WTC Collapse Video

Here is some collapse footage shown by the BBC in a programme ‘9/11:The Twin Towers’, broadcast in the UK on 7 September 2006. I hadn't seen it before, so thought I'd post it in case others hadn't seen it as well. Notice how the second building flares up during the collapse of the first building:

flare up in other building

that's really something sbg. the 'first' tower (WTC2) collapsed only twenty minutes before WTC1. That flash in WTC1 could be plausibly the beginning of the end of the second collapse?

Or more likely...

it's the rush of oxygen rich air being pushed/forced out by the explosions occuring in WTC2. The air acts as fuel for the fire in WTC1, causing it to flare up.

Just my hypothesis.

rush of oxygen

Chris, why are there explosions in WTC2? are they the natural consequence of a plane hitting the building?

Did WTC7 collapse because of explosions from air pulled in from a block and a half away?

in my opinion it reminds me

in my opinion it reminds me of when you force air into a dying campfire...there was obviously an overwhelming force of air rushing all about the collapse which can "breath life" back into a seemingly dead fire remnant.

Just for your

Just for your information:

Air is mostly nitrogen, and about a quarter oxygen or so. For the purposes of describing a combustion reaction you'd describe it as (O2 + 3.76N2) ...

That's for all you nerds :P

Imagine no more of your nonsense



It's very quick stuff. I

It's very quick stuff. I don't know what to make of it. The oxygen hypotheses doesn't work for me. However, the autofocus hypothesis does. The red fire comes into view right as the cameras brain brings the details of the entire scene into view. There is footage of the second plane hitting the south tower that suggests they waited to detonate the charges in the north tower until the moment the second plane hit, so in a slight of hand sense, this might be the way they were thinking. I don't know. The cumulative evidence however, suggests, huge cover up. Inside job.

I have seen this video

I have seen this video before but this has been altered.  The Color on this version is enhanced/altered.  I don't have the version i have seen before handy, but I am sure someone else can look at them side be side and verify the color in the older version is washed out a great deal.

 Chain of custody?

old video, altered audio

View the original here:

The audio has clearly been replaced with a recording from a conventional demolition.

chain of custody? is RIGHT!

But it also begs the question, which (if either) is the original?

If the clip with the claimed altered sound is from the BBC, I'm left to wonder what overdubbing a CD sequence would do for them? How could it possibly help the official story?

Do we know who shot this video? Although not a guarantee of honesty, they ought to know what it sounded like!

You can cleary see squibs at least 40 floors below collapse

In the quicktime you posted.

You can cleary see squibs at least 40 floors below collapse

In the quicktime you posted.

thanks for the

thanks for the post...anyone notice the immense amount of white smoke at the BASE of the tower prior to collapse (almost at the point where the camerman runs away...)

good stuff.. link

Anyone know the ORIGINAL source?

Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.

Plausible but...

It seems possible and maybe even probable that the perpetrators of the WTC demolitions would attempt to disguise the explosions of cutting charges (in the North tower)... by using the collapse of the South tower to distract. Illusionists practice this all the time.

It is also probable that we're seeing in the video is an oxygen-starved fire being affected by the South tower's collapse.

The cascading wave of detonations traveling top down would have created HUGE positive pressure pulses... Each explosion would have sent a wave of rapidly expanding air outward in all directions – away from the explosion. This rush of air past the North tower would have fed the fire oxygen, causing a short-lived flare up.

What's of most interest to me during this clip is the sound... it oscillates in time with the formation of the dust clouds. There is a very distinctive segmented percussive roll...

I can now say that I understand EXACTLY what the firefighters in the Naudet film were describing.

I watched the clip 3 times just now, paying specific attention to the top right portion of the building, and just below the collapse zone dust.

This is powerful stuff. I hope the video & audio was not compromised in any way.

Prior to this clip Rick Siegel's film was the only video in which I heard distinct explosions. Now I have another.

This brings up the recurring question:
WTF happened to the sound in all of the MSM news feeds?

Faked Sound

Well, no I'd have to disagree.

I'll state openly that I *do* think that that the towers were brought down by controlled demoltiion. Yet this video is utterly useless as evidence because it has clearly been tampered with.

