Will Doubletree Hotel Video Show Pentagon Impact?

Steve Watson has an interesting analysis of the Pentagon video question at Infowars.

"Rumours have begun circulating today that a video due to be released in one week's time, just prior to the midterm elections, will show clear and crisp footage of American Airlines flight 77 hitting the Pentagon on September 11th 2001.

Such a release may sway uncertain voters into sticking with the devils they know rather than the devils they don't as far as the "protection" of America against Al Qaeda goes.

The video in question is the Doubletree hotel video, which government watchdog/ sometime propaganda outlet Judicial Watch says has been promised to them on November 9th.

9/11 Blog site Killtown states:

"So how much do you want to bet that this Doubletree Hotel security video will be released before this Tuesday (election day) to ’shock & awe’ the voters in hopes to sway the elections, especially if this video finally shows a plane hitting the Pentagon?”

In answer to this question, prolific Blogger Kurt Nimmo states:

"If I was a betting man, I’d bet the farm on it."

I wouldn't be so sure.

There are conflicting and confusing stories as to whether the Doubletree video shows anything at all. The FBI, in response to a FOIA request to release all tapes of the Pentagon on 9/11, has stated to attorney Scott Hodes, representative of Mr Scott Bingham who runs the website www.flight77.info, that the Doubletree hotel video did not capture the impact:

The same statement also made it clear that the Citgo gas station tape also did not capture anything. This statement was apparently proven to be true last month when that video was released.

It remains a mystery why the FBI confiscated the gas station and hotel security videos within minutes of the crash and why they did not release these videos for five years, given that they say they show nothing.

Two conflicting stories muddy the waters on this issue however.

According to a CNN FOIA request of 2002, a nearby hotel's video DID capture the impact. The following exchange is from a CNN transcript of a report on the 2002 release of the original "parking lot" footage, the four grainy video frames:

MCINTYRE (on camera): These pictures are the first to be made public, but they are not the only images of the plane hitting the Pentagon. Sources tell CNN that the FBI on September 11th confiscated a nearby hotel's security camera videotape, which also captured the attack. So far, the Justice Department has refused to release that videotape. Aaron.

BROWN: Why? Do we have any idea why they won't release it?

MCINTYRE: Well, the claim - we have filed a freedom of information request for it. They claim that it might provide some intelligence to somebody else who might want to do harm to the United States. But officials I talked to here at the Pentagon say they don't see any national security or criminal value to that tape. The FBI tends to hold on to things. But the government may eventually release that tape, and if they do, we'll bring it to you.

Furthermore, a story by Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough that appeared in the Washington Times 10 days after 9/11 backed up this claim, pointing out that hotel staff had sat watching the video surveillance in horror before the FBI arrived and shut down the scene:

A security camera atop a hotel close to the Pentagon may have captured dramatic footage of the hijacked Boeing 757 airliner as it slammed into the western wall of the Pentagon. Hotel employees sat watching the film in shock and horror several times before the FBI confiscated the video as part of its investigation. It may be the only video available of the attack. The Pentagon has told broadcast news reporters that its security cameras did not capture the crash. The attack occurred close to the Pentagon’s heliport, an area that normally would be under 24-hour security surveillance, including video monitoring.

The confusion mounts as there are suggestions that this video may not be the Doubletree video but a tape taken from cameras at the Sheraton National Hotel which overlooks I395 and the Pentagon, and has a clear view of the impact zone.

The FBI says, however, that there is no Sheraton video in existence. So which is it to be? Does a hotel video capture the impact or doesn't it? Was Gertz simply making his story up about the hotel staff seeing the video? And if the FBI is telling the truth about the Sheraton Hotel then why did the Sheraton, a major building in the area, not have any cameras in operation?

Whichever story you believe, whether the footage does or does not show the impact, the fact that the footage exists is not denied. So something does not tally up here.

The FBI further admits that it has a total of 85 video tapes seized on 9/11 from businesses and traffic poles in the area. It is maintained that only the previously released parking lot footage shows the impact. How unlikely is it that out of another 84 confirmed surveillance tapes directed at the building, none of them captured anything?

I predict that if the Doubletree video shows anything at all it will only serve to bolster the straw man argument and further hype up the debate over what actually hit the Pentagon on 9/11.

As Killtown points out:

"if this video does indeed show a plane flying into the Pentagon, it will not actually show the plane hit, but in fact will show it disappear behind the Pentagon’s west wall (see aerial photo above) and then a fireball will obviously be seen coming up over the roof. This will be very similar to what was seen with the first video of the 2nd WTC crash shown “live” on TV which shows a plane (with no discernible markings) come across the screen and disappear behind the North Tower (which is blocking the view of the South Tower) and then a fireball is seen erupting from the other side.

