Remember : NIXON never thought he'd get CAUGHT either !!

As we white knuckle our way through this upcoming election, it's more important now than ever, to initiate newbies to the
" 9/11 PNAC Plot ", ; many of whom who will likely be teetering in the realms of indecision; and there for be more open to input.
I have researched and built a page especially for this purpose. It was designed originally as my own reference tool, but since it's grown to such proportions, it's turning out to be rather popular and MOST useful.
I've included a ' one stop shop ' along the top right corner in the form of letters linking to news ' hot zones'; 9/11 Blogger is b.
Each story is identified by a number for easy communication and reference, and among those stories is virtually every 9/11 site on the net. Number 341 f'rinstance cites " 9/11 Top Sites";
but the beauty of forwarding this page with a numerical reference is that, a viewer has to go to the page to get it and thereby see all of the other stories. The stories by title idea is based on ' buzz ' words since everyone has a different focal point whereas a scroller will come to captioned photos which will certainly arouse interest; (GAWD this has GOT to come out !!)