The American Conservative Issues Article Chiding Bush Administration for 9/11 Response

Conservative magazine pillories Bush -

Faced on Sept. 11, 2001 with a great challenge, President Bush made little effort to understand who had attacked us and why—thus ignoring the prerequisite for crafting an effective response. He seemingly did not want to find out, and he had staffed his national-security team with people who either did not want to know or were committed to a prefabricated answer.

Thanks Ken for the heads up!

well, Pat Buchanan owns and

well, Pat Buchanan owns and runs this magazine, so its not your typical conservative mag. Buchanan is scum, dont get me wrong, but hes not nearly as bad as most tv/radio conservative types and he isnt afraid to go outside of party lines sometimes and state the obvious. keep in mind, here is a guy who went on the Alex Jones radio show. that alone proves hes not your typical politician/talking head.

Anti-War Conservative.

Buchanan may be a nut on social issues ( he basically thinks gays are subhuman), but this guy and the antiwar faction of the conservative party are isolationist and true fiscally conservative old school conservatives (see This is why I like Buchanan. He doesn't change his opinions for anyone and rubber stamp the actions of people like Bush simply because he has an R next to his name. He knows this country is being sold out to corporations

to an extent he does. i

to an extent he does. i wouldnt go overboard with the Buchanan love, hes always on MSNBC shilling for his party and President Bush, despite what he must know. first i hear him on Alex Jones saying it would be understandable to issue articles of impeachment against Bush for his immigration policy(of all things, like there isnt a seemingly endless list of other more important issues to impeach these motherfuckers over),then i hear him about a week later on the mclaughlin group shilling for Bush more than ever, saying how "tough and visionary" Bush is on the "war on terror"(which i might add Buchanan fully believes in. he may be against the Iraq war, but he falls for the clash of civilizations bullshit just like the rest of them). give me a goddamn break. that said, the guy is fun to watch and i agree with him more than i do most MSM talking head rightwingers.

I think Buchanan is a wily player

Who knows that his party is being taken over by neocons. Instead of hanging himself by blowing the lid off 9/11,. he plays it safe and uses the leverage of knowing to try to pull his party in his direction. Lots of these power plays are going on at once--truly the political landscape is being warped by this dirty secret, one of many reasons why we need the truth.


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but thats the thing, if he

but thats the thing, if he REALLY knew about 9/11 like he should, then why would he be so gung ho about the farce that is the "war on terror"? again, i know he was against the Iraq war, but thats mainly because "al qaeda" wasnt there. i would think Buchanan would see through the bullshit(at least more than he does) when it comes to terrorism,but so far, he hasnt really gotten there. the guy was on MSNBC this morning piling on about how -"democrats dont have a plan. at least republicans are tough on terror. dems will raise your taxes. Pelosi is a San Fran liberal. blah blah blah", all the typical talking points. hes better than that(though i dont know how much),yet he still uses his tv time to spew meaningless rhetoric. i know its election season, but jesus christ it was bad. edit-hes actually on MSNBC as we speak saying its the democrats fault for Iraq, because they didnt come out against it hard enough at the time. while thats true, its still more meaningless partisan crap. he did take some shots at a few neocons though. he said Perles ideas are dead for a generation. he also said to look for one last power play by the neocons in the next 2 years, a strike on Iran, and he said they would probably get it. so there we go, Buchanan in a nutshell. he makes some surprisingly good points but he still believes in the war on terror and takes meaningless partisan shots while ignoring his own parties misdeeds.

My assessment is that....

....if you are a "true conservative" (to use Alex Jones' phrase) you have to vote Libertarian....and if you are a "true liberal" you have to vote "Green".

If you must vote Rep or Dem, vote "anti-incumbent".

well put. though dems like

well put. though dems like Kucinich,McKinney and a select few others are worth voting for. not to mention republican Ron Paul. but yeah, great point, i agree with the Green party(and Libertarian) MUCH more than i do the Democratic or Republican. the Republicans are fascist and the Dems are fascist light. they have cosmetic differences on social issues. big deal. i like to call myself a leftwing libertarian.

Yep - A Green Libertarian coalition would kick ass

And it could happen, too, as long as people don't fall for the mainstream framing of greens as determined to regulate everything and libs determined to let people do whatever they want.

I think the key is to point out that under the current system we see both more regulation and more pollution than we have to. Green/Libs could unite on an anti-big money platform which would essentially protect both the environment and individual liberties from the oppressiveness of entities so wealthy that they subvert checks and balances with economic muscle and bribery.

What say folks? Symbol could be a green eagle, or an eagle rveling in a pool of clean uncontaminated water, or a free range chicken smoking a doobie... be creative!


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YES! thats perfect, im a

YES! thats perfect, im a green-libertarian. that better describes me anyway. in todays society, if you describe yourself as mostly leftwing(or right for that matter), people make all kinds of sweeping assumptions.

What a Great Idea....

Certainly the common interests vastly outweigh the differences....

Maybe in time for '08? Could their respective leadership's get together?

the stoner free-range chicken, right?

if we can show him not paying taxes, even better!


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well maybe his job is to attract libertarian types

away from 9/11 truth. remember, the conspiracy needs shills from every conceivable political viewpoint to go on TV and toe the one important line: evil muslim terrists kill nice American folk like you because they hate your freedom and by the way they want to kill all "the Jews" too so you better support Israel or you'll be supporting the terrists who want to kill you because they hate nice Americans like you because you are the big strong guardians of freedom who use oil to fuel big trucks because you are big strong men who haul things around your wide open and free spaces that you have in America.