In this sense the video would fit right into the ludicrous "no planer" theories which suggests that planes hitting the WTC towers were CGI edited into TV footage. This would then further stir debates about no plane hitting the Pentagon.

Unanswered questions need to be explored, but the Pentagon issue must not become the core focus of the 9/11 truth movement. There is evidence that suggests a 757 hit the Pentagon, there is evidence that suggests something else hit the Pentagon. What is not in doubt, however, is that whatever it was, it was not flown by a man who didn't know his way around the inside of single engine cessna and was described by his former flight instructors as "A weak student who was wasting resources."

The danger is clearly that the government will use its media mouthpieces in particular Fox News to hype the Pentagon issue until it becomes the de facto keystone of alternative explanations behind 9/11. At the point when that crescendo reaches its peak crystal clear footage of Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon (whether real or faked) will be released, knocking down the straw man argument that the establishment itself erected.

The media obsession with this one facet of an entire smorgasbord of 9/11 questions, and their refusal to address more hardcore 9/11 evidence, leads us to fear that this is the case.

We need to concentrate on the concrete facts that point towards a cover up of complicity and not on wild speculation that will only hinder the movement as a whole."

Unless they CGI it I suspect

Unless they CGI it I suspect any legitimate footage would show a flyover followed by a remote SW and missile. Obviously it wasn't F77. Stop panicking over the Pentagon. They couldn't possibly produce legitimate footage, pentalawn intact.

Anyway, there are 101 other anomolies. This thing is unstoppable. A Pentagon vid -- even if it appears to validate the ocs, won't do shit.


haha thank you! There's no way this video is going to show a Boeing 757. Cmon people if they were going to show hard evidence of it hitting the Pentagon they'd release all the footage from all the tons of tapes they have.
Even at the very remote chance that they are showing anything, it is an outrage that the public hasn't seen the videos proving it 5 years later. To scoff at us like we don't deserve to see what they've seen is insane...what the hell is going on with this country?

Take Back 911

It remains a mystery why the FBI confiscated the gas station and hotel security videos within minutes of the crash and why they did not release these videos, along with the videos from the highway department and the hundred or so from the pentagon video security system, for five years. They've already damned themselves and they just continue to make it more obvious with the way they have been trickling out a video here and a video there, none of them definitive. Time is up. They've failed to comply with a reasonable request for information regarding the attacks. At this point we have no other conclusion but to assume guilt on their part.

yes again!

I wholeheartedly agree. If this doesn't conclusively show anything, like I suspect it won't, then they are guilty without all the tons of evidence we already have from 9/11.
Lets finally bring these traitors to justice!

I thought they said a long

I thought they said a long time ago that the video from the hotel "was inspected and it showed nothing"?

Everybody relax. The fix is in for the Democrats, they need the swing back to the Left, wouldn't dare mess with it.

This will be like every

This will be like every other 'critical piece of evidence' - designed solely to drag out debates and cause more frustration. And sell some more DVD's (of which I now own approximately... all of them.) : )

It will be tantalizingly vague - it'll sort of show something, but what is it? A piece of.... a thing... kind of.... over there, sticking out....... if you squint just right..... ah, fuck it. We've been had again.

Speaking Limbaugh's Language

While I don't disagree that the elites will let Team B win the Super Bowl in the next couple of elections to maintain the appearance of a working democracy and to legitimize neocon/globalist policies by demonstrating that they are supported by both parties, don't insult the left by suggesting that we're represented by the corporate shills and phony liberals in the DLC-dominated Democratic Party.

Suggesting that Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, Barack Obama, et al. are representatives of the Left is just buying into the definitions of politics dictated by right-wing propagandists like Limbaugh or Rove, and makes it easier and easier for the nation to slip into totalitarianism as "centrist" comes more and more to mean right-wing.

very well put. but sadly,

very well put. but sadly, centrist has already become far too much to the right. its disgusting in my opinion what pasts as centrist nowadays. real liberals cant stand DLC and AIPAC Dems like Liebrman and Clinton.

If it was truly a dramatic

If it was truly a dramatic "October surprise" type thing, I'm guessing we would have seen it right before the 2004 election. Personally I don't think we're going to see this video any time soon. And when we do it, it will again show nothing of anything.

