Hope For the Best – And Prepare For the Worst

Hope For the Best – And Prepare For the Worst

My wife and I watched the HBO documentary last night on DieBold electronic voting machines with clenched teeth and tears in our eyes. These machines are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg – and no one appears to care.

The documentary ended on a particularly poignant note. After gaining the cooperation of a Florida polling official to test his machines, a simple memory card which is used to hold tabulated votes, (infected with malicious software) corrupted and skewed the results of a test election, leaving no telltale signs of tampering. And with no paper trail, the crime was complete.

The cooperating poll worker, (a man who appeared to be in his late 50s) who had insisted that this sort of ‘hack’ was “impossible,” was reduced to tears, as the implications of what he had just witnessed, and what this meant for our democracy, sunk into his mind. Seeing this man crying for our democracy was an especially poignant moment that most Americans appear to fail to grasp.

What does this have to do with 9/11?

We all know the stakes. Our nation has spent billions to insert heavily, and apparently intentionally, compromised voting machines into our system. Could they get away with stealing another election?

What would that mean for America?

What would that mean for the 9/11 Truth community?

I have written here in the past, about this nation’s move towards martial law through legislation recently passed and signed by President Bush on October 17, 2006. I believe that we should all hope for the best – but prepare for the worst. I have personally prepared for the worst by creating a series of letters that are currently in the possession of a very trustworthy attorney friend. She would certainly notice if I “disappeared” within 24 to 48 hours. In the event of my disappearance she will send these letter out, notifying my friends, family, fellow activists and legal authorities of my possible kidnapping.

I advise all 9/11 activists to prepare for the worst. One activist here mentioned purchasing firearms. I do not advise as such. Please know that, in an armed standoff with the US government, you are certainly destined to lose. Instead, I suggest you arm yourself with a circle of friends, family members, legal resources and fellow activists.

It is my hope that, should members of this movement begin to “disappear” that our fellow activists will create as much noise as possible – making this in fact the CENTRAL issue of the 9/11 Truth movement - demanding that the Red Cross and the ACLU and Amnesty International and every other group you can think of make as much publicity and noise as possible – demanding access – demanding explanations – demanding media coverage.

The government, armed with these new laws, may very well be within their rights to detain us. But, as long as they know that each and every one of us is MISSED – and that the whole world is in fact WATCHING and WAITING and holding a vigil on our behalf – they may begin to understand that they will be held accountable for how we are treated.

It is not my objective to frighten anyone. But we all know the stakes involved in this next election, and should our worst fears be realized we should at the very least be organized and prepared to stand together in an emergency.

I would like to call upon members of this movement to establish and post a network of mail addresses and email addresses and legal contacts that we can all utilize in the event of a real emergency. I ask you all to protect yourselves by finding several trusted friends to notify the rest of us in the event of an unfortunate event. I am hoping for the best on November 7th – but, if they do indeed steal another election, we would be fools to underestimate what this government is capable of in a worst case scenario.

The 9/11 Truth movement is essentially a peaceful movement calling for accountability and truth from our government and media. We can only protect this sacred right by protecting ourselves first.

Dear John

What's up? Something happening to you?

"Could they get away with stealing another election?"

They can and I'm pretty sure they will. And the media will all roll over on it, except for Olbermann, who will rant about it for a few weeks before giving in to the inevitable.

I heard Time Russert mention on MSNBC earlier today that Saddam Hussein will be convicted and sentenced on Sunday. This will be used to justify the "stunning turnaround" of election results. It looks pretty grim indeed.

Okay, I hope I am proven right here . . .

The machines can be hacked, we all know that. But I'm not so sure they will be this time. Why? Well, let's just look at the big picture.

Republican operatives have been leaking stuff on this administration for some time now. The msm perks its ears for a day or two at this or that scandal. And subsequently, they return to business as usual (dutifully serving as propaganda machine for the administration).

HOWEVER, note the ripely opportune timing of the Mark Foley leak, which, again, came from Republicans. Since apparently nothing but a sex scandal will grab the msm's attention for more than a day, I think the Foley outing and the timing of same was no accident. I believe that perhaps the powers complicit in 911) have decided to cut their losses - they've made a lot of money off Iraq and such but they have been seeing for some time that the Republican power machine has gotten so greedy that they have become a liability.

Hence, while voting machines are hackable, it's possible that the means will not be available this time. These people see the handwriting on the wall and they are NOT going to go down with this administration, no way.

Also, note the ramming through of the Military Commissions Act right before Congressional recess. Many have ruminated that Bush is covering his ass in the event he is tried for war crimes. So he knows he could be in trouble, no? If he thought the elections were all tied up, he might not have been quite so anxious - I mean, the timing, again, is very revealing. And, of course, the thing about him buying land in Paraguay. I don't know about that - whether there's anything to that or not, but it does give one pause to think.

Wouldn't mind seeing about 5

Wouldn't mind seeing about 5 million Americans camped out on the Mall in Washington.... waiting for the election results

makes me smile...a naughty

makes me smile...a naughty smile :)

Bush Junta "Tools Up" To Fight Americans with the...

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Who is in control of the access to the voting tabulation?

So why hasn't anything been done as far as people allowed to access the room or be part of the entrance/exit polling booths to do a hand count?
Sure many people have heard about these machines and the highly manipulative software that goes with it..so why isn't there a demand that a hand count take place simultaneously to compare with these bogus machines?

I don't think there's any

I don't think there's any "double cross" in the works here: I think the Republicans are going to steal the elections. They face the minimal risk of being prosecuted on a few fronts (but, no, don't expect the Dems to re-open 9/11 -- they'll see that as the political suicide). I think Bush has reason to be afraid, and I think Rove and his kind just don't like losing. Period. They will do whatever it takes.

John is right. Another Republican victory could mean an escalation of anti-activist measures.

Did anybody watch MSNBC yesterday (Saturday)?

I had been unable to even watch them or CNN since the war began but I thought I'd check it out since they were talking about the elections. It was DOOMSDAY CENTRAL. Joe Scarborough going on and on about how bad things look for Republicans. What does this say? Well, to me it says that the stage is being set. If ANY elections that are very close end up going to Republicans, there is going to be media scrutiny that was not there before. It's going to be BIG MESS.

I know it's hard to stomach sometimes, but right now WATCH THE MSM. The shift in attitude is very revealing. The Dems are predicted to win the house by a landslide. The Senate, iffy. But I'm guessing that ANY close election for the Senate that goes to a Republican will be SCRUTINIZED in ways that did not happen in 2000 or 2004. I'm just sayin' . . .

PS - Will Denny Hastert's male escort please come forward today or tomorrow? Thank you.