NYTimes Article References Chavez's Questioning of 9/11

Latin Fight for U.N. Security Council Seat Ends - nytimes.com

A turning point against Venezuela’s effort to win the seat seemed to come during a speech by Mr. Chávez at the United Nations in September, when he ridiculed Mr. Bush as the devil. That comment appeared to influence some of the diplomats who decided to vote for Guatemala. Still, Mr. Chávez’s description of Mr. Bush played well with many people in Venezuela, where wariness over the tacit approval by the United States of the brief coup that ousted Mr. Chávez in 2002 has pervaded relations between the two countries.

Sometimes relations tilt toward the surreal. The National Assembly, which is controlled by Mr. Chávez’s supporters, recently called on the Bush administration to explain why it had carried out the attack on the World Trade Center.

Thanks Ben for the heads up!

I don't care if believe me

A few months ago, Ihad a blogger account (google owned). Near the end of my time spent on this blog, I posted on how I thought thebush admin was working with Saudi Arabia, and both were the masterminds of 9/11, the Afgan invasion, the Iraq invasion, the Lebanon invasion, andthe soon to be Iran invasion. I had laso posted a map ofthe middle east, showing that it made perfect business sense for Saudia Arabis to "expand its oil empire using American lives and funds". I came back to this old blog of mine searching for an old link, and discovered my post was disappeared. Google literally went in and edited my blog, removing this bit that wasn't in step!

Clearly, I've been marked, so I'm not going to bring more attention to this blog. Don't believe me if that's what you feel comfortable with, but be forwarned! Google is now censoring blogs. Your words, too, may disappear.

Seesh! Sorry for all the

Seesh! Sorry for all the spelling mistakes!

No Kidding

No Kidding. Of course google is editing blogs. They've altered the number of views my video post had recieved from 36,000 down to 300 (Take Back 911; which 911 Blogger has just removed from it's media list?)). Google has since corrected it because I sent them the snapshot of the page which showed the 36,000 figure. I recommend you take a snapshot of the screen anytime you have something posted which you feel might warrrant a Google Rendititon. And as far as you being "on a list" or being "marked," dude, get real, most of the country feels as you do and we're all marked. That's why the Bush administration has hijacked the government, the American people, if left unchecked, would steer the country into becoming an fair and balanced democracy instead of a killing feild for monopolies.

Take Back 911

Kurt Nimmo on Google et al.

I'm afraid it's true that Google cannot be trusted.

Kurt Nimmo recently wrote about Google's involvement with Big Brother here:
Spooks at Google… and MySpace, PayPal, YouTube, Ebay, and Yahoo

I've also seen pretty convincing evidence that Google has censored some left wing web sites (like VoxFux) from its search results while allowing equivalent right wing sites to remain.

"Karma" and Censorship

The next step beyond this blatant censorship is "karma", as used on Buzzflash.net. This is somehow a quantification of how much a posting is in agreement with others'. If it's "way out of line", no matter how many votes, it will be placed way near the back pages. The faq even says that if you fear the story will be disapproved of by others, you should not post it for fear of reprisal in this way!

The Bizzarro USA

Amazing ...Chavez is trying to redistribute the wealth among his people so the poor/middle class love him and the rich hate him. The media blatantly and constantly lie about him (being owned by the richer folks) so a huge part of his job is just making announcements and appearing on TV/Radio to make sure people get both sides of the story.

Mr. Chavez is a living folk legend who will always be remembered fondly by his people (save for, perhaps, the "top 1%") whereas George W. Bush is a living, breathing, lying stain on American, if not human history.

(I'm not even going to go into gas prices in Venezuela...)

No wonder they don't get along, really. Am I the only one seeing a sitcom just waiting to be written? I'm thinking Jeff Bridges as the befuddled yet evil US president and Oliver Platt as his hot-blooded, gung-ho counterpart.

I'm thinking more in the

I'm thinking more in the lines of Chavez in a green hood stealing from the rich while Bush is the Sherrif of Nottingham.

I was reading in David Ray

I was reading in David Ray Griffins latest book and he was talking about all the governments that we had a hand in overthrowing in one way or another.... one of them was Venesuala.... The leader at the time was doing the same thing that Chavez has been trying to do for the past couple years.

The philosophy was very successful for the people and the country.... and it was a shining light for the surrounding countries.... If this system was allowed to persist every country in Latin America / Central America would have to do the same.... thus creating a very successful, rich, strong and united people.

The US could not allow that....of course not..... so we assisted in overthrowing the leader by buting off the military.... then the put their puppet into power.

they quashed that....