Firstly the sound. I too have seen the original of this, and it does *not* have the sound sequence we are hearing here. Secondly, this is proved precisely by your own observation that the sound oscilates in time with the dust clouds. Science tells you that sound has to travel from the collapsing tower to the camera... and consequently what we are hearing *cannot* be genuine.

As far as the visual evidence, well that is at best inconlusive. That *could* be what you think it is, but equally well one might argue for it just being an oxygen-starved fire being affected by the wave of air and pressure from the neighbouring tower. Witnesses in the tower, as I recall, told that the effects of this first collapse were not insubstantial where they were in Tower 1.

So this clip, I'm sorry to say, is utterly usesless from a 911 Truth point of view. It is compromised and inconclusive as proof.

I completely agree with you.

I completely agree with you. Might possibly be another "false bait" for the truth movement.

It's the Kansas City Shuffle.........

Everybody looks left.... You go right....

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110 stories collapsing in about 10 seconds = 11 stories per


As we see the buildings fall at a rather uniform rate of speed, what could be causing 11 stories to collapse per second???

(Put another way, each story was about 12.4 feet tall x 11 stories = 136.4 feet per second of building gone!)

Quarter Mile = 1320 Feet

source :

Car weight: 2000 lbs.
Horsepower: 500 hp
Configuration: Front Wheel Drive


Quarter Mile Acceleration: 10.130 seconds.
Terminal speed: 147.4317 mph.


We are talking about acceleration due to gravity here, not of

combustion engines of cars.

There was little or no exceleration due to gravity demonstrated during the fall of the towers! This is impossible if the towers had collapsed according to the "official story."

Dr. Steven Jones is absolutely correct. The towers did not fall in a gravitational collapse alone. They were brought down with incendiaries & explosives!

sorry: "acceleration" due to gravity


Fall Time in Car Terms

The is a simple illustration of why the collapse times can be used to pry open peoples minds to the absurdity that is the OCT:

Quarter mile = 1320 feet

WTC1 = 1368 feet

WTC2 = 1362 feet

According to the OCT the top floor of each tower fell THROUGH hundreds of feet of Structural steel and concrete faster than ->

Immediately the muted idling rumble from the V-12 opens up fully and emits a snarl that grows to a higher-pitched thumping note. The prancing horse gulps in as much air as possible and turns all those air molecules into 650 bhp and 485 lb.-ft. of torque. The rear tires spin momentarily, and fight to bite into the asphalt. Easy and smooth on the throttle here because too much wheelspin slows the car down and loses precious time on the clock. Just before the first shift at 44 mph, get to full throttle. In Race Mode, the F1 transmission will swap gears in as little as 150 milliseconds.

Zero to 60 mph: 3.3 seconds.

Quarter-mile run: 11.1 sec. at 133.0 mph.


The Enzo has just recorded the best Road & Track acceleration run ever for a road car. Its 0-60-mph run equals the fastest time logged just a month ago by the all-American Saleen S7. And its quarter-mile time and speed pulverize the mighty McLaren F1's numbers of 11.6 sec. traveling at a mere 125 mph past the quarter-mile mark. Wow!

source : 

What happened to acceleration due to gravity? Why did the

towers fall at a relatively constant velocity? They should've started very slowly & accelerated greatly near the end?

All sorts of elementary physics were violated in the "official story."

The pancake collapse, in

The pancake collapse, in addition to requiring over 30 seconds to occur, also leaves the core columns standing.

I think 10 seconds is too short

It took a few seconds longer than that:

The 'squibs' as ever are

The 'squibs' as ever are interesting. The first one blows out way below the point of collapse.

The second much higher up.

And as that one blasts a third larger but more of a smokecloud than a squib appears on the skydeck.


The Google video clip has obviously been filmed by someone point a camera at their TV. The pictures cropped and the sound may have been redubbed to hide background chatter picked up by the camera.

911: who dunnit?

What does Thorn's book do that all the other voluminous examinations of 9/11 don't do?

