Wonkette: "Because the 9/11 Commission Report Is Fiction, Get It?"

"Google’s home page has this little “How to of the Day” feature with links to WikiHow, “The How-To Manual That Anyone Can Write or Edit.”

Because political reality isn’t outrageous enough, today we learn how to write political fiction. For a truly successful work of political fiction, you apparently need to pull off a huge “terrorist attack” and then get some bogus congressional committee to collect all the “evidence” in a “report.” Instant bestseller!

UPDATE: Damn, Cheney already had the picture removed! Good thing we got the screenshot."

At Wonkette, thanks, 7man.

now that is funny.

now that is funny.



I wish these "dump Bush" organizations would open up to

some 9/11 truth! Perhaps new members can join to enlighten them.

Here is 1984, merely twenty-two years late: http://www.watchingamerica.com/images/bush1984_pic.jpeg