No one is allowed to talk the truth and play the game. As it is, Buchanan surely knows the truth but is not brave/moral enough to take a stand on it, preferring to use the airtime he gets by toeing the line to push his agenda. Aw, they probably have video of him with some boys or something. Wouldn't be the biggest shock to come out of this whole thing!


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surprisingly, i have found

surprisingly, i have found libertarians as a group to be the most violently opposed to looking closer at 9/11. but then, libertarians hate to be told anything. HA.


i think 9/11 being a fraud very much bolsters their calls for limited government, but also for limited power accumulation... I think big government is actually a requirement for the accumulation of welath and power by corporations, through subsidized things like the military making the persian gulf safe for exxon and the like... and protecting big pharma's patents and making alternatives (wink wink) illegal.


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Very, very true words.

Very, very true words. Exposing the truth fully results in no exclusive ownership of it.


How do people here experience playback of Terrorstorm at Google Video? I find it to be very choppy, but I don't seem to have that problem with other videos. Just speculating if Google is throttling the transfer of this video..

Why a "-1" to this post? The "-" "+" ratings are going to become

meaningless, or is that this person's intent?

i think registered users can handle that

I just rated it back up to 0, where it should be, since it doesn't really deserve a plus, IMO.

the system works just fine if the community uses it properly. If something is contentious, i.e. has support on both sides, the ratings will balance out. Obvious junk gets a big negative score, like no planes at the WTC.

the only people who can benefit from no ratings system at all is people who are pushing stuff that doesn't make sense to anyone but themselves, or who hold unpopular views that remain unpopular no matter how many times they are explained.


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probably because the comment

probably because the comment makes it sound like everything is a conspiracy.

my best guess is that terrorstorm lags more because it is higher quality (higher bitrate) than most of the other videos on google video.

conspiratorial or not

the fact is that google should not be trusted any farther than its stock price can continue to rise while insiders dump their millions of overpriced shares!

did you know henry kissinger was a "consultant" who received a bunch of shares pre-IPO from google as payment? and guess what--HK knows NOTHING about search engines....


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Google is indeed evil. i

Google is indeed evil. i didnt hear that about Kissinger though. interesting but not surprising. i cant believe that evil son of a bitch is still alive.

not just that

They totally cheated when they paid him and others, by not disclosing the value of the shares at the time. Problem was, at the time, before deciding to sell them to the public at $100, each share was only worth about $3. Of course people snapped them up anyway, then more people kept buying so that the price shot up to $400 or so, and all that while it being publ[ic knowledge that insiders had kept a huge number of the shares to sell off which would inevitably drive the price down. Does YOUR mutual fund own Google? Good luck, because there's still al lot for the insiders to dump!!


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Regarding Kissinger's longevity....'re forgetting about the sanctioned Chinese market for fresh political prisoner organ donations upon execution on demand.

I'm sure Rockefeller will live to be 110 as well.

i cant believe that evil son of a bitch is still alive.

You and me both. Everytime I hear he's still alive I feel I've fallen in some parralel universe where everything's WRONG.

Or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part.

Have you ever thought about

Have you ever thought about how many sucessful companies have started with governmental contracts or simply started as CIA fronts....

could there be a better way to steal money from hardworking Americans?

I'm the anonymous guy that started this thread

I agree that the speculation was a bit paranoid, but given the accusations that Google sometimes manipulates numbers to keep videos out of Top100, it didn't seem too far-fetched. However, I've played it again, and it streamed better the second time, so I guess this is a non-issue.

Yeah, but Google has already been caught reducing the count

big time on how many times some Alex Jones videos have been viewed on their site! So there are plenty of conspiracies taking place.

i didnt do it, but i would

i didnt do it, but i would guess maybe because its off topic? not something i would give a thumbs down for but i cant speak for everyone here. i wouldnt dwell on the point system, i think its largely a good thing and does its job.

Michael A. Hoffman of Revisionist History on Buchanan

'CRAZY PAT" (BUCHANAN) like "Foolish Phyllis" (Schlafly), and all the other right wing losers who pimped for George W. Bush in 2004 and made the reelection of this blood-drenched, mass murdering traitor possible, are -- now that even the village idiot can see what a calamity Bush is -- leading the charge against the G.O.P. Buchanan and Schlafly are senile schizophrenics. The establishment keeps them in the public eye for the same reason people keep fly paper hanging from their ceiling. If you want to keep losing, follow Buchanan. Unfortunately some populists, such as Ohio's Jim Condit Jr., continue to defer to Buchanan as some sort of worthy navigator of the political waters. Like the song says, "When will they ever learn?" Here below is the disgustingly servile and frankly insane article Buchanan wrote two years ago in "The American Conservative" magazine, wherein he actually made the following statement, "...the Republican Party is our home. It is our only hope." Now in 2006, this mental case is saying the exact opposite: "Buchanan says President Bush should be impeached..." (WorldNetDaily, Sept. 17, 2006). All those who want to help rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, report to super-patriot, super-schizophrenic Pat Buchanan. COMING HOME By Patrick J. Buchanan The American Conservative | November 8, 2004 (Excerpts)