Trying to get a 911 truther Video in the google 100

Okay, I am trying to get this Video in the google 100, ASAP. I have submitted this video to these sites. These have very very high traffic ranking, some of them in the double digits on alexa. This video Martial Law 9:11 rise of the Police State, In my opinion is the best 911 video ever Made. So to help spread the word, If you dont mind, vote on these stories to help make the home Page, So then people will see it click it, and rocket it up in google 100. Just sign up and vote. There is no guaretee it will make the homepage, especally if nobody votes, It is possible the movie is censored, But we got to try something. Thanks

Please at least particpate in the top 3, If you can spare a few minutes thanks.

This one is confusing, So if you dont understand it, skip it.

This one has a rank of 127, I dont really get it, Your suppost to save it, and download software to your browser to do it, I understand If you want to skip this one. But just thought Id Shre and add it. "save this"

Another Confusing One, Try to Focus on the Top 3, Netscape, Digg and Buzzz. Thanks "I think you Hit 'subscribe' "

Look for 911 Rise of the Police state, It should be at the top, and save it.