I think we need to make our own judgements about the leaders that our government condemns.


is currently number 16 on Amazon's DVD bestseller list


Wow, it was 23. last I

Wow, it was 23. last I checked (about 11-12 hours ago.) It's rising fast.

Terrorstorm is #16 on the Amazon bestseller list

Let's make it #1! 

I'm ordering another copy right now.



Gunna be real tough to break

Gunna be real tough to break the top 10.... the leaders are some big sellers.... I will say that if you are devout to this movement.... this movie is an essential!

If we were to make this #1 it would be a great indicator of our momentum.

How come..

..in the Product Details, under Studio: Disinformation??
What's up with that?????



Because the distributor's name is Disinformation, a nice way of getting you to think a bit. Alex interviewed the distributor a few days ago. Seems like a very sharp and dedicated bloke.

great clip.

Alex Jones' Council Speech On the Patriot Act

Our president speaking about explosives @WTC

Maybe some of you have already heard this but here it is for those who haven't.

Hugo Chavez Is a Pseudo-Revolutionary Shill for the CIA

Both Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez and Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are pseudo-revolutionary deep-agent shills for the U.S. CIA and the U.K. MI6, respectively.

See "Chavez & Ahmadinejad Slam the New World Order" at http://breakfornews.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=7301#7301.

After you read the above article and a couple of the linked articles contained therein, you will know that Kooky Khomeini and the Krazy Mullahs were installed and are STILL maintained in power by the U.K., the U.S., and the entire power elite of the G8+ / New World Order.

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his predecessors are the best enemies that conflict-increased oil money can buy (and it's not your money, is it?). In true "1984"-type fashion, the U.S. and G8+/NWO power elite needed an enduring enemy for the West. The regime of the Iranian Mullahs has served this purpose for the U.S. and G8+/NWO fairly well for 27+ years. Yet the U.S. and especially the U.K. have been pulling the strings in Iran through symbiotic control of the Muslim Brotherhood and the leaders of Iran's Islamic Guardian Council for 27+ years..

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez also serves this function fairly well in the Western Hemisphere. What's the best way to ensure that most of the world thinks that the Bush Administration is opposed to Hugo Chavez? It's elementary, my dear Watson. Fake a coup d'etat against Chavez in 2002 and link the coup to the U.S. CIA. Supposedly against all odds, Chavez regains power a few days later, and Voila -- Instant Myth!: Hugo Chavez and George Bush are supposedly enemies. CIA/Spook-type "Sheep Dipping" at its best. After Chavez's recent speech at the U.N. attacking our bee-loved President George W. Bush, even the Democrats came to Bush's defense. What more could Daddy Bush and his Boy George ask of their long-time friend, Hugo?

Now Hugo and Mahmoud are talking as if they support the U.S. 9/11 Truth Movement. Now the U.S. 9/11 Truth Movement is talking as if they support Mahmoud and Hugo. As the Saturday Night Live Church Lady once said, "How convenient?"

The leaders of Iran and Venezuela are thought by many if not most Americans to be enemies of America. 9/11 Truth Movement leaders are thought by some if not many Americans to be misguided. American politicians (Republican & Democrat) and the mainstream media reenforce both propositions on a regular basis.

How do you discredit the 9/11 Truth Movement in the minds of some if not many Americans? One way to discredit the 9/11 Truth Movement in the minds of some if not many Americans is to get the 9/11 Truth Movement to support Iran's Ahmadenejad and Venezuela's Chavez. Such mutual support has the potential to undermine both sides.

Is this really the right thing for us to do? Or do you at least see the potential problems in doing so? Although we should not fear the verbal vomit of a Bill O'Reilly or a Sean Hannity, we may want to be cognizant of how American politicians and the mainstream media will spin our cooperation with the Hugos & Mahmouds of the world and their endorsement of 9/11 truth issues.

Excellent Post

I agree with your post.
I'm not buying chavez as hero and I see this whole thing as a problem.
The Iranian government and Chavez expose 9/11 Truth and nobody backs them besides....well, us! Then suddenly we're equated with the U.S.-deamed enemies. Suddenly the news media jumps on this and we're portrayed as even more of a fringe movement that is "set out to destroy america" (can't you just hear o'reilly now?).

Also, people need to research Chavez and realize he is not such a good guy. He is a lenninist-marxist and his plans for the world may be no better than Bush's.

Thank you, Kevin. Marxism -- LoL. Deliberate scarcity rules!

Thank you, Kevin. You say: "people need to research Chavez and realize he is not such a good guy. He is a lenninist-marxist and his plans for the world may be no better than Bush's."

