Pentagon Targets Truth Internet and YouTubers

The Pentagon announces it will initiate a news “boiler room” to combat negative stories being put out by the “new media.” This makes perfect sense considering they have spoon fed us their version for so long, it is understandable that they would prefer the truth not get out. They specifically cite “youtube” as one of the outlets that will be targeted. This marks the beginning of a new era in journalism and the “old media” is not going down without a fight. Expect future battles in the courts and new legislation designed to take back control of the “truth.” Freedom is not free, it must be taken back from the government and media that siezed it in 1913.

CNN Video:

Very suspicious indeed! Right after Google buys YouTube

for an astonishing sum, the Pentagon follows-up with an "infowar" on there!

Big Brother does not want you to watch YouTube or use the

internet at all, for that matter.

3 great 9/11-related websites & TerrorStorm recommendation!

There are 2 web sites which have come to my attention recently which I want to urge all to check out and spread the word on.

For new people we recommend which gives a great overview.



Alex Jones' latest documentary, TerrorStorm, is out in various retail outlets around the country. See for details. We should urge all activists on our email lists to give this as a gift of knowledge for our times.

my youtube account hacked!

They have hacked my account about two weeks ago. Deleted all my uploaded vids and even my favorites. No response from youtube yet. after i had collected back some of my favorites and uploaded one short video it was all reseted again within a couple of minutes. my youtube contacts all got hate mail! apparently from my account and only after the ones who responded to this hate mail i was able to see what i supossedly had written. I will not repeat it here but this really looks to me like a kinda online defamation campaign!! anyway i am not able to open a new account at youtube. so i am still putting up with the hacked one. you can see that it is hacked by looking right next to the mail envelope where it normally shows the number of new messages you have received. my account says that there are 4294967291 new messages. Youtube is dying along with free speech and habeas corpus etc. that was the last vid i posted after being censored. I have uploaded it a number of times. it has been up for three days now! record! might be deleted sooner or later!

That was very bold/scary of them to hack your YouTube so

brazenly as that. Is this a sign of worse things to come for all of us???

Wake-up, people!

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