Take Back 911

It will show a plane heading into the pentagon from not the best angle. It will certainly appear as a plane hit the pentagon, but it will be far from definitive. At this point having all the videos available from the pentagon, over one hundred different cameras available which would provide a complete spectrum view of whatever it was that hit the pentagon, would be the only way for the Administration to have all of us believe what we are seeing. The real issue is why the government has continued to not release all of the videos. If they were so honest as to release all of the videos, they would be doing a great deal in the 911 Truth effort. It would mean that they've helped us in the movement by finally settling the big concern about the pentagon. We would be able to gather focus on the facts about the WTC demolitions and all of the damning reports of what actulally was occuring before, during, and after 911.

mineta paper

this is the reason why it's best to focus on the NORAD stand down order with respect to the pentagon. I've just about finished my paper, and it will hopefully be in the journal of 9/11 studies once it's done being edited... have a look. the one section that's quite weak i think is the section on united 93, so any help would be appreciated.


also, i think this video could turn out like the citco gas station with didn't show anything. however, i have always thought that a plane did hit the pentagon. so it may show a plane, maybe even with a painted AA logo. but again, i don't think we're going to see any proof a Boeing 757. i suppose they could have faked it, they've had it long enough... so who knows what to expect. i personally think it's a plane called the preditor. a CIA remote control drone plane, that can fire missles, and has a large wingspan.


great paper

everyone should read this paper. I haven't finished it yet, but the content so far is impressive! Great layout!

thanks man

glad you like my paper... let me know if there's anything you think i should add/change... i'm gonna fix the richard clarke section as soon as i get his book

bill maher taking questions

bill maher is taking questions right now. some may be selected to be answered after the show. go to hbo.com and ask bill maher some questions about 9/11

Something exploded at the Pentagon, and it sure wasn’t AA-77!

How could flunky Hani Hanjour have flown all the way from Ohio/Kentucky, and why/how could he have made those incredible acrobatics to hit the tiny, renovated section?

How did AA-77 fly all around the Eastern U.S., long after the towers were struck, without being intercepted or even observed/photographed by NORAD/Air Force?

Why won’t the gov’t release any clear video of what struck the Pentagon, more than 5 years later?

What were Cheney & the “young man” demonstrating in front of Minetta?

How did they obtain DNA (delicate organic material) for 63 or 64 passengers when the seats, luggage, and most all of the airplane were vaporized in a fireball @ 530 mph?

I am quite sure that it would be impossible to obtain viable DNA samples for any passenger, let alone 63 of 64 of them, after the plane itself was subjected to such tremendous forces.

· Any dubiously-remaining DNA would have been damaged, degraded, & destroyed by extremes such as the severe impact, explosion, & fire.
· They couldn’t extract & separate DNA from whatever medium, (cement, metal, brick, etc.) from which it was supposedly withdrawn.
· Any individual’s DNA would be totally co-mingled with everyone else’s DNA.
· Any remaining DNA would have been ruined & washed away by the fire hoses & foam sprayed all over it, etc.

The simplist way they could've accomplished the Pentagon

attact is to have had a bomb planted in the renovated section.

The lamposts could've been brought down with small explosives, and the Mineta testimony could've been a ruse pulled off by Cheney to make it seem that something was coming towards the Pentagon, when nothing was.

but there are many witnesses

but there are many witnesses who saw something coming towards the Pentagon. I think there was.

Why are you repeating utter nonsense?

Have you been hiding for 5 years? Why is it that you do not know that you are just repeating nonsense disposed of over 4 years ago?


On the other hand, this is a very valid warning from the post:

"The danger is clearly that the government will use its media
mouthpieces in particular Fox News to hype the Pentagon issue
until it becomes the de facto keystone of alternative explanations
behind 9/11. At the point when that crescendo reaches its peak
crystal clear footage of Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon (whether
real or faked) will be released, knocking down the straw man argument
that the establishment itself erected."

Will it show a 757?

Hell no!, It won't show anything. We all know a 757 didn't hit that building. They know it and we know it. Period.

AFTER the election, not before

Doesn't Judicial Watch say Nov. 9? Somebody please explain.... this seems stupid.

If video evidence so far is

If video evidence so far is correct - it should show something flying in underneath a Blue Tarp!


Everybody take a deep breath and relax...

My friends, yes I know, we are all freaking out about this new Doubletree video. However, after thinking all night long about it, I suddenly remembered one thing that's going to save the Truth Movement if indeed a clear video of "Flight 77" is released. First off, if it does show the "plane's" impact, it will have to be doctored. They've had 5 years to add special effects. Second, LOOK AT THE PICTURES AND VIDEOS BEFORE IT COLLAPSED! There's no way a 757 made that hole! Finally and MOST IMPORTANTLY, we now have this video, released by the NTSB is August 2006, from the actual flight data recorder of Flight 77 and it is CLEARLY TOO HIGH TO HAVE TAKEN OUT THE 5 LIGHTPOLES!
Even if the new video shows the impact, it will still have to contradict the ACTUAL FLIGHT DATA RECORDER and the government will still have to account for the discrepancies between the old flight path that took out the lightpoles and the ACTUAL FLIGHT PATH released in August from the NTSB. We are going to be just fine. Listen to the phonecall Jeff made to the NTSB about the discrepancies and listen to their shaky, nervous response to his hard hitting questions.
We are going to be just fine even if this new video shows something because it will HAVE TO BE A FAKED because we now know the true path of Flight 77 RELEASED BY THE NTSB in August. The government knows we are on to them and are having to do everything they can to discredit the9/11 Truth Movement.
My friends, the truth is and forever will be on our side. Take a deep breath, relax, and sleep well.

