Remains of two 9/11 victims identified

Just saw this on CNN's website.

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Remains of two 9/11 victims identified

Remains of a flight attendant and passenger on the first plane to hit the World Trade Center on September 11 have been identified.

The New York medical examiner's office said in a statement that it had now identified remains of Karen Ann Martin, the 40-year-old head flight attendant on American Airlines Flight 11, which slammed into the trade center's north tower. Remains of Douglas Joel Stone, 54, who was a passenger on the same flight as Martin, were also identified.

The identified remains were not among those turned up by recent searches in the Ground Zero area.

Some families of the 2,749 people killed in the Twin Towers attack will gather at Ground Zero later Thursday to demand a comprehensive search by forensic experts after the discovery of bones by workers clearing rubble from manholes two weeks ago.

Since then more than 200 body parts, ranging from 1 inch to 12 inches in length, have been found.

"We must show our absolute solidarity at the site where the remains of the 9/11 dead have lain ignored and unburied for over five years," organizers of the rally said in a statement. "It is time to stand up and be counted. There can be no more haphazard discovery of human body parts and personal effects."

"We demand a scientific, well-organized controlled survey of Ground Zero by a reputable entity."

Wow, this DNA science is absolutely amazing!!!!

More 9/11 vics ID'd
Remains include attendant knifed in bid to save Flt. 11

Let me get this story straight. AA-11 slammed through the WTC @ 500 mph exploding in there, caused a fire that brought the tower down like a volcanic eruption, yet they were able to find viable DNA to identify these people??? Bullshit!!!

A web seach quickly reveals that DNA is ruined through ordinary creamation, let alone being blown through a building at 500 mph and then have the building erupt & fall on you!

How stupid do they think we are????

It's the same lie at the Pentagon!

No seats, no luggage, no plane, yet they ID'ed 63 of 64 passengers with DNA! B.S.!

The planes that hit their targets on 9/11 were drones. They weren't going to risk real airliners with pilots, crew, & passengers inside. Read operation Northwoods of 45 years ago and wake up people!

"attendant knifed in bid to

"attendant knifed in bid to save Flt. 11"
it could be an attempt to distract from the health hazard issue and have us all focus on the - hereby proven - heroic tales of hijackers and passengers, in time for the elections

little pieces...

The only thing that can make a human being change into little tiny pieces is an explosion. Big concrete and steel walls and floors and ceilings turn into small pieces and dust by the same thing; explosions.

Exactly, any peoples' remains would've been atomized and

unfindable and/or useless for DNA identification.

If Steven Speilberg...

Can make Dinosaurs out of 64 million year old DNA, then I have little doubt they have the ability to identify the victims.


"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Yeah, there's no luggage, no

Yeah, there's no luggage, no seats, no nothing at the pentagon *big eye roll*

What's the other 9/11 Fictio...err I mean 9/11 Truth posits? "Alive hijackers", "fake Osama",
"no plane at the pentagon/fake plane missile/whatever", etc?

You guys make it to easy.

People don't get it, JUST BECAUSE al Qaeda was involved, doesn't mean anything. They were merely the all too eager point men, controlled and funded by Pakistan who in turn were doing the bidding of globalist interests. 9 /11 cant be an "inside job", but an inside/outside job. An inside job would mean it was all Americans involved.

If 9/11 activists didnt branch into cartoon land, the mainstream and public would have a tougher time trying to attack us.

al Qaeda was not involved

al Qaeda is what was blamed for the attack by the actual perps. al Qaeda is basically thugs on the CIA payroll who recruit thugs to be patsies in simple bomb plots, etc. They did not rig the WTC for demolition.

Inside job also refers to the fact that the owner of the buildings was involved. To the extent that Israel's Mossad and Pakistan's ISI may have aided and abetted the homegrown conspirators it was an inside/outside job.

The media are going to attack us for being what we are not regardless of what we say or do. We have no control over the media and for you to suggest that if we pick our issues carefully they will suddenly feel like they have to portray us fairly is pretty strange.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


I find this story very hard

I find this story very hard to believe, surly they would have gone over ground zero with a fine tooth comb ? how is it possible these parts were left undiscovered ? some of the people who were merly in the building havn't been discovered, so how the hell would any of the body parts of the passengers have survived ?

However this doesn't prove anything either way as regards inside job or not, it is one hell of a tragic story though, left for 5 yrs :(

perhaps they'll find the black boxes soon then ? :) not a chance in hell.

and that is the logical

and that is the logical fallacy of the people that come here and cry about people who want to mention controlled demolition or the Pentagon. the media will always disdain us and slander us, tailoring our message and watering it down for them will change nothing. pocky is simplistic, he thinks if Bill Maher or others on "the left" would scream inside job, the rest of the corporate/conservative MSM will follow. very naive.