Unfortunately, Marxism doesn't work, and it has never worked. In fact, Marxism was probably created as an unworkable alternative to compete with what some people call "Capitalism" (which also does not work -- except for the few that control the creation of capital [money] from nothing, namely the so-called international bankers, who are mostly NOT real Jews at the top of the food chain).

Leninist-Marxist plans for the world cannot work. They have never worked in any nation on this planet at any time in the history of this planet. This is by design. Therefore, they are certainly no better than the world plans of the Bush Family (which also do not work as they APPEAR to be intended -- also by design)

The USSR & China supposedly attempted to implement Marxist socialism for the working classes. They did not succeed. Nazi Germany attempted to implement National Socialism for the corporate classes. They succeeded (more so than most may know). America has socialism for the lower socioeconomic classes and and for the corporate classes. Thus, the ranks of the poor and the super-rich are increasing, and the ranks of the disadvantaged, unsubsidized, subsidizing Middle Class are declining. For the most part, especially without the government subsidies of the rich and the poor, the "Capitalist" Middle Class cannot succeed.

Hugo Chavez's international image is well-engineered, well-planned, and well-PR'ed. Although Chavez sometimes sells cheap fuel in the U.S., and although Hugo and his government sometimes do good things for the people of Venezuela, he could do much more to develop the people and natural resources of Venezuela for the people of Venezuela and for the people of other nations.

Venezuela may have more actual but "unproven" oil reserves than Saudi Arabia. This unproven "new oil" is the oil that Chavez & Co. are selling to China. China recently entered into Joint Venture agreements with Venezuela to develop this "new oil." China's and others' contracts with Venezuela for this "unproven" but known-to-exist "new oil" will NOT affect existing supply contracts with the U.S. and other nations.

The mainstream media implies that China & others will be taking oil from the mouths and gas tanks of U.S. consumers. Therefore, the price of oil rises. Those who control the oil game are happy. There is plenty of "unprove" but known-to-exist oil on the planet. "Peak Oil" is a scam and a sham engineered by the oil companies & by Dick Cheney (with his "Energy Task Force") to drive up the price of oil. The resource scarcity game enables the G8+/NWO power elite to control ALL of the people of the planet.

The Rockefeller Family and the Bush Family have been profiting from lucrative oil business dealings in Venezuela for a long, long time. Who knew? Has anything changed under "Hugo the Hero" of the Western Hamisphere?

Don't believe me on the above assertions of fact. Check this stuff out for yourself.

it's bad

You're right, the reliance on other nation's leaders is a shame and - by definition - unamerican. It's all caused by the tragedy of this country, once the best country of those "yearning to break free", of the American dream - as documented by the national anthem, now fully in control of people who are bound to destroy it.

Please refer to Hugo

Please refer to Hugo Chavez's domestic and foreign policies to see whether any of that fits the type of dictator that the US commonly installs in impoverished, wartorn countries. Pedro Carmona, the dictator who briefly ruled Venezuela after the coup fits that profile much better. I don't see how you can think Chavez is working for the US when he seizes oil production from the ruling elite (threatening 15% of US's oil supply) and spends the income on social programs for the poor, and local domestic reform that drastically conflicts with the FTAA and globalization that US gov't would like for Venezuela to accept.

"Threatening 15% of the US's [imported] oil supply" - Who cares?

You say that Hugo Chavez is now "threatening 15% of the US's [imported] oil supply." Who cares?

There is plenty of oil on the planet for everyone in the short- to medium-term. The world is swimming in oil (possibly literally -- if you follow the Russian semi-well-proven geological theory of deep abiotic oil). The real problems are suppression of exploration for "new" oil, suppression and threats of suppression of exports of existing oil, and the shut down and failure to (re-)build oil refining capacity.

There is plenty of actual, know-to-exist oil in and off the coasts of the Falkland Islands, Cuba, Columbia, Sudan, West Africa, Vietnam, Louisiana, Alaska, Russia, etc., etc., etc. The known-to-exist but "unproven oil reserves" in oil shale in Canada and the U.S. dwarf the proven oil reserves in Saudi Arabia. Known-to-exist but "unproven oil reserves" in Iraq and Iran are 7 to 10 times the "proven reserves" (a narrowly defined accounting term designed to minimize public knowledge about actually-huge world oil supplies)..

China recently signed a $200 Billion contract with Iran to develop the known-to-exist but "unproven" oil & gas reserves of Iran. The actual and threatened chaos and conflict in Iraq, Nigeria, Sudan, Iran, etc. is fomented to create uncertainty in the markets and to actually shut down oil production and exports -- thus driving up the price of oil in both the spot market and in the futures market. No one is threatening U.S. oil supplies -- except for the oil companies and their puppet governments in Iran, the U.S., and elsewhere.

