(Spanish) Telemundo Coverage of Ground Zero Rally: Recovery of Human Remains.

Rodriguez is featured in this call for a special investigation unit in the area to identify possible findings of more remains. Broadcast on Telemundo Nov. 2, 2006.

William Rodriguez's website: http://www.911keymaster.com

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That must be orwellian

That must be orwellian double speak. I couldn't understand a word that guy was saying.

Strange how in the past few

Strange how in the past few weeks, so many body parts have been "discovered." I don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist (nudge nudge), but doesn't anyone else find it just slightly odd, or a little too convenient?

sure it's odd, the question is why?

some might say it raises the issue of 9/11 before the election.

others might say that it was an opportunity to claim, as they do in this news item, that one of the people identified was an American Airlines stewardess. Which "proves" it was a "real hijacking." I don't buy it.


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It doesn't prove it, but it

It doesn't prove it, but it is physical evidence in support of the hijacking.

No big deal, unless your ego is married to a pet theory or two.

Building 7 is much stronger evidence for the alternative theory and these remains do not conflict with CD of the towers.

As long as the MSM/Intel control the debate surrounding 9/11, they will remain in control.

Building 7 is the pathway to 9/11 Truth... 

It proves nothing. If

It proves nothing. If anything, it proves she was on the plane (though you could say that her DNA has been stategically been placed at ground zero just recently, i.e. planting evidence). But let's just go with her being on the plane. It still doesn't prove the plane was hijacked. She could have been tied up or drugged and stowed on the remotely controlled plane.

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"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Zero prior-knowledge...??

Was Rodriguez, the soul survivor?

It really gets me that the entire weight of our argument rests on the testimony of those who have worked in the buildings themselves. I suppose, they feel lucky to get out alive. Yeah, why look back now?

The problem is, Manhattan's completely poised for the fall of a lifetime, with the highest cost of real estate, the most falsely reported market indices, and of course, the most self-absorbed 'yuppie' culture of all time.

-Perhaps they should mount 'diving-boards' on all the tall buildings, right now. That's tax money well spent, according to CFR's former Gov. Nelson Rockefeller: "The Americans will get what they deserve." -Note, the context for that statement was an Annual meeting, so it ain't some random prediction. If he thinks "61% of us need to die," why would you doubt his calculations?