8/22/2002 Portland Oregon Anti-Bush Protest - MUST SEE VIDEO - Share with everyone...

Here's an interesting video about an August 22, 2002 police action against peaceful protesters in Portland, Oregon. George Bush was speaking at the Hilton Hotel to raise campaign money for Oregon's Republican Sen. Gordon Smith when thousands of protesters took to the streets in the surrounding area to express their dissent. Although there was no violence on the part of the protesters, police declared a state of emergency, and ordered the crowd to disperse. Apparently, not many people heard the orders to disperse, and those that did were not given time to comply. The police then opened fire on the crowd with rubber bullets and pepper-spray. Those injured included children and at least one infant as young as 10 months.

Although the video goes a bit overboard with the number of times it compares the Bush regime to Nazi Germany, it includes fascinating footage of the video record created by the police, and clearly documents the premeditation underlying the use of violence by police officers.



Grrr... it won't play for me and I really want to see it. The pepper-spraying of the infant was an all-time low for the Portland Police (apart from all the mentally ill people they've shot and killed recently.)

at times, I've had trouble with this video format too

Those Riot-Dress thugs deserved to have their Documentary Evidence stolen.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

It's Shockwave/Flash

Download the updates from Adobe.com

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that was disturbing. that

that was disturbing. that kind of stuff pisses me off more than anything. and the Nazi analogies were justified in my opinion. i dont know about the "shoot the pigs" name for the production company though. kind of playing into stereotypes a bit much.

Oh my God, that made me furious.

I did think the Nazi-era footage was a little heavy-handed, and it really bothered me that the narrator seemed to suggest the crowd should have fought back in these circumstances. This was not an instance where people were being "dragged off to the camps." The people who made this are a little too into the cops=pigs rhetoric, and being very peripherally acquainted with them, I suspect they include some agents provocateurs.

Nonetheless, it is an excellent video in terms of showing how the police operate and in making clear that the local media flat out lied to us about what initiated the pepper-spraying.


Any way to Youtube this?

gz, that's some scary shit

gz, that's some scary shit

I sincerely hope that the cops on that tape who can be identified will be sued, fired, and convicted to pay loads of money to the victims

also, someone should send them to Constitution-for-beginners course, or is this how they would want their children being handled?

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

Yes, the cops clearly used excessive force on people who were

merely demonstrating against Bush. Even if a bottle had really been thrown (and usually cops have some of their men disguised as protesters in the crowd who will do such provocative things themselves) there was no excuse to attack the crowd like some Gestapo goon squad.

I think the compairisons to Nazi Germany were right on target!

As Hitler clearly demonstrated, the masses of people are basically lemmings who will eagerly follow a lying madman who has stolen power & is in control. Merely 65 years ago (we’re not talking Ancient Greece), Hitler turned Germany, one of the most advance countries in the world, into a state of raving, murderous, lunatics! The same thing can happen here in the U.S. today if we let it! How can we presume that the masses in the U.S. today are smarter than average Germans 65 years ago?

Hitler didn't turn Germany into a Nazi dictatorship in a week or a month. He slowly took away peoples' rights over a period of years, just like Bush is doing. The same result can end up here.

IMO, Alex Jones is the best at addressing the rising fascism in this country. Two of his links are:


"Police riot" is right

Anyone know if this was the same event where a young woman died after being struck in the eye by a rubber bullet?

DHS: Do you have a link to the myspace user who posted this video?

Thank God, no.

"Anyone know if this was the same event where a young woman died after being struck in the eye by a rubber bullet?"

No, that hasn't happened in Portland. Knock on wood.

Correct. After a search I discovered...

I was thinking of Victoria Snelgrove, who died in 2004 after being struck in the eye by a weapon of that sort. She wasn't even protesting Bush, not that that makes it any less creepy.

Not less creepy

particularly because she was hit with a "pepper spray projectile," according to that Wikipedia article. That's exactly what the cops in this video say they're going to use.

During the October 5 World Can't Wait demonstration, I could not believe how fast they went for and used their bean-bag rounds on a small break-away subset of demonstrators who had left the designated "parade" route.

Where is my.....

"Free Speech Zone", officer?

911dvds@gmail.com - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info


Got it from:

911dvds@gmail.com - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info

there are copies of the original video in indymedia articles

damn that was a pain in the ass to find.

hope you are grateful


P.S. the myspace video is from a page I run

I was in this city when

I was in this city when thhis happened.

Remember this name: Mark Kroeker--he was chief of police at the time.

He was recruited from LA(ask the bastard where he was during the Rodney King riots--everyone wants to know that).

He believes wives should be beaten or at least had no problem hanging out in the past with people who did. Also has no problem with homophobes.

His first act as police chief was to institute a strict grooming code--specificly new hair guidelines. Up until then Portland officers looked like everyone else. When Kroeker got through they looked like a mitlitary occupation force. Thanks to his new influence, they started to act like one.

To this day I don't know why the mayor at the time-Vera Katz-- put up with him so long. One very irresponsible and unverified rumour is she was getting her weed from the evidence room. Sod it--she deserves that.

And as a last note--remember Michael Ruppert, one of the first 911Truthers who was a cop in LA? Once a high ranking gov. official, in response to Ruppert's allegation's of CIA drug trafficing, asked an LA officer what experience Ruppert had with narcotics. The officer effectuively said "none", intending to smear Ruppert's credability. That officer was Mark Kroeker.

He is evil. He is connected. Fortunately for Portland he is gone--but, as Miss Marple would say, "He bears watching."

"Bugger this; I want a better world."

Epilogue: The last police chief, Derrick Foxworth, was demoted because his tawdry personal life got in the way. In retospect this tacky sex scandle is positively charming.