Peak Oil is a scam and a sham created by the oil companies to drive up the price of oil in the short term -- before we RE-discover and RE-develop Tesla-type decentralized oil replacement technologies for cars, trucks, trains, ships, planes, homes, businesses. and industries.

The heretofore suppressed demand for nuclear electric power in Iran and North Korea creates rising expectations and increased demand for nuclear electric power in nations around the world -- even if they don't need it. (If I can't have it, then I want it.) This is a hidden purpose of the West's suppression of the rising nuclear electric power aspirations of North Korea and Iran. Who knew?

The supposed Global Warming crisis and the supposed solution of the Kyoto Accords suppress Third World development and create increased demand for nuclear electric power -- which the oil companies now control in great part.. In the 1970s, the Rockefellers funded Ralph Nader's anti-nuclear power crusades, because the oil companies did not yet control a sufficient share of the nuclear power industry. Now they do. Some anti-Global-Warming environmentalists will soon be surprised to find that they are now herding the world's sheeple into the nuclear electric power pen for a new nuclear energy power elite..

So, pleeeeease, don't tell me that Hugo Chavez is threatening to cut off 15% of America's [imported] oil supplies. Who cares?

*** *** ***
Installing the pro-U.S. puppet Pedro Carmona was a stroke of genius in the FAKE CIA-backed coup d'etat in Venezuela in 2002. Not so paradoxically, this increased the contrast between Carmona and the seemingly-anti-U.S. Chavez (a 'good' example of spook "Sheep Dipping").. Former U.S. Congressman and former U.S. HUD Secretary Jack Kemp lobbied hard in Washington to get the Carmona coup reversed and Hugo re-installed as Venezuela's head of state.

However, Jack Kemp by himself did not have the lobbying power to get the job done. So, you might ask, who was the power behind behind Jack Kemp? One good answer is Daddy Bush -- former CIA Director, the former "Dick Cheney" during the Reagan Administration, Bill Clinton's former partner in Mena Arkansas, father of Daddy Bush's Boy George, and now Bill Clinton's current faithful companion. The Bush Family has had strong political and economic power in Venezuela for a long time (along with the "Rockefeller Family). But Jack didn't do it just for the money. He too is a little bit "swishy" and slightly blackmailable -- BUTT we wouldn't want to talk about such young things in polite company.

Hugo's minimalist accomplishments for the economy and the people of Venezuela are well-hyped beyond their reality in fact. The reality in fact for most Venezuelans fails to keep pace with the mainstream media hype. Despite temporary set backs for some, the top families of Venezuela continue to get richer (parallel world oil price increases offset partial oil production seizures for most rich families) , but the living standards for the Venezuelan poor and Middle Class are improving only marginally (and certainly not proportionate to actual increases in Venezuela's oil revenues). Who knew?

i have had a niggling

i have had a niggling feeling about the same thing as you for a while now.

chavez and mahmood just play into their hands.

now come on - seriously, if you were chavez and you wanted to invoke support for your country (as there are many things which he has done that have been hugely beneficial- the however could be purely cosmetic in order to reach a long term objective), fine in this case it is fair enough to ribb bush and co, but to outwardly call him the devil and a donkey and mr evil or whatever he calls him is not going to rally anyone else to your cry other than the people who are just not informed enough on these issues, if i were cheney, i would make sure i had a back up plan before 9/11 incase anything goes wrong etc.... Im afraid more and more that when/if iran v.s america plays out (hopefully not) that the iranians will go all out on 9/11 being inside job, then that will give the go-ahead in pea-brained peoples heads that the conspiracy theorists are in league with the enemy, and hence either we get lynched, or off to the camps? who knows.

the one thing i have decided on is to trust nobody and be vigilant.

Great discussion to have

Once I thought Hugo was great, now that I've seen the depths of deception with 9/11, I have to ask all the same questions you do. This IS convenient. On the other hand, it's not hard to be a truther and say "This has nothing to do with Venezuela or Iran. Of course they agree with us--why wouldn't they? We are right and its obvious, and we don't care whether they support us or not. We are trying to save America, not help her enemies. And America's worst enemies are not Iran or Venezuela." Stay focused, I say. Avoid arguments about these people, or if they arise, just claim to believe whatever is best for the audience to hear--that's what the other side does, and it works just fine.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


I agree with real truther

I happen to agree with almost everything Chavez said at the UN. Calling a donkey" Bush" would be an insult to a donkey.


Do you really believe that?

