9/11 politicians should run as democrats, not independents.

Running as a democrat gives a candidate much more credibility, while you can still have the same liberal issues like 9/11 truth. People are superficial they wont vote for a party that doesnt have a brand name.........thats why Bob Bowman is the only one who has a shot to win, because he ran as a democrat.

Just because the democratic party is not not that great, does not mean it cant be taken back. The issues Bowman is raising are evry appealing to traditional democratic voters.

We need to open-up this 2-party system all together!

It's far too easy to stack 2 parties with people all having the same evil agenda. We need a truly open election system where the best, brightest, most honest are elected.

I'm sorry but you're

I'm sorry but you're completely wrong. The Dem's and the Rethug's are sleeping in the same bed. I expect the sheeple to vote in Democrats because they are just that, sheep. Here's the problem. When you only allow yourself 2 choices then you're basically telling the parties that what they are doing is okay. They know they can do whatever the F they want because they'll get elected back by idiots like you. Wake up fool. The democrats have been voting constantly to support appropriations bills for the BS wars abroad and on homeland security. How can they change anything when they've been supporting it all along. Stop smoking crack and wake up.

dear punk moron

i never said a candidate should embrace the "values" of the current democrats. Just because you run as one does not mean you dont bring up the same issues you would if you would have run as an independent, idiot.

Its a way to penetrate into the mainstream, pick a mainstream party , like bowman did, and you will appeal to millions, while stil talking about the important points like bowman is doing.

What if david ray griffen ran as a democrat, and brought up all the points he usually does in congress? According to you that would be bad, even though hed have a much better chance getting elected than if he ran as an "independent" Picking a mainstream political party way is a very good way to instantly gain the respect of millions while still sticking to the important issues.

Dear Jim'I can't focus on

Dear Jim'I can't focus on the issues'bob,

You completely miss the point. You're talking about penetrating a party that is corrupt to the core just like the Rethugs. Not only that but instant respect? Pass the pipe brotha man! The democrats are just as hated by all the disenchanted conservatives. What we NEED is new parties with integrity. What we don't need is to keep the status quo going with Democrats who have no spine.

David Ray Griffon is not running so there is no point in debating that issue. Sticking to the important issues? Isn't that what our retarded two party system hasn't been doing? I think the constitutional party, the green party, and the libertarians hands down do a better job of focusing on the important issues. Don't bitch and moan when the Democrats bend you over and screw you after you give them your vote to keep doing what they've been doing. Republicans will F@#! you without vaseline, and Democrats will F!## you with it. That's about the only difference between the 2 parties.

At the moment, this is

At the moment, this is probably correct, with people behaving as sheeplishly as they are; we simply seem not to have the cujones to "vote outside the box" unlike many other places in the world today.

Oops, correction, that is,

Oops, correction, that is, the headline is probably correct. Truth is not a "liberal issue", except in the matrix.