Email: Gideon524@yahoo.com
Website: myspace.com/911thebiglie

Chill out

Hey Gideon, I'm sorry you had to stay up all night with worries about the Truth Movement collapsing. You should know that whatever occured at the pentagon is far from the core evidence in prosecuting whoever was behind the attacks. The damning evidence is the NORAD response, the National security protocol violations, the pakistani intelligence network involvment, the training the alleged attackers recieved on US Military training facilities, the Atta connection with Abramoff Sun Casino cruises in florida, the demolition of the WTC towers and building number 7. The list goes on and on and on. You need to give yourself a break, as well as getting over the pentagon. It's secondary evidence of an inside job.

Whatever the video shows

It will undoubtably raise attention and debate. If theTruth movement is worthy of its credability, it will rise to the occasion.

If the government weren't lying about flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon, this video would have been released long before 911 Truth reached at least 1/3 of the population (and the evidence we all saw would have shown an airplane crashedinto it). Unlike what South Park said (loved the show by the way, thought it was a Truth indorsement), the government doesn't want you to think it would attack its own people in the manner of 911. There are too many libertarians-waiting-to-be-born in this country. There is too much "face" to be lost in such a self-serving act. That's why they will NEVER admit they did it. It's our job to prove it on our own behalf.

A video isn\'t needed

\"If the government weren\'t lying about flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon, this video would have been released long before.\"

A logically flawed statement. It does not follow logically that BECAUSE a video is not released that the government is LYING about the Pentagon.

As we all know, ALL of the evidence converges on the conclusion that AA 77 hit the Pentagon. A video is not needed just as we don\'t need a video of the Titanic sinking to know it sank.

You guys need to start learning how to think rationally.

The video will show nothing

Just my opinion here: I suspect the Doubletree video will show us no more about what hit the Pentagon than did the CITGO video and the Pentagon security camera video released earlier this year. The video will be released just after the congressional election, at a time when media attention will be focused elsewhere. The powers-that-be will not want there to be a load of public attention over this, like what occurred when the security camera footage was released in May. These guys are getting scared now and know that the more attention the press pay to this, the worse it is for them.

Straw man, you da man !

Great article. This analysis fits perfectly with the manner in which our media manipulates us.

We do indeed need to stick to real hard evidence and facts and not let anyone push us into a framed argument.

I have already seen ample evidence that our government is most capable of faking video tapes and faking cell phone calls from planes. Maniuplating the public on the issue of 9-11 truth is most important to the perpetrators. They are sophisticated and have all resources at their disposal. Another aspect of the manipulation is relaying "information" which will serve to deliberately delay and draw out investigations. The more time that elapses before we get a full open and independent investigation, the less likely such an investigation will ever happen.

Regarding 9-11, we have established that the official story is false, and we see the elaborate machinations that have been engaged in to support that false official story. Their needs to be a basic degree of trust of the public toward our government "officials" and our media. That basic degree of trust has been obliterated by the absurd cover-up activities of our government. Our government is motivated to attack us and lie to us.

We have a situation where the chief suspects hold all the evidence. They of course do not intend to release information and evidence, except for carefully planned and timed releases of crafted disinformation labeled as "evidence."

We must keep focused on the hundreds of obvious anomalies of 9-11 and not be manipulated in to any line of reasoning that is not supported by the bare-bones minial evidence we do possess.


Ruppert, 911Research and

Ruppert, 911Research and OilEmpire all refer to the Pentagon No plane theory as a 'honeypot'. They may well be right.

Stick with what we know. Enough is KNOWN to send a fair number of folks to the gallows.

Which is where they should be for many many reasons not least of which is complicity in the 9/11 false flag.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free" (Goethe)..... a paraphrase from V: Cast aside the illusions. Only when you are finally hopeless can you truly be free.

Utilize all available evidence against them!

"Ruppert, 911Research and OilEmpire all refer to the Pentagon No plane theory as a 'honeypot'. They may well be right."

Too many inexplicable things regarding the Pentagon for us to just "skip-it". Even if they produce a fake video of AA77 striking it, we still have plenty of severe anomalies to present there.

What the flight data recorder might tell us.

Well, as I understand it, the altitude reading on the data recorder could be uncorrected.

I would analyze the sequence of control changes during the turn. If it was remotely controlled, all changes should be mechanically smooth - vs. jerky corrections made by a pilot (unless someone was remotely joysticking it).

I personally believe that it was a plane, probably remotely controlled, which probably did contain the passengers.




The Video Is a Distraction

People, this video is a distraction. Even if it clearly shows a 757 hitting the Pentagon, it does NOT matter because our case is already made!