It points the finger squarely at the Mossad, at Israel, and Jews in general. The crime of the century has many co-conspirators. - John Kaminski

[Well, I would DISAGREE with Kaminski about "Jews in general" since a majority of Jewish Americans do not support the Israel Lobby. Presumably, they do not support the Mossad. Otherwise, worth considering. Concrete man]

agree and disagree

"Jews in general" is an unfortunate phrase, but it does have a grain of truth in it. The sad fact, and one that I find to be one of the most disturbing and indeed tragic in all of this, is that there are most definitely a number of people, who yes, are Jewish, who seem to know full well the truth behind 9/11 and whose job it seems to be to deflect attention away from Israel. I'm not referring to anyone on this board, but to people I've encountered over the years.

Now let me say right now that I have also encountered a not insignificant number of Jewish people who are working to expose the truth regardless of where it leads--they have none of this Zionist-mandated blind support for Israel. Unfortunately though, they are less numerous and/or generally less vocal than their Zionist-puppet counterparts.

Whether or not this points to a "Jewish conspiracy" is a matter of semantics. What it does seem to point to is an Israeli, or Zionist conspiracy, and that should NEVER EVER I repeat NEVER be mistaken for a Jewish conspiracy (that is involviing all Jews in a secret pact against non-Jews). The perception of a Zionist conspiracy (which may be mostly Jewish in fact) is not accurate, and in fact a gift to those whowould attempt to convince all Jews everywhere that the world of non-Jews is out to get them. Zionists, and indeed the state of Israel, thrive on such fear mongering--this is widely known..

The sad and tragic part is that if more Jewish people don't stand up against the actions of Israel, there will inevitably be questions as to why that is--and while the answer is complicated, some may choose the easy and incorrect one--that OF COURSE Jews are silent because they are all in on it. Again, Zionists would LOVE to promote this belief, since it just rives more people into their cold embrace of imagined security.

We truthers therefore have a dual and difficult task--to expose Israel's role, which may be more extensive than any of us yet realize, while at the same time making it clear that this does not, as Zionist propaganda might lead some to believe, indict all Jews, even if they have been reluctant to accept Israeli complicity. That is understandable given the misinformation they are fed daily, plus their understandable natural inclination not to think Israel capable of such evil.

Believe me that this is not easy for anyone involved--but remember that no matter how anyone tries to frame the issue, the truth is the truth and glossing it over helps no one. Some of our brothers and sisters are going to be realizing a shocking and discomforting set of truths and we can either help them by expressing understanding, support, and reassurance, or we can help to perpetuate the Zionist-driven agenda of separating and sowing distrust among Jews and non-Jews.

So yes, let us never allow Israel or its partisans to get away with actions against america and the world, but let us do this in a spirit of solidarity with those victims of Zionism who least realize their victimization at the hands of this unholy fascist ideology of division, hatred, suspicion, fear, and destruction.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


"So yes, let us never allow

"So yes, let us never allow Israel or its partisans to get away with actions against america and the world, but let us do this in a spirit of solidarity with those victims of Zionism who least realize their victimization at the hands of this unholy fascist ideology of division, hatred, suspicion, fear, and destruction."

^ Really well said man!

You've also got smoke aroud

You've also got smoke aroud the base of the tower right before it collapses.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

windows blown out in the lobby a'la the 93 bombing
93Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and outright destruction
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Those are great photos! They look like eruptions & explosions

of the towers. Tons of debris is being thrown upwards & sideways! That's not gravity alone!

As the great Paul Craig Roberts says....

....the OV has an "energy (source) deficit".....

Gravity can't explain this level of distruction and disintegration.

Those buildings "explode" in mid-air.

Pancakes theory would

Pancakes theory would suggest energy moving in a downward motion..... not in an outward manner

could this implosion be any more obvious? I don't understand why people can not look at this after the suggestion that it may have been a controlled demolition and still be steadfast that it was not. Is this so hard to at least open themselves to the possibility?

What is interesting about this photo with the caption "ouright..

What is interesting about the photo with the caption "outright destruction", is that clearly you can see the volumtous smoke rising upwards, a sign of an explosion due to pyros and not one of a gravitational collapse.

A gravitational collapse would look more like WTC 7, even though it too shows clear signs of a demolition.