I'm a world class assassination....

with a natural fear of high powered rifles...

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It amazes me that people who

It amazes me that people who call themselves scientists and say they refuse to take something on faith are totally 100% willing to accept how the U.S. government says Flights 11, 175, 77, and 93 met their ends. The U.S. government has never offered us any shred of proof of this, no physical reconstructions were done, they say three of the four black boxes are "missing", and there is no photographic proof that the planes we saw on TV were actually flights 11, 175, 77 and 93. There is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that these planes were the planes the Bush Administration said they were. And yet, 9/11 truth "scientists" like Jim Hoffman & crew (and other "Controlled Demolition ONLY" nazis) are more than willing to take the government's word for it about this.

Hey, "eye roll", our truth finding is along the lines of

Operation Northwoods, another real plot. It came within a stroke of JFK's pen of being enacted. (And Bush ain't no JFK!)

The story does seem a

The story does seem a likely fabrication. The spin harnesses the warranted fury over 9/11, and specifically this latest undiscovered remains horror and channels it into one force, united under the official conspiracy theory. They can demand all the surveys they want under this banner, and it does not negatively affect them... something acceptable to be angry about.

Winning by failing .. Oh, we

Winning by failing ..

Oh, we overlooked human remains... but hey, now we found them and they are from Flight 11

IMHO it never hit the tower.

Coverup Coverup!

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So, are you are saying we

So, are you are saying we should believe this story? Why should we believe anything that comes for 'official' sources, when they are speaking of 9/11?

may be another setup

Soon they may announce that they have identified dna of Atta or another supposed hi-jacker.

Does anyone even stop to

Does anyone even stop to think about how they may have obtained DNA to compare to the DNA of the hijackers?

Don't you have to have positive confirmed DNA to compare the found DNA to?

wait.... he probably left a DNA sample in his luggage which just so happened to not make the flight...

or he probably left some DNA on a stripper in Las Vegas

I'm sure they got the DNA from somewhere

this could all be solved if we all had chips

I've asked this many times...

or why Atta would take luggage with him to on a flight that was going to blow up... luggage containing incriminating evidence of involvement...

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HELL yeah

My thoughts exactly...

Yet another, "Trust us,

Yet another, "Trust us, we're telling you the truth" story from the government. I'm sure the media will report it as irrefutable fact though. But really, if you believe this, you're taking the U.S. government's word for it on faith. How often is that a smart idea?

Guy de Maussapant's "The Hand"

The Hand by Guy de Maupassant

Does not make sense unless the "hand" opened up the manhole cover and crawled down there.

How did the body parts get under the manhole cover?

Frank Morales, who did last rites down there, said there were no body parts, only 10 -15 identifiable parts in total! were ever found. He was surprised to hear the entire body of John Perry was produced after 6 months.

I'm going to have to ask Frank what he thinks.

Also, if the body part was large enough to hold the DNA safe and immune from dessication and breakdown, how was it small enough to get under a manhole cover?

The implication must be that someone stuffed the body parts down there? In a rush?

I find that far-fetched, like everyone else here. It's in the league of the "terrorist passports" found in the streets, in terms of belivability.

Is there anyway to get a hold of autoposy photos or forensic shotos - not that those too aren't faked, as the need may arise, as was the case with JFK. Still, did they bother to do that or just figure they could put out a DNA report.

Does anyone know what were supposedly the size and shape? Form of the body parts?

Federal DNA labs do not have a great reputation. I recall a book written by someone from the WeLL on that very subject. It was one of thsoe "Top 50 censored stories" back in the 90's.

Ghris Garvey, candidate for attorney general is also a patent lawyer. He told me no one can read a DNA information strand. It must be almost like machine language for programmers. No one can read machine language either - or at least very few, and that's why it's impossible to catch fraud in the new electronic voting machines. Everyone see the testimony from the FL programmer at the trial in Ohio about the job he was given? And how vote fraud can not be detected using these new machines?

Write to NY medical examiner and families

Has anybody thought of writing to the medical examiner and asking for some details concerning the chain of custody of the "evidence"? Have the same standards of identification been applied that would be applied in a murder case? (This IS a murder case.)

What about contacting the families? Are they satisfied with the ID of their relative's remains?

Have other passengers/crew been identified? Same questions concerning them.

Just another 9/11 fairy tale......

OK, someone please explain to me how the remains of a supposed flight attendant from a
jet that hits at the top of a 110 story building, ends up in a MAN HOLE???!!!

It's so very sad that absolutely no one questions this obvious lie!!!