Candidate claims he has a plan to win war on terror

Front page news:

Although he's never held or run for political office before, Matthew Woodson claims he "is the only 5th district candidate with a plan to win the war on terror," according to the candidate's Oct. 27 press release.

Given the current state of affairs in Iraq's part of the world, a person with "a plan to win the war on terror" would more than likely be in huge demand.

Perhaps not.

In a pre-election poll released Oct. 11 by SurveyUSA, current Lt. Governor Mary Fallin would win Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District seat easily, besting democrat David Hunter by 29 percent.

Woodson, who received votes from only three percent of those surveyed, would have lost to Fallin by 59 percentage points.  one of this seems to deter the 36-year-old Woodson, who in his "private" life works as a freelance grip in the TV and film industry.

In fact, he was recently working for Mary Fallin (now his opponent) when he decided to run for Congress.  During an interview with The Vista, Woodson provided answers regarding his platform, why he's running for office and just how it is America should go about winning the war on terror.

At the root of Woodson's political platform, what seems to have driven him to run for office with almost zero campaign funds or experience, is his belief that the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks are being used to steer the Bush administration's policies.

"Sept. 11 was the catalyst that dramatically changed our foreign and domestic policy," Woodson said. "It is clear to any objective observer that the explanation put forth by our government isn't completely accurate. I support a congressional investigation into the crimes of Sept. 11 before we continue to base our policies on the events of that day."

But is having a conspiracy theory about Sept. 11 enough to make a man with no real political background run for a seat in Congress? According to Woodson, the answer to that question is no.

"I decided to become a candidate for several reasons, including meeting two veterans who shared similar stories," Woodson said.

"They killed children in the course of battle and they both have psychological struggles with that. One of the veterans was from Vietnam and one from Iraq." After listening to the two veterans, Woodson said he grew concerned about the direction in which the country was moving. This made me realize that unless something changes, our country will continue making the same mistakes," Woodson said. "I believe when we ask people to kill and die in our name, we must be honest with them and ourselves about why we are making that request."

And finally, just how does Woodson plan to win the war on terror?

"To win the war on terror, we need to be honest about why we are at war," Woodson said. Like many other critics of Bush's administration, Woodson cites oil as a major factor in matters.

"I believe the economy, military, agriculture and transportation of our country is vulnerable due to its dependency on oil," Woodson said. "During World War II we were energy independent country. Our government should institute policies that will attain this status once again."

Woodson was not allowed to participate in the Oct. 19 debate between Fallin and Hunter because he didn't have enough support from voters. KFOR, who produced and televised the event, threatened to arrest Woodson if he caused a disturbance at the debate, according to the news release.

And while millions of "armchair presidents" across the nation may claim to have a plan to win the war on terror, Woodson really does.

His open letter to President Bush, which includes "the plan," is slated to appear in the Oklahoma Gazette, due out today (Nov. 2).

The (free) Gazette is available at six locations on UCO's campus and hundreds of other spots around the Oklahoma City area.

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Covert war of 2001?

I'm a 9/11 skeptic; without a doubt the official story isn't completely accurate. What really happened may never be known. There are several people who claim they have the answer, but I'm not convinced. It seems to me that many of the conclusions the '9/11 truth community' have arrived at are still hypothesis. We have to be constantly vigilant not to let ourselves be tricked again. Let’s be careful not to create another patsy. In my opinion it will take a public who wants honest answers, and are engaged enough to elect officials willing to ask the most difficult questions. Overcoming the public apathy may be the biggest challenge, and may be the reason we might never have "9/11 truth".

We can't look at 9/11 in a vacuum, the other acts of terrorism in 2001 must be considered; including anthrax, mysterious microbiologist deaths, and sniper shootings. For me, the crash of Flight 587 on 11/12/01, is another unsolved mystery. When I realized that two engines and the tail fell off the plane, I assumed it was Stinger missiles. The next day US Today published a picture of two guys standing in the back of a pick up holding the shoulder mounted weapon. Of course the NTSB never publicly investigated this possibility, and on 9/11/02 Marion Blakey got promoted to the head of the FAA. The fact that the New Jersey lottery drew 578 and 587 that day will always be suspicious to me.

I believe a peaceful revolution at the ballot box may be the only way to save our "homeland" from the trajectory we are headed. Therefore, I don't expect an end to the war on terror anytime soon.

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if everybody could be

if everybody could be convinced that the 19 hijackers are NOT the true story, the MSM would be forced to investigate it, and to provide results. But the establishment knows how to intimidate people, and has successfully banned the painful 9/11 questions in and around Washington D.C..

I'm very , very suspicious of this Matt Woodson!!!!!

I've been reading this comment over and over , and I have to say that if this was written by Matt, he is either a classic fake, plant / infiltrator, or incredibly ignorant. ("The fact that the New Jersey lottery drew 578 and 587 that day will always be suspicious to me".....What the f#ck is that?). Sorry SBG, but after reading Tanya and Matt's comments in another thread, I believe Matt is a fake. I don't usually say things this strong but I have to nail this one, immediately. Matt I think your still working for the other side .....and if you start to spout out more nonsense like this as a 'spokeman', 'representative' or 'canidate' for 911 Truth, we will call you on it!Radical Pragmatist

Anyone can register

with somebody else's name and spout nonsense. Would be a good way to discredit someone.

I agree, but only one person

I agree, but only one person can claim that username, and it has been used in other posts ...but thats why I said "if this was written by Matt....then...". If its not the 'real Matt' he should let us know or take full credit for his comment, and explain himself. Radical Pragmatist

How would you know if I were a fake?

You can be assured this is Candidate Woodson. I hope that you are skeptical of me, and judge me accordingly; I’ve offered my service to the people of Oklahoma’s 5th district to do the same. I’m just identifying the dots, and trying to connect them where I can. I caution truth seekers not to latch on to their conclusions too quickly, and as Dr. Jones says put on your blinders. So far, I’m 100% convinced the official story is bogus, that domestic criminals were involved, and that PNAC did publish "a new pearl harbor". But that doesn't explain Flight 587 or the sniper attacks of 2001. You've heard about not seeing the forest for the tress.

It should be obvious if “they” wanted to direct the 9/11 movement in a certain direction “they” would infiltrate such a movement. I believe South Park brought up that point. You would be wise to be skeptical of a "9/11 truth candidate".

I've questioned the crash of flight 587, much longer than I've questioned the crimes of 9/11. The morning of 11/12/01 is when I realized that the media wasn’t giving us the straight scoop. It was shortly after the crash that they were repeating the official story from Marion Blakey “there is no reason to believe terrorist were involved”. This of course became the final report.

Imagine you were a covert operation and you wanted funding, if you could control a lottery, would you? Ask a statistician about the odds; flight 587 crashes the same day 587 & 578 come up. Yes, I think this is suspicious. Check the numbers yourself.

In my exchange with Tonya, I forgot to mention that the man who accused me of being an FBI informant is apparently the man who put up the low power radio stations that airs RBN in OKC…just another dot, do with it what you will.

For a thorough analysis of the NTSB investigation of 587 visit here.

...and who are you?

Mr. "Pragmatist",
Please share your identity with us.

You have challenged my integrity and this man's, but I don't believe we know your name.

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Expose Government Corruption...Get Shut Down

Congress will close the investigative agency it created to report fraud and waste of Iraq reconstruction funds (Judicial Watch)

When does it end? I can't wait two more years...IMPEACH THESE BASTARDS!