And in the video of the tower 2 collapse posted, even if the sound is not syncronized or is false, we still can see every floor popping out, one by one in a mighty rush of crushed concrete.

In reality, if it was a gravity collapse, it wouldn't be moving that fast, and certainly not uniformly.

The base of the tower should be bending/breaking or bulging too, like if you a push a twig or a straw lying vertically, down from the top. That is because as the upper flaws collapse, if the load was getting too heavy on the top, then the steel beams on the lower floors closer to the base would bend to try and compensate for the load shifts on the top floors. However, the beams don't move and there is no sign of real structural damage at the base of the tower, except for the squibs and smoke reported by eyewitnesses and in videos from street level.

This is just my hypothesis. But there are clear signs that the "official story" is not following physics here.

thanks man, that's the rock and the hard place talking!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


IMO, many ordinary Jewish people may fear that...

dispelling the idea that Muslim fanatics perpetrated 9/11 could be very bad for Israel. They are going to have to get over this notion very fast if they are really true Americans.

"The Jews in general" is an

"The Jews in general" is an incredibly overblown statement and sounds like bait ffrom the ADL (a zionist organization). Jews in general, are like all people in general, rarely if never can we all be united on one front for one cause about anything, let alone an entire category of people unifyly agree to conspire and carry out a false flag operation. It sounds stupid and hateful. There is a clear difference between Judaism and zionism. Also, in Israel, they have divisions over what sort of direction the state should move just as we do here in the USA. I am not a lone staunch anti-zionist yet one who admires and respects the many rightous tenents of Judaism.

Jews Against Zionism

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This video is doctored, it should say so somewhere.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

I agree. The video 9/11

I agree. The video 9/11 revisited has this footage in it towards the begining. The audio there seems legitimate. Compare the two.

Ray McGovern discusses 9/11

Not sure if this has been posted here before. In case not, check out the following video clip of Ray McGovern discussing confronting Norman Mineta about the incident in the White House bunker on 9/11, where Cheney said that "of course" the orders still stood, just before the Pentagon was struck:

The wtc had mechanical

The wtc had mechanical floors

the aircraft in tower 2 struck jus above the mecahnical floors 75/76

obviously the mechanical service floors were key points in tthe demolition of the towers.



Ex-CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Talks About 9/11

Ex-CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Talks About 9/11
7 minute film

Ex-CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Talks About 9/11 Camp Casey interview with Ex-CIA Analyst Ray McGovern. He talks about running into ex-Secretary of the Department of Transportation Norman Mineta and confronting him regarding his testimony before the 9/11 Commission. Mineta testified that Cheney was well aware of the location and destination of Flight 77 (or whatever it was) and forced NORAD to stand-down and allowed it to hit the Pentagon. 11/03/06 Video - Runtime 7 Minutes
tags: 9/11, truth, ray mcgovern

When Mineta........

When Mineta gave his testimony concerning Dick Cheney's apparent standown order, were those real words coming out of Mineta's mouth, or were they just puffs-of-air from the pressure of a collapsing administration from above?

I'm still in shock at the Mineta testimony. I'm still in shock at all of the obvious squibs (just puffs of air). I'm still in shock at the Silverstein admission on PBS.

Why are these crooks still in power?

Can anyone answer me that?

Is it because the mainstream media alone is protecting them and villifying/nuttifying anyone who questions?

Is there any way the truth movement can make it manditory for EVERYone of us to march on congress in the next month or so to force this issue?

Folks, we can get hundreds of thousands of us there and FORCE this issue.






They can't explain the Mineta Testimony:

Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics takes beating from Charles Goyette:

what happened to the other

what happened to the other buildings (3,4,5,6) that infamous day? Were all of them demolished during the day? Till now people are not interested to this aspect of the event even if it seems (to me) very important. Did the insurance pay for these 4 buildings? If somebody know the answer, please let me/us know.

Those buildings need to be looked at more thoroughly

Fetzer and Steven Jones were discussing just that on Fetzer's radio show yesterday....

6 was "pulled" later

6 was "pulled" later on...that featured in one of the PBS specials, which has been a source of proof that Silverstein's "pull it" comment was, indeed, (demolition) industry terminology for detonate.

