "a" at the end - it always just trails off on an "R" sound.

; )

Even better

I'm tired of hearing the propagandistic "war" bit at all. There's been no real "war" between the U.S. and anyone - just the latest phases of genocidal empire-building.

DNA Does Provide Substantial Proof

The DNA search as proof of death is possible with very small samples, and not doubt the vast WTC complex and downtown Manhattan was filled with small samples of everything from desktop computers to pieces of flesh and bone, and a very lopsided ratio at that. The problem with the Administration DNA claims is how did they get all the DNA samples from victims in the first place. Are they proposing they had DNA records of all the 911 victims before the attacks? Not likely, so basically they are making an absurd comment. These creeps continuiously shoot for the base, the low lights among us all, the sheeple. They have no other option, their beliefs are so absurd that the only way they could ever get people to follow them is by deception. They are a one trick pony.


This article appeared in RawStory today! Go to RawStory, post your thoughts and plug 911 truth!

Check this out

It is George Bush admitting that demolition chareges were used on the world trade centers.

Vidal in Chains- now what?

I am not a filmmaker, but rather a very articulate still shooter by nature. In film class, I discovered that these two skills are uniquely at odds, often causing the editing to become the most difficultIt portion of the entire process. You would have a great deal of trouble interjecting an Ansel Adams scene into your typical documentary, but that doesn't necessarily have to be the case. "Lap-fades' certainly help a lot, and they are clearly no mystery to anyone.

It is not really my intention to criticize Alex here, because he has personally transcended 'form' for content, to his credit. However, I think this particular piece is so awful that it deserves comment, least any of you are attempting to compile a "Loose Change" of your own.

Looking specifically at "Loose Change II", this monolithic piece of pompous garbage presents the world in a new genre, if you accept it as an abbreviated form of 'truth telling.' It is however, perfectly suited to the mass-appeal of YouTube, as the sort of 'Wal-Mart' of art forms. Like 'Terror Storm,' -it is Both good and bad, simultaneously.

In refrence to this footage, there are two, priceless old books that Alex forgot to read. The first is called "Interviewing People." and the second is called "Body Language." I feel that Alex treats most of his callers with this same rough-neck sort of disrespect. This is probably because he just needs nutriceuticals, as do all of us.

My advice? Find yourself a gifted student with an eye for composition and let them create MORE footage than you need to use. Then, get your post rig up to standard. By that, I mean master the stuff in full bandwidth, and use some of the techniques of color matching, insert establishing graphics, etc. I mean, look at this background. Couldn't you find some homeless people for extras?

Lastly, (having just watched this crap,) I feel that I have outlived my usefulness here on planet earth. It's one place you don't want to go.

Next planet, -please!