Come on seriously, do you really believe what you wrote? Sounds to me like your a paranoid nationalist who thinks the US and Great britain control the world. It really isn't like that, I wouldn't be suprised if you'd never been outside the US in your life. Don't you guys realize your seriously debilitating this movement with this sort of nonsense. What's the point of posting completely unfounded paranoid theories?

CIA Shill

Beware! It's not just Hugo Chavez or Ahmadinejad, it's also the guy who posted this, Catch 23, who's a shill for the CIA. He actually works for Hugo Chavez AND Ahmadinejed and the Israeli secret service. He posted this message to reduce the 9/11 truth movement into a whacko discussion of nutcases, so people wouldn't realize that they're all cousins. It's all part of the pentagon's new campaign of disinformation against our movement. I read this on some discussion board that also had links to other articles, so it's definitely true.


Sometimes reporting tilts towards the surreal. So the entire National Assembly of Venezuela consists of Chavez sock puppets. Sure. How about the entire staff of the New York Times consists of Zionist sock puppets. By the way Simon, just what the hell is the difference between "tacit approval" and engineering. My guess would be the difference is you doing your job, you sock puppet.

FOX News rearranging weekend

FOX News rearranging weekend line-up to air terror film, scare jaded voters to polls

News Hounds
Friday, November 3, 2006

FOX News Channel has announced that it will air "Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West,"

"(a) frightening new documentary by filmmaker Wayne Kopping ....

What he found, is something FOX News believes every American should know."

The film, which is actually a year old, will be shown four (4) times this weekend to help Republicans scare their base to the polls. Along with plenty of footage accusing Democrats of not getting it (an O'Reilly favorite) and Dick Morris' sickening new anti-Democrat smear commercial, FOX is pulling out all the stops to support their party.

Another article at FOXNews.com says that

"We often hear that 9/11 was a wake-up call for Americans. But have Americans really woken up to the truth of how much radical Islamists want us dead, and the lengths to which they are willing to go to fulfill their mission?

If the Dems were a real

If the Dems were a real opposition, and not so busy gatekeeping everything politically incorrect, they would have Loose Change broadcast non-stop before the election.

I'll settle for some indie-media screening Loose Change at this

point! How is the msm & everyone else basically ignoring a stunning video that has 12 million hits?

well whatta we expect, they

well whatta we expect, they spent so long molding this enemy, it only natural there now gonna use there product to scare people into voting for them, otherwise 9.11 was a waste of time and energy for them.

You mean that they are not

You mean that they are not going to do a hit piece about "Smart People in the Military"?

that ain't milked dry yet

Groundless accusations

Neither this post nor the linked post provide any evidence to back up the accusation that Chavez is a CIA creation. The theory that the coup attempt was staged to boost Chavez popularity is a theory that itself has the odor of disinfo about it.
The claim that Wayne Madsen is disinfo is similarly devoid of supporting evidence. Everyone knows Madsen previously worked for the NSA, but so what? He has repeatedly shown himself to be a true friend and supporter of the 9/11 truth movement. Are you also going to discount Ray McGovern and Bill Christeson for being formerly in the CIA?
This poster's similar insinuations against Amadinejad, Alex Jones, Jimmy Walter and Rodriguez make one wonder why he is trying so hard to sow suspicion through unfounded mud-slinging.

sometimes evidence doesn't look like evidence...

until you know what to look for. Chavez talks the talk, though his style needs work when he's adressing the UN. That doesn't mean he's clean, and for anyone to raise these issues is fine. Some of those personalities may well be disinfo--you can't take everything and everyone at face value--we KNOW there must be disinfo out there. Isn't Jimmy Walter a no-planer at the WTC? Whatever. None of us are above suspicion, sorry. By their fruits ye shall know them. Or... Behold my works, ye mighty, and despair!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


trial balloons

About the disinfo accusations i always wonder - first the MSM has to acknowledge the existence of the 9/11 movement in order to discredit it, and for now they still widely ignore it, like in the current election coverage.
But this does not mean they don't have some "trial balloons" of disinfo going around. Bushco. has many such tests going on all the time. One good example i remember is the legend of "Zarqawi's laptop": After the airstrike killed Zarqawi, the Iraqi and U.S. Army found his laptop + a USB stick in the rubble. This was later presented and a report on CNN even published the contents of the harddrive: documents that stated he wanted to get the U.S. into a war with Iran as a strategic goal, and to do it by means of false flag attacks to be blamed on Iran. - this "trial ballon" never gained ground, because the MSM quickly forgot about it and so it was just "buried". But it might as well have been some pretext for clashes with Iran.