I´m sure vthe service

I´m sure vthe service floors were totaly rigged.I´m sure if you checked the points where the squibs eject yozu would find them to coincide with the mechanical/service floors Floors 7-8, 41-42, 75-76, and 108-109

I know this is off topic

I know this is off topic here but I want to say that although I thought it sounded like a good idea to screen the blogs at first, I now recon it's making this place so shit. It slows everything down and it's taken out the energy and momentum that made the blogger a great place to check. I don't want Dz to take this personally cus he's really helped me, and I know a lot of other people, to get things done. He's helped make a truly inspiring platform for 911 truth and I don't think he understands just how appreciated and commended those actions are. So Dz people are only trying to help when they point things out like this, if I was up here calling you a CIA b*tch for not allowing people to go at the "TV Fakery" hardcore, then that would be cool if you got pissed lol. But this is honest advice and it’s frustrating for it to be confused with bullshit. Surly it would be easier and take much less time to delete a few dumb entries then it would to bottle neck everyone else’s worth while contributions?

I'll second that...


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bruce is right

yessir. seems a lot of not so newsworthy news is making the front page these days.

Check out his most recent "site notes" blog

He's still working on an alternative system, it seems, but in the meanwhile, blogs will continue to be screened. I think this must be a gigantic pain in the ass for him/them, and I would imagine they're as anxious as anyone for it to stop. I say give them some more time before getting too cranky.

Earlier in this thread I

Earlier in this thread I posed the question "why are these crooks still in power?".

I've answered my own question with this very short clip:

Bread and circuses, bread and circuses.

They can't explain the Mineta Testimony:

Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics takes beating from Charles Goyette:

great slam of idiot Popular

great slam of idiot Popular Mechanics guy.....his ridiculous "defense" of the official story was so absurd that it only makes you more sure that it's a very big, bad lie.

The audio in this video is definately doctored

Ive seen the origional and the audio is totally different

Here's some more footage of that clip:

Yup... the audio is clearly differant.

I just watched both clips back to back a number of times and they are clearly differant audio tracks.

What the hell is going on here?

The footage here: has the discovery chanel logo in the corner and has the clear sounding pops...

This is going to drive me crazy.

I looked at the section of Loose Change (50:54) where they show all the demos of the old buildings to see if someone lifted the audio track and laid it over the clip in question... so hard to tell.

This footage seems to be the athentic one... I don't know... it's just a gut instinct:

video's popping audio seems authentic

I'm very interested in discussing the authenticity of this video because the audio sounds really similar to known demolitions like these:

Now compare the Google video to the same footage in three video files, one of which has very different audio while two with different water marks have v e r y similar audio to the Google video:


: You'll need a Bit Torrent client that can handle magnet links (like Azureus). In Azureus, copy the link above to File>Open>Torrent File>Add From Clipboard.

Comments: The video "Other Audio" seems to have dubbed-in audio as it has some kind of theme music at the beginning. It also has the same water mark as the "Popping Audio" video (which nearly matches the Google video in audio). The third video ("HQ")- which you can download via the magnet link - has a completely different water mark but matches the audio of the Google and "Popping Audio" vids, and this goes a long way toward authenticating the audio in the Google vid. I won't pretend to understand everything I'm hearing with these vids (like the giant sucking sound that seems to be in all four vids), but I think the Google video is not only untouched but likely authentic and that it also sounds very, very much like typical demolition sounds.

Lastly, the video was taken v e r y close to the building as you can see where it meets the ground, and I wonder if any surviving video was from so close to the building.


P.S. Regular torrent here:

More watermarks w/same "popping"audio

This is a bit of an update to the post above.
[b]Multiple, Sequential Explosions from WTC2 , Southwest Below[/b]
[i]video taken not far from the building[/i]

Is the Google video linked above authentic? The audio closely resembles the audio in these demoltion videos:

Now compare the Google video to the same footage in the three much-better quality video files in this torrent: One certainly has dubbed/faked audio.

Compare to a few more versions of the same with the same "popping" audio. Note the different TV logos / watermarks (eg, one with Discovery Channel's logo):

The demolition-like audio is almost certainly authentic.